Vintage Collecting No. 9 ~ Jadeite

  Welcome friends to Part 9 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting ~ Jadeite.

My Jadeite collection is not huge by any means but I enjoy it, especially adding to it.  Most of it is vintage but I do have a few reproduction pieces.

Six salad plates in Fire King Jane Ray pattern and a pretty little art deco vase also by Fire King.

This stand is holding Fire King Jane Ray salad plates (7), dinner plates (2), cup and saucer, creamer and sugar bowl.  On top is a Fire King Lotus plate and a hen on the nest (reproduction).

The piece not already identified is a small reproduction cake plate.

My collection has two cups but only one saucer.  As you can see in the photo of the cake plate above I paired a Jane Ray cup with a pretty china saucer.

The salt and pepper shaker set is reproduction.

I love this hen on the nest even though it is a reproduction.

This nesting mixing bowl set was my first Jadeite purchase back in 2005.  This set is the swirl pattern made by Fire King between 1949 and 1962.

My newest piece is a second Fire King lotus plate that I scored it for a dollar at a favorite thrift store.

Once I made the decision to collect Jadeite and began to hunt for it locally, I quickly realized there is very little Jadeite to be found here.  I check the antique malls and stores often but most of my collection is from Etsy and eBay.   The two Lotus plates are my only local purchases.

Here are a few ways I use my collection:

A Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Dining Room Corner

These two reproduction cake plates stacked on each other is one of my favorite looks.


Kitchen Necessities

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Common, Unique and Curious ~ Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Common, unique and curious is how I would describe this little collection of eight vintage salt and pepper shakers.   I found them recently at an estate sale.

My daughter convinced me to start a collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers so I am going to share these with her.  They are a great collectible since they are colorful, quirky, inexpensive, and don’t take up a ton of room.

A pair of sitting donkey salt and pepper shakers fit into the quirky category.  They make me want to laugh when I look at them.  Their bottom stamp simply says Japan.

These adorable grey and white cows also from Japan have cork stoppers.  A similar set listed on Etsy is $24.95 which is more than I paid for all eight sets.

A set of googly eyed moose salt and pepper shakers are hysterical.  I couldn’t believe it when I picked them up and their eyes jiggled around.  Also from Japan a similar set on Etsy were $10.00.

The super cute mushroom salt and pepper shakers are from the Gift World of Gorham and made in Japan.

The brown cow salt and pepper shakers carry the Otagiri 1982 trademark.  Otagiri describes a variety of stoneware from Japan that was widely sold in souvenir outlets and department stores on the West Coast from the 1950’s.  In 1980 they registered their trademark in the U.S.  A set from 1981 was $28 on Etsy.

The little squirrels are the cutest salt and pepper shakers I’ve ever seen and are my favorites from this group.  They are also from Japan and have cork stoppers.  One has a repaired ear but who ever fixed it did an excellent job.

Santa’s boots are a set of salt and pepper shakers from 1978 Enesco and made in Japan.


Santa and Mrs. Claus made by Lego in Japan are charming and round out this group quite well.

I noted that two of the sets have cork stoppers.  Does anyone know if this helps date the sets?  Most of the sets I found on Etsy with cork stoppers were 1960 and earlier, but I wonder if that is correct.  If anyone knows, please drop me a line.

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Common, Unique and Curious ~ Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Vintage Collecting No. 8 ~ Flower Frogs

Welcome friends to Part 8 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting.

Now let me show you a few examples of flower frogs from my collection.

I fell in love with flower frogs when I was a little girl.  My mother had a large clear flower frog that she used in a crystal bowl to hold roses.  I thought her bouquets were so beautiful.  The flower frog above is like my Mother’s.

These frogs called hairpin flower frogs.  Trust me you don’t want to get anything except flowers near them or you will have a tangled mess.

These two frogs are of ceramic.

Someone glued this frog to the bottom of a bubble bowl I found at Goodwill.

This lovely flower frog vase has a mate.

I love to put them in the foyer with fresh flowers.

I found this leaf-shaped frog on ETSY.  It is one of my favorites.

My collection includes a couple of colorful glass flower frogs.

This type frog is a cage flower frog.  I keep one on my desk to hold an American flag.


Here are a few ways I’ve used my flower frogs for things other than holding flowers.

I used flower frogs to create a little Christmas Tree in the kitchen.

They are wonderful to hold items for display.

My husband’s school photo displayed in a flower frog is part of a Valentine’s Day vignette.

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Vintage Collecting No. 7 ~ White Ironstone Platters

Today I’m sharing a few platters from my white ironstone platter collection with you.

I just never seem to be able to leave a nice white ironstone platter behind.  Some of my collection sold in my antique booth but many platters are still in my collection.

This ironstone platter is very special to me since it is in the shape of a leaf.  It is back stamped “Japan” with no other marking.

This platter is Fiesta by Homer Laughlin made in the USA.  It has the round embossed marking, so it is a newer piece.

