I found an adorable round pink tablecloth with huge pom-pom edging for the table where the tree sits.  The ETSY seller stated that the tablecloth is from the 1950’s.  It is in wonderful vintage condition.

Many people love to have a theme for their Christmas celebration either with the flowers or colour based or even traditional vintage based themes which are few themes which will be some excellent ideas to create attractiveness at your home.  When you choose a particular theme, you need to make arrangements accordingly by shopping enough decorative items so that you should spend them within your budgeted amount.

You can also refer many blogs and internet to get some tips to save your money during Christmas celebrations since it is the time where you need to spend a lot to enjoy the celebration as well as to bring the happiness and this website will better make you understand some key techniques to be incorporated especially during Christmas.

Here are the few simple shopping tips to save money during Christmas Eve!

Go through these simple tips and have fun with your family members!

  • Make a list of items to be purchased both for decorations as well as for the gifts to be given to your relatives and friends. If you create a list in advance, it will help you to avoid confusions and other emergency alterations.  Once you have a clear picture of your Christmas celebrations, you can make out the things very clearly.  But still, check your list at least two to three times.
  • Once you are ready with your list a week before shopping, you can check out many online stores which offer many festive discounts so that you can make use of it which will help you to save a part of the money.
  • Try to download some shopping apps since they also give you too many discounts and coupons which can be used later purchases. You can avail price discounts as well as coupons which can be redeemed for the next purchases.  You can try these apps to derive benefit out of it.
  • Make use of debit and credit cards of some specific banks which offers you cash back for each and every purchase you make use the specific bank cards.
  • Apart from debit and credit cards, you can download or maintain mobile wallets which will help you to make online shopping easier with cash back too.
  • Use loyalty cards or prime membership so that you can avail a certain amount of discounts on your every purchase.
  • Check for the deals when you have planned the list a couple of weeks before so that it may help you to check the daily deals and grab the one which suits you better and you can save a little.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and thank you for joining me. Share your Christmas Home Tours, Mantels, Tablescapes, & Trees.


Of course, the pink Christmas tree is back again this year but it has a different look.  Tulle surrounds the tree on the bottom making the tree look like it is floating on a pink cloud.

Bringing out the festive mood is an art and you need to put little effort into organizing things for the Christmas celebrations.  If you wish to have a theme based on different color concepts, apart from red, you can also choose the pink one since it will also add some rich look for your decorations at your home.  A pink Christmas tree, pink curtains, all the other decorations even the table cloth if it is pink, it brings a fine touch to your decorations and also enhances your festive mood.

After decorating your house, and you want to organize a grand party to enjoy the Christmas Eve, see here some tips to plan for the Christmas party so that you can have a great time with your friends and family, and have fun and enjoyment.

  • Select the date on which you are going to organize the party. Ask your friends and relatives when it will be convenient for them either the daytime or in the evening and it depends upon the majority so that you can choose a particular date in which almost everyone is available.  If it is a Sunday, it is the perfect one for others too.
  • The location or the spot of your party may be at your home or at some other restaurants with the party hall which will bring some festive essence to the party. When you go for a rental, book the party hall which offers at a reasonable price.
  • You can also organize the party at home so that you can also showcase your decorative talents for the Christmas Eve. Select the appropriate theme for the Christmas and the party as well.  When you want to follow traditional vintage celebrations, try to decorate your hour house with the traditional collections for Christmas.
  • After selecting a theme, invite your friends and relatives, some special guest from your workplace so that each and everyone will join in your Christmas party.
  • Make the necessary arrangements at your home to accommodate the number of people you have invited. Shop some useful gifts for the guest and the children so that they can also feel special.  But make sure all is within your budget limit and never exceed the limit in organizing a grand party.
  • One of the important things in the party is having some delicious foods, drinks, and cakes. Arrange the best menu in which each and everyone like to taste it.  Depending on your theme, you can add some traditional foodstuff so that many people love to explore and taste the foods.
  • Always, plan ahead of the event so that you can avail discounts and offers as well you can also avoid last minute preparations.

I found an adorable round pink tablecloth with huge pom-pom edging for the table where the tree sits.  The ETSY seller stated that the tablecloth is from the 1950s.  It is in wonderful vintage condition.


The gold chargers were a totally unexpected but lucky find a couple of weeks ago at Goodwill.  It was discount day so they were only $1.40 each.  They are gorgeous and I couldn’t buy gold plastic chargers for that price.

There are also many other items to be purchased for the Christmas celebrations and if you start preparing for a month before, you can avail a lot of discounts and coupons to be redeemed later.  Especially when you go for shopping that too for the Christmas gifts, this page about the Perfect Ideas to choose Christmas gifts for your loved ones will help you in a better way to choose the ideal gift for not only for your loved ones but also for your family and friends too.

