simple sunday ~ easy easter cloche

Welcome to Simple Sunday.  I am so glad you joined me today

Today I’m putting together an easy Easter cloche and vignette in the foyer.

This time I gathered the guts to take my daughter with me shopping and yes it was fun. I realized why it is important that your child is involved in your projects and how they too learn in the process. Read the following link on the benefits of taking your child shopping.

They would love to give you a hand and help with your shopping. You could give them responsibilities to hunt for an item or compare some stuff before buying them. The little older ones can also help to pull your trolley for you.

One great benefit of shopping with kids is that you get to try out on some free samples. Yes, these are indeed good and you may have experienced this before.

You also learn to control your anger when you are with kids out shopping. You may want to frown and shout at them but being in public restricts you from doing that. Even if you want to unleash your anger you still have to control yourself.

I also got to teach my child why she should not buy some boxes that are made to be expensive for no real reason. I taught her frugality which I believe is important. She learned how to look at the bargain stuff and make sure that we keep track of how much we are spending on our next project.

The best part, however, was that taking her shopping with me gave me access to the toy aisle. I got to play with the toys which I would not have done if I had been shopping alone. And the other good thing about this shopping experience was that my child felt so involved and it was a great outing for her as well as for her mamma.

First, I gathered a few things to use in my Easter cloche – three cover-less books, cute bunny, vintage Easter postcard, small green flower frog, a bird nest, and some pastel Easter eggs.  Before I began putting the cloche together I placed a twig runner over the chest.

I picked a vintage Easter postcard to include in the cloche held by a little green flower frog.

I sat a little pot of daisies on Easter egg plates beside the cloche

to complete the Easter vignette in the foyer.

The cloche and vignette came together very quickly.

Thank you for joining me today.

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