This plain white English ironstone platter is a bit wonky

but this trademark dates the platter to the early 1880’s so it’s entitled to be a bit wonky.

This platter has a trademark but it is so faded I cannot read it.  It is pretty with a scallop design and lots of crazing.

This is a Buffalo restaurant ware platter.  It is heavy and feels like a workhorse. The markings on the bottom of the platter are Buffalo China, USA, a star (asterisk), and the number 72 so it is from the first quarter of 1972 based on Buffalo’s dating scheme.

This platter is Johnson Brothers Athena pattern, made in England.

This platter is White Dover Ironstone made in the USA.

This white ironstone platter in the Snowhite Regency pattern by Johnson Brothers was a happy find.  I have enough of this ironstone pattern to use every day.

Some of it is older like this platter but other pieces are newer and marked dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.  Johnson Brothers produced this white ironstone pattern from 1960 until 2003.

When I saw this tiny platter by Homer Laughlin I had to get it.  It is restaurant ware for serving a side dish.  It would look pretty grouped with other white platters on a wall.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my white ironstone platters.   Platters aren’t as plentiful as they were at one time, but I still enjoy looking for them.

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Vintage Collecting Part 6 ~Trophies

Welcome to Part 6 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting.

Trophies are always on my radar when thrifting and antiquing.


These mini trophies were the first of my collection.

Vintage Jr Tennis Racket

This trophy is a scholastic trophy for the “Best All Round Senior”.

Bowling Trophy

This is a favorite of mine presented by the “Bowling Belles”.

trophy with pumpkin

I found this beauty on ETSY.

The two larger trophies are actually vases that I ordered from Target.  These are no longer available but they have similar ones available online.

Trophy lamp 1

This trophy lamp came from Antique Farmhouse.

NOTE:  Some of the pieces in my collection are vintage and some are simply vintage inspired.

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My Favorite Vintage Finds in 2016

These are my favorite finds from last year.


Vintage Children’s Books


Vintage Valentines


Vintage Shawnee Planter


Vintage McKee Tom and Jerry Mugs


Vintage Metal Picnic Basket


Vintage Paint By Number Canvas


Vintage Coleman Enamelware Dish and Flatware Set


Vintage Tool Box and Folding Ruler


Vintage Perpetual Calendar


Vintage Cosmo Magazine


Vintage Christmas Tablecloth


Vintage German Cherub

Thank you for following along on my vintage adventures.  I enjoy researching my vintage finds but most of all I enjoy unearthing them and sharing them with you.   



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Vintage Collecting Part 5 ~ Blue Transferware

Welcome to Part 5 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting.


Here is a selection of pieces from my blue transferware collection.  As you probably guessed from the name of my blog blue transferware is a long time love of mine.

Meakin Romantic England C&S

Romantic England creamer and covered sugar bowl by J&G Meakin had to come home with me back in 2015.

Blue Willow Bowls Japan

Six Blue Willow bowls I found thrifting back in April.

Place Setting with US Flag

I used one of the Blue Willow bowls in a Memorial Day Tablescape.

The Rocky Mountains

This Royal China Currier and Ives Cake plate was a thrifting find in June.

English Tea Cup

Each side of this transferware cup shows a different scene from 1792.  One side shows Stratford-on-Avon and the opposite side shows Penhurst Kentin. Displayed here on a Blue Willow saucer.

Blue Willow Child Tea Set 1

This a child’s Blue Willow tea set that I purchased from Miss Mustard Seed.

Meakin Saucers

Normally I wouldn’t buy saucers without cups but the pedigree on these was too good to pass up.

IMix and Match Blue Teacups

They are Royal Staffordshire by J&G Meakin and look pretty good with this group of blue transferware cups.

Findlandia Set

This set is Finlandia by Myott made in Staffordshire, England.

Sun Afternoon Tea

Johnson Brothers Blue Willow tea set that I purchased a few years ago.  It isn’t vintage but I love it just the same.  I found several of the square salad plates not long after I purchased the tea set at Home Goods.

Blue & white jar

Found this little pot a while back and it was a part of my series What Would You Call This Thrift Store Find?“.

3 Piece B&W Jar 2

One reader found a set of these on an antique site that determined that it is a Chinese wine warmer.

Blue Willow 1

The demitasse cup and saucer set is over 30 years old.  I purchased the set on an anniversary trip to Williamsburg Virginia.

Cup drying rack 1

A few of my blue transferware cups and a little Blue Willow pitcher on display in my kitchen.

Blue & White Creamer

I found this sweet little creamer at my antique mall.  It is a Dickens Series English Ironstone Tableware creamer.

Blue Willow 2

Blue Willow plate with no trademark was a thifting find.

three in a row

I used a few of my blue transferware teacups for a little succulent garden.

Myott Old Willow

Four Old Willow cereal bowls by Myott (Staffordshire, England) are another thrifting find.


