Thursday Thrifty Treasure Week 7

Since I am working a lot on my antique booth and not thrifting as much as usual, I am going to share a few of my favorite finds of all time.  Two of my favorites are recent finds and I shared them with you here and here; however there are a several more.  Some of these I have never shared with you even though you may have seen them in a post here and there.

Two Baby Ben Clocks

One find that I cherish is my sweet blue Royal typewriter.   She is a beauty.  I found her one nasty rainy Friday evening when I went by my favorite thrift store in Smyrna.  I was feeling kind of blue and thought a little thrifting trip might perk me up and it did.  As I walked along looking at the mountains of housewares they always have, I heard a clacking sound that I hadn’t heard for years.  Suddenly I realized it was a typewriter.  I whirled around to find a little girl banging away on the keys.  As little kids often do she quickly lost interest and I scooped up the typewriter along with its original case and took off for the cashier.

Vintage Blue Royal Typewriter

She holds a place on honor in my Living Room on a table desk I picked up at the same thrift store.

Seth Thomas Travel Clock

The fact that she’s blue is all the sweeter to me.

Brass stool top

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this vintage brass drum stool for $10.  Although it looks pretty bad here I knew a little TLC would make all the difference.

Brass Stool foyer

Here is how it looked after I applied some Rub ‘n Buff in Antique Gold.  What a difference a little elbow grease makes.  See my original post here.

Corner with alcove

As things often do in my house she has moved around.  Her last move was from the living room to my new home office creating a cozy reading nook.

PB Inspired coasters

You know how you look and look for something and finally find it.  Then you hesitate because the price is a litter higher than you wanted to pay.  That’s exactly what happened to me the day I found this chippy white Columbia Family Scale at Scott’s Antique Market.  I decided to pass.  Walking around I kept thinking about the scale.  Finally I decided that it was a must have.  First, I had to remember exactly where it was, then walk up and boldly ask for a discount.  When I got back to the vendor the scale was missing and she was already packing up for the day.  So I sheepishly asked if she sold the scale.  “Oh no” she said.  “My husband is wrapping it up now.”  I almost screamed but calmly said “I want it, have him wrap it up for me”.  Yes, I paid the full asking price but I have seen similar ones listed on Etsy for twice the price paid.

Shawnee Chanticleer 1

The scale sits in my kitchen holding my Shawnee Chanticleer pitcher filled with some vintage flatware.  I found Mr. Chanticleer at the Lakewood Antique Market many years ago and it was love at first sight.  You must agree he is quite handsome.

Fall Columia Scale

 Today, I decked it out for fall.

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  1. I love everything! What a great find in that drum stool- it looks amazing now.

  2. Love , love your blog! I am new to it and have really enjoyed how lovely and refreshing it is.
    Jo, from Anne’s Attic – design Come Join Me!

  3. I did the eBay equivalent of walking away from the scale that caught my eye. The “better” one went too high, but I found another gem…and another. I put them on my want list, and when the auction got close to the end, I went for it. I didn’t compete with anyone on the other two. They are a little “rougher” than the first one I saw, but I will love them just the same. To justify MY purchase, I compared the starting bid price to those prices asked for on Etsy. I could probably turn around and make money by selling them on Etsy, but for right now, they are keepers!

  4. I love all your pumpkins and decor items together. Everything looks so festive for Fall. 🙂

  5. I can see why they are your favorites 🙂 I’ve never heard of Rub ‘N Buff, but I’m going to keep an eye out for it–that stuff seems amazing!

  6. distresseddonna says:

    Regrets, I’ve had a few… yes, I have walked by something and then realized I really really wanted it and found it gone or like you paid full price. It looks lovely with the pumpkins and pitcher,

  7. Love the typewriter! I want one too! 😉 The Vintage Bliss Tuesdays linky party is in full swing, if you’d like to link up. Jo

  8. Beautiful finds – love the scale! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  9. That typewriter, that stool, and that scale! Great finds. Thanks for sharing @ TTF.

  10. Love that scale! The pumpkins really look good on it, and that’s a fun story about it too! Rub n Buff does work wonders… I have a couple of brass trays that could use some of that elbow grease! The typewriter is a fab find!

  11. I love your blue typewriter, and have a couple of them myself. It’s almost impossible to find one at a decent price these days. Thanks so much for sharing at our Vintage Inspiration Party.

  12. Gorgeous makeover on your stool. Such a neat find.

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