Here are the ideas and tips for choosing the ideal Christmas gifts;

  • Try to find out the person to whom you are going to give the gifts. If you know the person very well, since the person will be either your friends or maybe your relatives, you know them very well.  If not so, try to gather some information about them from the closed circles, their likes, and dislikes, so that it will be better for you to choose the ideal one for them.
  • It doesn’t mean you are going to give the gifts only for a particular person alone. Even you can gift for your brother, sister, mom, dad, etc.  Think about the person need or identify it what they want actually at that particular time.
  • After knowing their needs, prepare a list of things to be shopped which covers the gifts for everyone. Never miss out anyone in the list since it may hurt someone when they didn’t receive any gifts from you especially your friend’s son and daughter.
  • So try to have some additional gifts for the sudden guests during the Christmas Eve so that you can be able to manage the situation and give them gifts too.
  • After creating a list, frame the budget, including the cost of the additional gifts so that you will know the budget clearly and how much you can spend within the budgeted amount.
  • Never buy things which are too costly since you need to give gifts for many and once you bought any of the costly gifts for someone; it may add on your budget and exceed the limit. When you have the special guest and if you want to give them some unique and special gift for them, try to plan before framing the budget and include it within the budget amount so that you can spend accordingly.
  • After purchasing the gifts, check at once, have you bought enough gifts for your guest. If so, go ahead with wrapping the gifts with some attractive wrappers based on your theme.
  • You can also avail discounts when you buy things along with the other decorative items for your house in a bulk like curtains, plates, ribbons, stars, miniature lights etc.

Each plate is different and all found at thrift stores.  I can never resist a pretty plate featuring a pink motif.  None of these beautiful plates cost more than a couple of dollars and at least one or two less than a dollar.  The pink goblets are also a thrift store find from a few years back.  I don’t remember the exact price but I wouldn’t have paid more than a couple of dollars each for them.







A Pink Santa, Christmas Tree, and Tablescape is a tale of how much I love pink.

Do you really worried about how to decorate your home for the next Christmas Eve?

Don’t worry! Here are some ideas which will help you to get prepared for the next Christmas Eve Celebrations without missing any important things during the Eve. If you think you need to do some Extra-ordinary works for the next Christmas Eve, you can also check out some other useful reference from the websites or seek professional decors for the Christmas arrangements.

It’s all fun and enjoyment while decorating your house for the celebrations of Christmas and try to include some of the following ideas too;

Start with the basics by decorating the Christmas tree since when you think about the Christmas decorations, the first thing comes to mind is the Christmas tree.  Either you can choose a healthy and live tree or the artificial one and before choosing, think how long your Christmas celebrations are going to takes place.  You may have decided for a week or for a month.  If it is for a week you can try out, the live plant whereas or a month, an artificial tree is the ideal one.

Decorate the tree either artificial or live with colorful ribbons, miniature lights; small bells and stars, even small balls can also be added so that it is attractive and impressive with your decorations.

After decorating your tree with full of decorative items, select the theme for the particular Christmas season.  Each year you can think about a different theme too.  Only thing is to keep in mind about the preparations and decorations for Christmas in the particular year according to your theme.  If you want to enrich the festive mood of Christmas with some specific theme, go ahead with it, or else if you want to bring in some color based decorations or flower based decorations, it will also one of the best ideas to do for a Christmas Eve.

Imagine at first where and how you are going to decorate your house and also check whether you have the required stuff to decorate.  If no, try to make a list of things to be purchased before starting with the decorations, allocate some time for shopping on your busy schedule and try to shop the necessary decorative items.  You can also check online for some decorative items and some new arrivals for the particular year so that you can buy it.

After purchasing it based on your theme, decorate your house and bring happiness and joy to your friends and family with some excellent gifts as a final touch of your Christmas celebrations.  Christmas gifts and the party at home may be one of the memorable days for your family and friends join together with you for the next Christmas celebrations.

The four chairs around the table have an ivory velvet socking tied to the chair back with a pink ribbon.  A bit of faux lamb’s ear tucked into each stocking.



We keep throwing such creativity inspiring parties mainly because there are plenty of adults today who feel that crafting is only for the kids. If you look at any of my review here on this blog site you would notice how I keep emphasizing about creating things yourself instead of buying them from stores. In today’s world, everything is available at the tap of a finger. If you need to buy something to decorate a room or your house you can shop for accents online. If you need renovation of the house to be done you can hire professionals in a few clicks. But this has taken a toll on the creativity of the current generation. When you simply focus on your work and your routines there is very little that you do every day to stimulate your brain. When you keep stimulating your brain it tends to stay active and healthy and ages slowly. We keep emphasizing the importance of creating something by yourself rather than simply grabbing your phone to order it online because crafting gives you the much-needed break from monotony. If crafting was meant only for the adults why do you think the adult coloring books are being actively recommended by the experts? Here are some of the benefits that crafting offers for the adults –

Destress routines

Crafting is known to be a wonderful and effective stress buster. So if you find yourself blaming your workplace stress for your physical and mental health conditions then get into crafting every now and then.

