Wordless Wednesday No. 127 ~ Daisy


No. 127 ~ Daisy

Synonyms for Daisy

beauty, bee’s knees, cat’s meow, corker, crackerjack (also crackajack), jim–dandy, dandy, dilly, doozy, dream, honey, hot stuff, humdinger, hummer, knockout, lollapalooza, lulu, nifty, peach, pip, pippin, ripper, ripsnorter, snorter, standout, sweetheart

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  1. Fonda Rush says:

    Are you sure those aren’t the synonyms for “doosie”? LOL I like “ripsnorter”! Beautiful flowers!

  2. My goodness, who knew? I hope all those gals named Daisy learn what “rip-snorter’s” they are? But also what sweethearts!

  3. Beautiful.

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