A New Way of Thrifting

 Keeping my grandkids this summer is limiting thrifting days so I found a new way (at least to me) of thrifting from my very own sofa.  It is ShopGoodwill.com an online auction site.  BTW this isn’t a sponsored post just sharing my experience.  Here are some things I found, bid on, and won.

Bunch of Vintage Clocks

These clocks were in several groups in different auctions so I ended up with some duplicates but that’s ok and you will understand why a bit later.

Pretty Face clock

Isn’t this a beautiful clock face?   Someone removed the exterior of the clock but it did not effect its beauty.

Vintage Clocks

One of my favorite clocks out of the whole bunch is the turquoise Seth Thomas travel clock.  It even came in its original box.  My grandson was so confused by a travel clock.  He wanted to know why we didn’t just use our cell phones back then.  The concept of not having a cell phone was completely foreign to him.

Vintage Scales

Showing off a couple of the clocks are two vintage scales I won.

Meakin Chamber Pot

This J&G Meakin chamber pot was a steal.

Meakin Chamber Pot details

Look at that gorgeous detail.  The pattern is Lily of the Valley.

Mason jar lamp

These mason jars came as a set.  I love that someone took the time to turn one of these jars into a lamp.  The lamp apparatus is in the jar lid so it works on any mason jar.  The linen shade is one I had on hand and it is the perfect size for this mason jar lamp.

Vintage Keeping it hot and cold

Now I have my hot and cold beverages covered.  The Cooler Chest is part of vintage décor I’ve been accumulating for my deck update which I will share with you later.  Can’t you see this thermos in a cute Christmas vignette?

A lot of the Goodwill Stores that take part in this online auction are on the west coast so shipping to Georgia is pricey.  There is a function on the site that takes your registered address and calculates shipping for you.   When I find something to bid on I check the shipping cost before placing a bid.  A $3 item isn’t much of a bargain if you pay a ton of shipping.  What I love most about this site it is seeing vintage goodies that I never see in the thrift stores I frequent.

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  1. distresseddonna says:

    I have looked at the site but you are the first I found who has actually has used it. I will check it out. All of your finds are lovely.

  2. I just found you through the Coastal Charm linky party…Thank you so much for sharing this shopping venue- I hadn’t heard of it before. I recently found a new way to thrift shop as well. Similarly, I have my young nephew staying with me, so I don’t get out as much as I did before, and so I joined some local facebook groups that are like online yardsales. I wrote a post about it on my blog, http://www.judypimperl.blogspot.com, that is set to publish tomorrow (Tuesday) I think. I’m confused because I have several pending to publish…Thanks again for sharing, and your blog now has a new follower!

  3. You’ve had some good luck with ShopGoodwill.com! I always thought their shipping was priced pretty crazy. The few times I did win items on there, I chose to pick them up from my local ShopGoodwill location… but their hours are pretty crappy too: M-F 9A-4P. It makes it pretty impossible for people to pick things up who have a day job!

    Thanks for sharing @ TTF! 🙂

  4. Yes, I have bought some nice Ironstone from the Shopgoodwill.com site, and learned the hard way that the shipping can be outrageous. A $6.99 pitcher ended up costing $29.90 with s/h from Texas to NJ.

  5. You scored some really great pieces…love, love, love the chamber pot.
    I am smiling about using the cell as the alarm…my grandson once asked if there were covered wagons when I was little!
    Have a wonderful week.

    • Thanks. My grandson asked me once if I remembered dinosaurs? I wonder sometimes how old he really thinks I am.

  6. Hi Sharon!
    I’m hopped over from Southern Hospitality. I am so glad to hear about the online shopping with Goodwill! I will definitely check it out!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

  7. Amazing finds, and an awesome way to still thrift when your time is limited. I don’t get to go to Goodwill as much these days because my little ones love to “shop” when we are there as well. 🙂 The turquoise travel clock is my fav as well. Enjoy! Happy to find you via Rhoda’s blog. I’ll be back!

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