Ways to Protect Yourself from the Biggest Credit Card Scams


The credit card technology get improved as the time changes .as there is benefits in the changing ,there also increase of the fraudsters and also the identity thieves. They are having more developed tools now which is powerful than before. But they find this protective measure make their job harder. There are number of ways to protect you from the identity theft for the credit card scam. Now we will discuss about the credit card scams we are facing now.

1. Credit card skimming

Several people get affected by the credit card skimming within few days. This type of scam is due to the illegal skimming device is designed as such to read the information on the credit card which is installed on the card reader. It is mainly taking place in the public places such as petrol pumps and the ATMs.

The solution for this problem is to use the chip enabled card which gives the security from the scam. It will not completely protect you from the theft. The skimming device is designed now to read the chip cards as it have the magnetic stripe still now which paves the way for the scam. Again the solution for this is you have to keep an eye on your account and every transaction. If any illegal transaction you have noticed means immediately contact your card issuer and cancel the card.

2. Phone scam

The tactics of the phone scam is different and they tend to be in urgent and trustworthy to fork sensitive information. Due to the modern technology development, the fraudsters can spoof the phone numbers of the respectable person and they will request them to pay. It is therefore important to guard when you are speaking to a call.

The solution for this is that very one should know that no one will be asking your payment over the phone by the government agencies or any bank.

3. Phishing

The fraudulent email is called as the phishing and this email is sent to the person to extract the personal information which is sensitive, for example security numbers, password, payment details, etc. The phishing email seems to be a legitimate websites and the victims enter into the personal information. Email may be regarding an issue with your credit card and in that email they will be giving the instruction to log into your account or it will be deactivated.

The solution for this problem is not to enter any sensitive information which is not safe. If find any trouble you can get the help from the customer support.

Basics understanding about blue-chip stocks

The blue chip has now got a reputation of being stodgy, boring and outdated.  However, you need to understand that it is not without a reason that these stocks are preferred by the financial institutions and wealthy investors.  Everyone wishes to hold a stake in the business organization that has shown extreme profitability for a long period of time. Certainly, the blue-chip stock fits the description.  Over long periods, the blue-chip stocks have helped the owners to earn money and they have held on to the stocks through bad times and good times, peace, war, deflation and inflation.  

Other than blue chips stocks, now there are digital currencies that have been introduced into the market which helps in earning big money quickly.  Read through here for more help with respect to the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Understanding blue chip stock

Blue chip is the name given to the stocks of an organization which has got several qualitative and quantitative characteristics.  The term is derived from the poker game. In the card game of poker, the most valuable and highest paying chip is in color blue.  Below mentioned are few of the features of a blue-chip stock:

  • They have a record of maintaining stable earning power for the past many decades
  • It rewards the shareholders with growing dividend which would be usually substantially more or equal to the inflation rate so that the income of the shareholder keeps increasing every year
  • It boasts of a long record of payments of dividends without any hassle or delay to the common shareholders
  • It enjoys a high return on the capital invested when measured by ROE (Return on Equity)
  • The blue-chip organizations have rock-solid income statement and balance sheet especially when it is measured using interest coverage ratio
  • Blue-chip organizations are substantially larger when compared to other organization. They would be ranked top as the largest enterprise and will be measured by the enterprise value and stock market capitalization.
  • It possesses many competitive advantages which make it quite tough to unseat the market share from these stocks. These advantages come from the cost of advantage that is achieved from economies of scale, the brand value in the mind of consumer or from the ownership of an important asset that is strategically important such as oil fields.
  • These organizations issue bonds that fall under the best of the investment grade

Best Investments you should make absolutely in 2019

Everyone in this New Year 2019 may wish to make some significant changes in their life. They may want to improve their health or willing to spend more time with their kids. And just now you might have started to think about investment in this year for the long term benefits. Even though you have the reasonable amount in the savings account and you feel this is not enough for the expenditure in the future. Now the question arises in your mind, where you have to invest the money? There are many opportunities are available to invest your money, but that it is not guaranteed one. Read More Here for the best investment for 2019.

i. Stock market                                                   

For the long term investment and you want to get profit before your retirement, and then there is no need to worry. One should have to control their emotions, which will hide the best investment options. You can invest in globally diversified stocks and with low index funds. Get help from the robo advisor such as Betterment. It gives the guidelines to your investment goals. Don’t focus only on return, you have to figure out for the long term plan. Huge investment in the stock market reduces the tax amount and it increases the income in full swing. Government issued order to reduce the table amount for the investment in IRA.

ii. Real estate

One can invest their amount in the Real Estate Investment Trusts, if they ignore to spend their money in the physical real estate.It paves way for the profit without making your hand dirty. Also it is not necessary to deal with the landlords. Many sites are present for the real estate crowd funding. The golden opportunity to invest your money is fund rise which have high returns of 12.7%.

iii. Peer to peer lending

You can invest your excess amount in this year to peer to peer lending. Some platforms such as lending clubs are there to loan money to the individuals like bank. For this you will get the interest in return.

iv. Your carrier

You should not in a position to worry about the economy in the future .It is the correct time for you to invest your amount in the career and future. Believe yourself 2019 is the best to invest in the career which gives more income.Attend the conference about career and go for higher studies or get certified in your field.


