happy halloween and a wrap-up

Happy Halloween!

Mantel half

I just returned from trick or treating with my grandson.  We went to church for trunk and treat and then went to a few neighbor houses.  He got more candy than should be legal for an eight year old to possess.

The 31 day writing challenge is over and I can’t say I’m sorry.  I had to think long and hard about participating this year.  In retrospect I think there was too much other stuff going on in my life and I wasn’t able to give anything my full attention.   I didn’t share near as many projects as planned but I have supplies to keep me busy for a while.

If you followed along through the whole 31 day challenge, I truly do appreciate it.

PB Inspired Spoon Shadow Box

Right before I sat down to write this post I opened an email from Beckie Farrant.  She is featuring my Pottery Barn Inspired Spoon Shadow Box  Monday, November 3rd on Knock Off Décor.  So be sure to check it out and send Beckie some love.




  1. Great wrap up, Sharon. I’m sure it’s a relief to not be tied to the pen. so to speak. Loved the vintage Christmas you snagged, btw. Those Santa mugs sure are cute, esp. when massed.

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