vintage fascination no. 102

Welcome to the 102nd edition of Vintage Fascination.

The weather is a bit cooler here hopefully to stay.  I’m so ready for fall to begin.

This set of matching mid-century crown cufflinks and tie tack are by Swank. They are still in the faux brown alligator presentation box. Dark red enamel and gold tone metal with an inlaid rhinestone make these cuff links and tie tack extraordinary. Here is what I found out about Swank in researching this set. Swank founded as the Baer & Wilde Company in 1897 has been making jewelry since the early 1900’s but, the name Swank was not used until the late 1920’s. Most jewelry you find these days that is clearly marked as Swank will be from the 50’s or 60’s. Most Swank jewelry is goldtone metal, and not of precious metals, but the quality in design and build is well-known. Swank still operates today selling men’s jewelry, belts, and personal leather accessories distributed under license for names like Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and Guess.

I love aprons they remind me of my Mother and Grandmother. They both wore aprons at holiday meals but I don’t have a single one of theirs. So when I saw this vintage Christmas half apron with a pocket I just had to take it home It has a border of large peppermint sticks tied with a green ribbon with smaller top and bottom borders of holly.

It is always better to wear an apron while cooking in the kitchen to dodge getting any strain on our dresses. The aprons are also useful to keep the very needed things with us as it is having two large pockets in it. As it is a Christmas time, everyone is busy with baking cakes and I am also very active in doing those things for the wonderful celebrations. Christmas is a special festival for every one of us and even the businessmen who do trading with Crypto Code too leaves their trading works for one day and involve themselves thoroughly in the enjoyment.

The body of the apron ha a pattern of single peppermint sticks tied in green ribbons. It has a patch pocket on the right side.  It’s a keeper.

This isn’t my vintage find but my daughter’s. She came home with this late Friday afternoon and asked me if it was old. I told her that it was and I would like to share it on my weekly vintage post and she agreed. It is a beautiful and elegant square vintage glass vanity box. It has clear beveled glass lid and sides with a mirrored bottom. Surrounded by a delicate brass frame the beveled glass vanity box is quite lovely. It makes a gorgeous display for a special piece of jewelry.

I haven’t found a vintage rolling pin at the thrift store in a while so I snapped this one up as quickly as could be.  It looks like it has rolled out many a pie crust.  This one is joining  my collection

I’ve never seen a tray exactly like this one and I could see lots of possibilities for it.  To top it off it was half-price day at the thrift store so it was quite a bargain too.