Simple Sunday-4

Welcome to Simple Sunday.

I’ve wanted to create a Fairy Garden for a couple of years.  So when Dollar Tree had most of the Fairy Garden supplies I needed it was a sign that the time was right.

To be able to search for the craft supplies you just need to be clear in your head about what you want. Once you know what you want to make and have searched for ideas online then all that you need to do is to list out things that you want to purchase for the décor. It does feel interesting for many to visit a local craft store and get the supplies but one could also try purchasing them online.

Make sure that you buy your craft supplies from online stores that are reputed. The well-known ones will make sure that they write down every detail about the product that they are selling and also include loads of pictures so that you know what you will get. The descriptions that they use are specific and an easy to read format which is informative and in plain language. In addition, they would be using titles, tags, and attributes so that a simple search can get you to the product.

The photography of the product lets you know whether the item is what you are looking for. The best part of online shopping for your craft supplies is that you do not need to go anywhere to buy the supplies. You can order them online and the product gets delivered at home to you. Also, browse through the recommendations that you may see at the right-hand side or below the product. You may actually end up finding some supply that may have not been in your list but looks great to add to your craft.

This link takes you to a reputed online craft store from where you can do your craft supply purchases.

My Dollar Tree didn’t have all the pieces I wanted including a fairy, so a trip to a larger Dollar Tree near me is in order.  Today is just a miniature preview.

A white pedestal from my stash serves as a base.  I covered it with moss.

My granddaughter picked out this house.  We actually bought two houses.

A path made of white rocks leads to the Fairy house front door.

A sweet little bench is a perfect place for a Fairy to rest.

The gnomes are on guard until the Fairy comes home.

Gnomes are protectors

and good luck charms.