Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Pumpkin Treat Holder

 Pottery Barn Kids called these little guys Thanksgiving Treat Holders, but I’m calling them Pumpkin Treat Holders.  Pumpkins just say fall to me not a particular holiday.


 Pottery Barn Kids

I wanted to create a similar treat holder for my grandkids but not spend a lot of money.  So I went to the dollar store in search of supplies.  They had little pumpkin drink holders that could be adapted to my plan.  I had everything else needed to make the treat holders on hand.


You could probably freehand the leaf, but I am terrible at it so I cheated a bit.  I traced a faux leaf and cut it out of green scrapbook paper or you could use green felt.

Cut Leaf

The pumpkin needs two small holes for the twine handle.  Please be careful doing the following step.   I used my scissors to punch through the plastic and twisted in a circular motion to round out the holes.  Since this started out as a drink holder you need to hot glue brown ribbon around the lip of the cup to cover the screw threads. 

TIP – You can save time and agitation if you measure the width of the lip and buy ribbon to fit instead of cutting it to fit.

Pumpkin with ribbon

The treat holder is finished by stringing the leaf on the twine handle.  Then threading the ends of the twine  handle through the holes on he side of the pumpkin and tying them off inside.

PB Snack Pumpkin

I am very pleased with the way it turned out.  These adorable owl dishes and glass came from Wal-Mart.

PBK Pumpkin Treat Holder

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  1. kentuckygal50 says:

    Too cute! I wish we were related, so I could bug you to make some for my kids! :O)


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