You get to dig out an old forgotten hobby

Most of us must have memories of crafting and creating new things with our parents. But thee merely remain as fond memories and the tasks that were once good hobbies are often forgotten. Crafting allows you to find that forgotten hobby which might actually end up making you feel happy.

It gives you time with your family

Most of the spare time at the end of the day or during the weekends are spent in front of the television or with the phone. Crafting projects are wonderful ways to spend gadget-free time with the family. This is good for the interaction and to allow kids to open up and talk to the parents.

Crafting is known to do numerous such good things for your brain and in the end, you also have the satisfaction of having created something by yourself. So what are you waiting for? Join our crafting party and bake or create something.


If you are putting together a list of cookies and cakes recipes that you definitely must learn, do not forget to add Snickerdoodles to the list. It is no news that this one is popular and that it has been popular for ages. There are many who often confuse Snickerdoodles with sugar cookies. But these are both classic cookie recipes that any beginner should learn. And then you would have a no-fail dish to add to your Holiday menu.

What is a Snickerdoodle?

This is another simple cookie that calls for very few ingredients and an easy preparation process. There are flour, sugar, and butter or oil used to make these cookies. Cream of tartar is also used as a leavening agent. Both in the US and Canada, these cookies are very popular. And today even in other parts of the world, people who hear about this recipe have started to fall in love with this soft and chewy cookie recipe.

Why is it confused with sugar cookies and how are they different?

It is mainly because of the similar list of ingredients that sugar cookies and Snickerdoodles are confused. Cream of tartar is one thing that sets apart Snickerdoodles from sugar cookies. Add the right amount of cream of tartar and you get that perfect chewy texture. In most of the cookies, the crunchy nature is imparted from the formation of the sugar crystals. As the cream of tartar prevents this process the chewy texture is retained making it different from the other similar cookie recipes.

Here are some tips to get your Snickerdoodles right, every single time –

  • Do not choose to use a shortcut by picking shortening instead of butter. There are just a handful of ingredients you need for this recipe and every single one has a role to play to give the desired results. Butter’s flavor is simply irreplaceable in this recipe.
  • Though you might already know this trick I would like to remind you again – make sure that your eggs (if you choose to add eggs) and butter are at room temperature. This is very important for getting the texture of the cookie right.
  • If you ask any experienced baker you would hear about the magic that your hand does to the cookies. You heard that right when you try such classic cookie recipes make use of your hands to mix the dough instead of an electric mixer. And make sure that you do not need too much.


Tablescaping is an art that is worth acquiring. Be it for the Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving dinner or for any occasion for that matter if you learn this art you can set your table like a pro.

You might have noticed that I have plenty of tablescape projects on my blog. This is because I love setting the table tailoring it to suit the occasion. After all, what better way to display the sumptuous platter we put together than to set a table that sets the mood. Here are some tips to help you master the art of tablescaping and thus set a table for all occasions, like a pro –

Seasonal elements never go out of style

Inspiration drawn from the season can never go wrong. No matter what the occasion is picked accents that relate to the season. This can also be used when you choose color schemes for the décor.

Incorporate a custom element

Add one or more accents or objects that focus on the person or the family that you are celebrating. This also gives something nice to chat about while eating.

Repurpose and reuse

Often you can create a masterpiece with what you already have at home. There is plenty of thrift store finds and recycled materials that you would find in most of my tablescape projects. These stand out and add that unique touch that every tablescape requires.

Add some lights

Lanterns, candles, pendant lights – the choices are plenty when it comes to picking lights. The lights you choose can create magic and make your tablescape look even better.

Vintage charm is a no-fail approach

Adding some vintage elements like saying burlap or decoupage on a mason jar for some twinkle lights are all simple examples of how you can add a vintage charm to your décor. Choosing vintage elements never fails when it comes to tablescape projects.

Centerpiece steals the show

There should be an eye-grabbing centerpiece that acts as the anchor of the whole setup. This is, in fact, the element that would make or break the entire look. If you pick the right centerpiece then building the whole theme around it would be simple.

Now that you have learned how to give your tablescape an upgrade, here are some ideas for adding a Halloween touch. You can check blog topics on Halloween tablescape ideas for more cool ways to set your table for the Halloween.


Wreaths are perpetual ornaments to add to the door. Besides giving your guests a warm and refreshing welcome wreath also create plenty of positive vibes. Did you know where this tradition of hanging wreaths began?

  • According to some, the wreath is a symbol of victory and this concept is traced way back to the ancient Roman culture.
  • There are some who believe that the traditional green wreath with red berries symbolizes Jesus Christ. The green is a symbol of His Eternal love and the red denotes the blood he spilled to protect mankind.
  • There are plenty of other cultures that also believe that wreaths are symbols of eternity in general.

