Early Spring Visit to the Mable House

MH Title

Today I am sharing a bit of local history with you.  The Mable House is just a couple of miles from my house and it is the site of many fun times with family and friends.  When my kids were in elementary school they sang during the lighting of the Christmas Tree and they took art classes in the historic house.  Now the Mable House Organization consists of the Historic House, Art Center, and Amphitheatre.

MH Front

Today my focus is on the Historic House.
“Robert Mable (1803-1885), a native of Scotland, immigrated to Savannah, Georgia.  When he heard of the Georgia Gold Land Lottery of 1832, Mable purchased 300 acres in the area that became Cobb County.  He and his family lived in a log cabin until 1843 when he built a sawmill and began construction of a plantation plain house.  Upon moving into the Mable House, the cabin became the location of the first school (private) in Mableton.  The Mable House was used by Federal troops during the Civil War as a field hospital.  Wounded soldiers were cared for by Mrs. Mable.  This kindness was the basis for the decision to leave the Mable House intact instead of burning the house and outbuildings. The Georgia Pacific Railroad received land from Robert Mable.  When the depot was built on the south side of the tracks west of Church Street, the engineer named the station “Mableton” after the Mable family.  Today the Mable House is on the National Register of Historic Places. ” Mable House.Org
MH Side Door
I went through this side door at the Mable House for many years to vote but now I vote at the middle school.
MH Sweet Potato Shed
The Sweet Potato House is on the left side of the main house.
MH Blacksmith and Corn
 The Blacksmith Shop and Corn Crib are directly behind the house.
MH Smoke House
The Smoke House is across the yard from the kitchen.
MH Kitchen
The Kitchen is at the back of the main house but far enough away for preventing a kitchen fire from spreading to the main house.
MH Back Door Dinner Bell
The Mable House front and back doors are huge double doors that helped cool the house in summer.
MH Georgia Historical Marker
Georgia Historic Marker
MH Amphitheatre
The Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre sits directly behind the historic house.   It is the only mid-size outdoor amphitheatre in the Atlanta area.  It hosts rock, jazz, country music, orchestra, plays, and various other performances.
The Arts Center sits to the right of the historic house.
 I’m glad you stopped by today to see a bit of my local history and be sure to come back soon.  If you don’t already subscribe to my blog be sure to sign up by e-mail on the side bar or Hello bar at the top, so you will never miss a post.  I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest here and Facebook here.  Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

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