Simple Sunday ~ A Five Finger Vase Bouquet

The five-finger vase I found last week is so unusual that I am curious to see how a bouquet looks in it.

So today I’m going to arrange a few blossoms in it.

You may remember this vase from Vintage Fascination No. 119.

I picked out an inexpensive mixed bunch of flowers at the grocery store.

The yellow Gerber daisy is the focal point of the bouquet.

Next, I filled the second fingers.

Then I added flowers in the end fingers but the focal point needed more definition.

So I added a few more flowers in the middle.  The five-fingered vase helped me design a charming spring bouquet.

Thank you for joining me today for Simple Sunday.

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  1. Really cute! I don’t believe I have seen a vase like this before.

  2. Very pretty Sharon! I have a 5-fingered vase I found at an estate sale several years ago. I need to see what I can do with mine! Now I’m inspired!

  3. Lovely arrangement, Sharon!

  4. I have never seen a vase like that before.

  5. Jann Olson says:

    So pretty with the flowers Sharon! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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