Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Skeleton Garland

 Pottery Barn Kid’s Skeleton Garland is just too cute.   It was not terribly expensive but sold out by the time I saw.  Knowing my grandson would love it, I decided to make a one for him.

PB Skeleton Garland Pottery Barn Kids

The dollar store had similar looking skeletons so I picked up five of the 36 inch size.  The PBK’s version is felt; however, my inspired version is plastic.  I’m okay with that since mine is just as cute as the original for about a fourth of the price.

Dollar Store Skelton

Dollar Store Skeletons

The skeletons in PBK’s version are not strung together but attached to each other.  After looking at my skeletons I determined that I could hook them together too.  Don’t you love it when a plan comes together, even if by accident?

5 Skeletons

Skeleton 3

Skeleton 2

Skeleton 1

The Halloween mantel is not complete but I will post a photo of the completed mantel on my Facebook page next week.  Look for a tweet too!

Halloween Mantel preview

Spider Pumpkin

Isn’t he such a lonely looking owl?

Lonely Owl

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  1. The mantel display brings a silly l’il grin to my face! Maybe the owl is just disappointed that there’s no meat left on the skeleton’s bones. :p

  2. Your version is much cuter than Pottery Barn’s.. LOVE IT!! 🙂

  3. I think it’s cuter than pottery barns


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