The anchor of centerpiece on the dining room table is my charming pink Santa.  I found him recently in a new (to me) thrift store.  He is actually a music box from The San Francisco Music Box Company.  He plays a lovely rendition of “Have Yourself a  Merry Little Christmas”.  Santa stands on a Jadeite cake plate surrounded by a lighted bottle brush wreath.  Along the center of the table, several bottle bush trees fan out from Santa.

When we go to a thrift store or for garage sales, we don’t know what kind of treasure might be waiting there. We may have been to many sales and have come back without buying anything. On the other hand, there are some occasions that we see a small piece of beautiful art or decoration piece that is just begging to be picked up. We might even buy a small object from the local superstore or from the dollar store also. All these knick-knacks can be selected only if you have a keen eye and can recognize something beautiful even if it is covered under the things being sold in a sale.

We see the same pattern in the lives of people. We all have the same opportunities and yet only some of us are able to recognize the real good ones- that can provide a successful and rich life. We feel that being rich does not equate to being happy, but we do need a certain amount of money to be comfortable in life. People realize the significance of money in their lives but when it comes to its investment they may not choose wisely.

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You can work for some hours every day and set the parameters based on the signals provided by the robot. When the results are good and bring in above average profits then you will be able to enhance your investment slowly and make every dollar count. This program does not charge any fee and the entire deposit is utilized in the trading process.

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The gold chargers were a totally unexpected but lucky find a couple of weeks ago at Goodwill.  It was discount day so they were only $1.40 each.  They are gorgeous and I couldn’t buy gold plastic chargers for that price.