Whatever be your belief and whatever be the reason why you hang a wreath on your door, there are plenty of varieties of wreaths to explore. There are different varieties that you would find in the stores and when you decide to do one yourself then your creativity can give you one of the best ornate element to add to your front door. There are different ways to make a wreath and spring wreaths are some of the most colorful options among them all. Hanging a wreath on your front door is the most common way to integrate a wreath in your holiday décor at home. But there are plenty of other ways in which you can use these traditionally significant and aesthetically elegant elements in your home.

Upgrade your tablescape

If you look at my tablescape projects you would find that I incorporate few or more unique elements in all of them. This is my way of adding a personal touch to the tablescape instead of creating something that looks like it is done by a professional. Adding a wreath is another interesting way to give a new dimension to your tablescape.

Mirror on the wall

If you browse for pictures of wreaths you are sure to stumble upon at least a few of them that show wreaths hung above mirrors on the walls. This is a popular trend and you could easily incorporate it into your hallway.

Tiny ones on the window

If you have windows that get a lot of daylight hanging tiny wreaths on the window can make your room look cheerful. If you find fresh spring flowers for these miniature wreaths it looks even better. So if you are looking for ideas to make some unique spring wreaths, then have a peek at these wreaths.


Come Christmas there are plenty of exciting things to plan about. For some Christmas is the time to bring out the old traditions and for the others, it is the only time of the year when they get to spend time with their family. It is that time of the year when you get your long vacation to do all the things you love doing. You could try out some of the unique ideas from that weblink you stumbled upon or you could simply let your creativity flow. After all, Christmas is all about happy times. There are plenty of Christmas things that you could do like setting up the Christmas tree and preparing the lavish dinner for the Christmas Eve and then there are the non-Christmasy things to do to make the vacation a memorable one. I have put together an assortment of such ideas that can make Christmas more fun for the whole family.

Bring a tradition

One of the best things to do if you have friends coming over is to learn new Christmas traditions. Different parts of the world have different traditions for Christmas. Learning new traditions and trying them out can be so much fun and it helps make Christmas even more enjoyable.

Bake a cake

Baking a cake is something that you would definitely be doing before Christmas. I am talking about bringing the whole family together in the process! Let the kids whip up the ingredients together. Let the older kids handle the decoration of the cakes and cupcakes. The adults can take care of the platter display arrangements. This is just a glimpse of what it would look like when the whole family bakes together.

Create your Christmas tree décor pieces

Instead of choosing store bough décor accents for the Christmas tree, involve the kids and create some unique pieces of décor. Add a personal touch in every branch, a souvenir to denote every member in the family.

‘Do you want to build a snowman?’

If you are fortunate to be residing in a place where there is good snow during Christmas take the kids out for some Christmas snowman building fun. After all, Christmas is never complete without snow!

Let out that inner pirate in you

Instead of placing the Christmas gifts beneath the tree as you usually would, put together an interesting treasure hunt activity. You can even draft a map instead of clues to help the younger kids hunt for their gifts.


There was a time when houses had huge gardens. So children could be taken out to smell the flowers and nurture their plants. But with urbanization booming, there is a dwindling ground cover and the concept of gardens is slowly becoming a distant dream. But there are plenty of ways in which you can still squeeze in a little bit of green no matter where your house is located and no matter how small a house you own. If you did navigate here with the hope of finding ideas about decorating your home do not be confused as I am talking about gardening. Gardens have always been considered some of the most stunning ornate details of the house. Today in the modern homes without an actual garden space you can still bring the greens indoor. There are plenty of houseplants that are known to survive in low light conditions.

Benefits of using plants as décor elements in your home

  • Indoor plants are the type of décor accents that can instantly blend with any theme of interior design. So these are easy to add to any home.
  • There are plenty of plants that are known to purify the indoor air. There are plants that can remove the harmful chemicals released into the indoor air from cleaning products and certain appliances.

There are plenty of plants that have now been genetically modified to suit the different conditions under which they are nurtured. There are plants that have been nurtured to make caring for them simpler. There are drought-resistant plants, plants that can survive in shady conditions and those that are deemed hardy and easy to maintain. Take the early tulips for example. These are currently in trend in several parts of the world. These plants get their name because they tend to bloom early. So you get your tulips sooner that you get on a traditional tulip plant. So the fruits of your efforts can be reaped sooner than usual. This is one of the examples of easy to care plants that you can try. I try to add a green touch to all my projects and I love recycling. This is mainly because sustainability is the need of the hour. This is one main reason why I also love plants and I recommend using them wherever you can in your home. Besides all those eye-grabbing décor accents that you might add adding some green does the trick and makes your home feel more welcoming.