Old Britain Castles – Blue by Johnson Brothers is a pattern introduced in 1930 but it is still in production today.

Since we are already on photo overload I’ll spare you the Spode Blue Room pieces I have picked up over the years.  I also have red, brown, and green transferware that I will share with you later.  Please don’t ever forget that I am a self-professed hoarder of dishes.

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How to Decorate with Vintage Teacups

If you follow me you know of my love for teacups.


 So I want to share a few decorating ideas using teacups.

Royal Albert teacup

A teacup raised on a pedestal is always an excellent way to showcase a special cup.

Christmas Tea Time

You can use whatever you want to elevate a teacup.  Here I used a vintage plaid lunchbox but you could use books 

Cake Plate

or even a cake stand.     

English Tea Cup

Pop a little pumpkin or small gourd int a teacup with a few shreds or moss for a quick little vignette.

Cup with tree

A pretty Christmas teacup holds a mini tree as a holiday decoration.

IMix and Match Blue Teacups

One of my favorite ways to display teacups is to stack them.


Another way to display teacups is on a small stand.

three in a row

Once I even used three teacups and saucers as planters for succulents.

Teacup Treasure Trove

Fill a small display cabinet with a collection of teacups and saucers.

Pink Teacup Wreath 1

A Franciscan demitasse cup and saucer in the Desert Rose pattern made an adorable wreath.

Tea cup tree

One Christmas I even had a teacup tree in my living room.

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Vintage Collecting: Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting.

Vintage Collecting Part 4 title

Here are a few more vintage collections.

Painted Trays

I’ve always admired painted/tole trays but until a few years ago I didn’t own a single one.  Now my completely thrifted collection is in my back stairway.  A limitation I set for myself that they trays be thrifted or gifts.



Black tole tray with roses


Tole Tray


Dogwood Tray


Blue Onion Tray

The Classy Flea Marietta, Georgia

Seltzer bottles

I totally fell for the seltzer bottle craze a few years ago by buying several from an online retailer.  That online retailer has since fallen out of favor with me but I still add to the collection when an unusual seltzer bottle comes along.  I recently sold one in my booth that was a duplicate piece in my collection.

Seltzer bottle

Online retailer

Bell Beverage

Shop Goodwill

Demijohn Vignette 1

Online Retailer

Bell Seltzer Bottle

Shop Goodwill


When I found this adorable dog planter at Hobby Lobby it spurred an interest in vintage planters in me.  He isn’t vintage but with his crazing and sweet face he could be.

Deer Planter with Sage

Shop Goodwill

McCoy Green Planter


Lamb planter


Shawnee Pig and Corn Planter



Along with the rest of the world, brass became obsolete in my house until I ran across this brass horse at the Lakewood Flea Market a few years ago.  After that, I started picking up brass animals and birds when I saw them.  So now I have a nifty little collection

Brass Owl Family


Brass Owl


Brass Quail


Deer 1


Hanging Turtle Clip


Hope you enjoyed seeing these vintage collections today.

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Vintage Collecting: What I Collect Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting where I share my collections.

Vintage Collecting Pt 3 title

Sometimes until I sit down to write these posts I don’t even realize how many collections I have or have just started.

Minolta Super 3

An old Minolta 35 mm camera that started it all.  It was my Dad’s camera.

Brownie Flash Camera

A vintage Brownie Hawkeye flash camera set found at Shop Goodwill.

Vintage Brownie Camera600

A Kodak Brownie movie camera was also a Shop Goodwill find.

Kodak Bantam Camera 1938

Then I found this adorable old camera.  It’s a Kodak Bantam camera from 1938.  It’s my favorite.

Clocks and Cameras

Sometimes I display vintage camera’s and clocks together.

Vintage Clocks

Don’t you love the fun tea-pot clock?

Two Baby Ben Clocks

My vintage blue Royal typewriter almost started a collection but I sold the other two typewriters that came my way.

Coleman Picnic Jug

Picnic jugs are my latest collection.

Coleman Water Cooler Jug

This one is a recent find here.

Standard Can Corp Jug

This jug by Standard was my first picnic type jug.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

I just can’t stop buying pretty vintage Christmas ornaments.

Shiny Brite Green Box

Who can pass up Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments?

Shiny Brites 1

These were a recent estate sale find.

Pinex Laxative Tin

Big tins and little tins, I love them all!

Blue Church Tins

Kept one, sold one.  Win, win!

Valentine tins 2

I’ve had these Valentine tins for many years.

8 O'Clock Coffee Tin

I debated about keeping this Eight O’Clock Coffee tin but it sold very quickly in my booth so there was no time to change my mind.

Cottage Fries Tin

This one is still in my tin collection.  I had two and sold one.

Swirl broach

I have a thing for vintage brooches.

Ella in broaches

Several of these brooches were my Mom’s.

Tiny Cross Stitch

This one has very tiny cross stitches on it.

Thanks for visiting.

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PicMonkey Collage

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