vintage fascination no. 103

The weeks just seem to pass faster and faster with the Holidays looming.

I did get out for some thrifting one day last week so I have a few things to show you.


You know how I love cookie cutters, but I’ve tried not to buy them unless there is something unusual about them. I decided that a set of six bugs qualified as unusual.

This set of six cookie cutters is Wilton’s Bug Buddies includes a butterfly, bee, dragonfly, spider, ladybug, and a caterpillar. My grandson wants to use them to make some bug cookies but I’m not so sure.

When I saw this wooden coat hanger at the thrift store I just couldn’t resist it.  The writing on it is German.  The translation I found on Google: 1 hr Spezialgeschäft für Bekleidung translates to one hour special business for clothing.  The other printing on the other side of the hanger is Dortmund  & Hagen i.W  and they are cities in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany.  It also has Fischer Hettlage Lampe printed on the side with the cities.   The only note I can find is a Fedora for sale on Ebay with a label for Fischer Hettlage Lampe so perhaps it is a men’s store.


Another sled was not what I needed but this one is so rusty and crusty it could not be left at the store.  It is a child’s size sled with a red arrow.   There was a label on the yoke but it is too faded to read.

I am going to use it for Christmas decor probably with a wreath attached.


I found not one but two bird cages.  First, a small arched white bird cage caught my eye then I saw a small black bird cage.  What luck.  Both were quite reasonable so they both came home with me.  The white bird cage has an aqua green plastic bottom and a handle on top for hanging.


The black cage has a black plastic bottom, metal sides and a little door with a heart that slides up and down.  There is a handle on top to hang the cage.  Both of these cages are from the 70’s and make charming display pieces.