how to hang old-fashioned plant botanical prints

My bedroom redo is coming along slowly.  Since I am changing the color scheme to neutrals and white I need some new wall art.  I’ve always loved botanical illustrations so I searched for some inexpensive prints.

There has been a surge in the number of people trying to inculcate the traditional way of living making sure to ensure a décor as traditional and old thus ensuring a better-looking house that can be adaptable to the modern lifestyle as well. The trend is very prominent with people all around trying to make unique décor choices that will set their house apart among their counterparts.

Plants are preferred by a lot, while some other try out woodworks, sculptures are also preferred by another section and so there is wide acceptance and trendy look to the newer set of fancy décor. There are websites and you could check here as well for more info on the items that can be cheaply bought to give an authentic and unique look to the house. Such décor will definitely set the house apart inspiring many more to accept this as well.

Amazon had a set of four Old Fashioned Plant Botanical prints that I liked.  When they arrived I was very pleased.  Now, how to hang them.  Nothing fancy or fussy but something casual that does not distract from the prints.  They are nicely printed on thick semi-gloss card stock.  My first thought was to use clipboards to display them on the wall.  I gathered several clipboards that I found thrifting but there was a problem.  They were too mismatched to work nicely together.  So I ordered a new set.

While I waited for the clipboards to be delivered I ran across some vintage wooden hangers in my stash.  I put one of the prints on a wooden hanger then hung it on the wall to live with it a few days.

The clipboards came and were exactly what I wanted.  I clipped another one of the prints to one of them.

For a comparison, I hung two prints displayed differently next to each other.  The print attached to the wooden hanger is curling up on the end.  So the comparison helped me decide to go with the clipboards.

I’m glad I tried the prints both ways and am happy with the way they look on the clipboards.

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