Thursday Thrifty Treasure Week 8

This week I am featuring some of my vintage bottles on Thursday Thrifty Treasure.  I loved vintage bottles before they became so collectible.  As I mentioned before my late husband always brought me stuff that others might consider unusual gifts.  Anytime he ran across old bottles while out land surveying he brought them home to me knowing I would squeal with delight.  This was during the early years of our marriage but as with most careers his progressed and he became a Registered Land Surveyor.  Then he moved into management without much time to spend in the field.  So to my sorrow I lost my vintage picker, but I was so proud of his accomplishments.

First Hydrangea bloom

The Milk of Magnesia bottle is one of the first vintage bottles he ever brought me.  I think it was during the first year of our marriage.  He also brought me a bunch of smaller brown and clear bottles over the years too. (not pictured)

Calla Lily

Here the Milk of Magnesia bottle makes another appearance on the blog in my post about using houseplants to de-stress your home.

Peace on Earth

This pretty aqua bottle is another my husband brought home all those years ago.  I used it last year in this simple Christmas vignette.

2 jugs

The green gallon jug was a gift from one of my daughter’s friends.   When my daughter saw it in her friend’s barn she said “my Mom would love that jug”.  Her friend sent it to me and it soon became part of my St. Patrick’s Day mantel last year.  I added the jute to the top to tie in with the other pieces on the mantel.

Vintage Aqua Bottles

The two aqua bottles came from the Treasure Hunt Antique Mall where I have a booth.  One of the vendors was having a sale on vintage bottles and I could not pass up these two.  As I’ve said before I think I am a better shopper than vendor at the Treasure Hunt.

Bottles and Alum Trays

The seltzer bottle came from Décor Steals a while ago.  Even though it probably isn’t vintage I picked up the small double handled bottle in a little basket at a thrift store just because it was so cute.

Demijohn Found

This demijohn is the mother of all the vintage bottles in my collection.  Read how I found it here and how it was from my husband, posthumously.

Demijohn lights

Stuffed with little white lights the demijohn made such a nice glow on the hearth last Christmas.

Even though the Nester’s October writing challenge begins next week I am going to keep TTT going and make it a part of my series.  Wordless Wednesday continues independent of the challenge since it is wordless after all.

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  1. Oh I LOVE your bottle collection, especially the milk of magnesia one! Pretty bottle for such awful tasting stuff! I read with delight your story of finding the demijohn (and learned a new word too!) and love the way the Christmas lights look in it.

  2. distresseddonna says:

    My parents were bottle collectors. when I was growing up, most weekends were spent digging at the sites of old homes. I now collect tiny ones. Yours have such a wonderful story behind them.

  3. Sharon my husband used to go bottle hunting when we first got married – in fact 43 years ago today – before our children came along. I still put them around the house. He particularly like poison bottles and free form bottles. He used to say the best place to look was near an old out house.

  4. Those are lovely bottles and what a sweet story about your husband bringing them to you. Thanks for linking up to Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. 🙂 Jo

  5. You have a lovely collection. my favorite is the joy I read between the lines as you share the bottles your husband found for you. Each bottle filled with love.Thank you for sharing and for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. xo

  6. Love your bottles and how great that your husband found them for you. I collect bottles too.

  7. I love the memories and stories behind the bottles!

  8. Hi Sharon–great post! You know I share your love for old bottles 🙂 I LOVE the lights in the big bottle on your hearth. I so want to do that. Now I’ve got to go on a big-bottle-hunt!

  9. You have a nice collection of vintage bottles and have them displayed so nicely.

  10. Your bottles are so pretty! I have a demijohn and didn’t know that is what it is called! I ran right upstairs and brought it down to the hallway to decorate with! I have no clue where or when I got it!!!

  11. I love decorating with vintage bottles! Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

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