Pottery Barn Inspired Spooky Birdcage

Do you look for decorating inspiration in your Pottery Barn catalogues when they arrive in the mail?  I am so excited when I open the mailbox and find a new catalogue.  With  Halloween coming up I am looking to freshen up my spooky décor.  So I checked out the latest Pottery Barn catalogue and found this spooky black birdcage with a big ole black crow attached to the outside.

PB Birdcage

Pottery Barn

When I saw it I remembered picking up a similar birdcage at the thrift store.  So with a little black paint, some old books, and a black crow or two I can replicate the look for practically nothing.  I already have everything I need to pull off this spooky Halloween look.

First I painted the birdcage black.   I put my trusty drop cloth on the counter in the kitchen and went to work painting.   It isn’t a perfect paint job but this is a real birdcage so certain parts couldn’t be reached without deconstructing it, but you won’t notice it when the books are in.

Here’s how it looked after the front was painted.

PB Birdcage 2

Now waiting for the paint to dry……….

Painted Birdcage

I added a few small paperback books with the covers removed in a haphazard stack inside the birdcage.  My Halloween stash included some black gauzy cloth from where else the dollar store and I love how it looks draped on the table and around the birdcage – extra spooky!

BC putting in books

BC with a few books

 A wee little pumpkin like gourd on the inside the birdcage, some fall foliage and a couple of pumpkins add variety  to the vignette.  Then a couple of black crows from my Halloween stash complete the look.  These two crows came from the dollar store last year, and the Dollar Tree near me has them again this year.

BC and Crows

BC 2 birds


This is one spooky birdcage.

BC Complete

You can find more spooky décor here in the foyer as the month moves along.

Hope you enjoyed my first installment in the Nester’s 31 day writing challenge and be sure to come back tomorrow for more Pottery Barn inspired décor.  Please follow me on social media and if you don’t already subscribe to my blog be sure to sign up, so you will never miss a post.  Thanks for visiting!



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  1. kentuckygal50 says:

    Totally rockin’ Halloween decor! Excellent project and a great start to your #31 Days!


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