Delray Beach is found to be located in the United State called Florida, Palm Beach Country. Nearly one million visitors are attracted by the sandy shore of the Delray Beach. It is called the coastal city and near to this Beach many natural attracting places called the Wakodahatchee wetlands, Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and the Sandoway House Nature Centre is present. Everglades is found to be present in the opposite of South Florida . It is a place where it has the collaboration of wildlife and the wetland and it is not found elsewhere in the earth.

The nickname of the Delray Beach is ‘Village by the sea’ found between the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. It is famous for the collection of shopping, arts, resorts and the residential areas where it protects the beauty of South Florida. Everglade covers about 11,000 square miles where it protects the number of endangered species, encompasses the mangrove marshes, cypress forests, and the prairies. Everglades contains a mixture of the saltwater and freshwater, unlike any place on the earth where we can find this both the alligators and the crocodiles.

More than 500 billion gallons of drinking water is conserved in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Nearly 140 species of birds are attracted by the wetlands and it is considered as the slice of Everglade, where visitors can see all the things here also. Delray Beach is mainly attracted by nature which covers the area about 24.5 acres. Large oak trees are mingled with the palm warblers and songbirds are found here. Visitors can experience the beauty of nature in the Morikami museum and the Japanese garden. Tea ceremonies are conducted every month in this center and also schools and the organizations perform the educational program. For the public, the traditional festival of the Japanese celebrated several times.

In Sandoway House Nature Centre, an aquarium of about 15,000-gallon unit with three sharks, collection of shells, shark jaws and the fossils are found. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge is present near to the Delray Beach which covers 221 square miles. Alligator, birds and other species also present where the visitors can go for the vacation.


The spices used in the kitchen is stored in the spice rack. We use a number of spices and for this different kind of spice rack is available in the market such as free-standing, spice rack with adjustable shelves, some to hang from a door or wall. In order to organize or display the spice racks, first you have to list out the spices what you have.

It is good to store the spices in cool and the dark place. Direct fall of the sunlight or the heat is avoided to prolong the shelf life of the spices. Mostly the spices are stored in the cupboard, drawer, on the wall or the door and on the counter. The spices used often should be limited while using the counter. The storage space of the spices depends upon the need of the space.

The arrangement of the spice racks can be done based on the alphabet or group based on the usage. Keep the spices such as pepper, red flakes, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, etc. close at the hand for cooking. These type of spices can be grouped together and arranged in the spice rack. The dried herbs and the spices used for the ethnic cuisines and the spice mixes can be grouped separately.

Different types of the spice rack are available in the market nowadays. Spice racks have different size and shapes. Some spice racks with the expandable shelves are also available as it can fit into the available space . The magnetic strips or the door mounted spice rack can be used for the storage of spices in the cabinet . To occupy the vertical space , the turntables and the tired shelves can be used. If you have the shortage of the space use hanging racks mounted on the wall. While using drawer you have to use the divider to keep the jar upright.

The spice rack display in the kitchen will be pleasing if you see it here with the clear spice jar which has the same size and shapes. Use the recycled glass jars as that of the baby small food jar. You can display the containers of the spice rack by labeling so that you can identify the spices easily. The label can be placed on the top of the lid of the container when it can be viewed from the top. If you are using the spice rack in the staggered form or tired shelves or tilted racks then the label should be placed on the sides of the container.


Are you looking forward excitingly for the December month?

Yes, I am very much amazed by welcoming Santa Claus to our home for the huge and great Christmas party. I am sure it is going to be a wonderful celebration this year because I have bought some new decoration items to make my house to look gorgeous on that special day.

The most important thing to do on x-mas time is the rich plum cake. Christians are very active in preparing the cakes from the past ten days itself. They will use very rich plum cakes so that the cakes will come out very tasty and fluffy. They use red wine to add up more taste for the cakes. The kids are eagerly waiting to taste that scrumptious cakes.

The next one is the decoration of the rooms and we all would like to make our home best suitable for the party night. So, we buy a lot of party items like ribbons, color papers, stars, balls, and much more things. Most of the houses are blinking with colorful lights and the people are very eager and enthusiastic to welcome the great Santa Claus.

Wow, the Santa has arrived first to my house and he was excited to see the decorations I have made on that special day. He gave many gifts and we are really blessed to have him at our doorstep.

Usually, the celebrations are mainly for the kids because they would like to celebrate the festivals in a grand manner. Even the schools provide ten days vacation leave for all the little ones to enjoy the Christmas party.

I have planned to give plant saplings for the guests as return gifts. They were overjoyed to get it as it is a great idea. There are many nursery shops available which have infinite types of plant saplings and they even sell it for a very low cost. The saplings I have bought was a full complete set with a basket and the sand needed for it t grow longer. You can find more info about it by making a call to the retail sellers so that you can get a clear vision about it.

I would like to celebrate next year x-mas party even bigger and this wish will never fade away from our minds.

I hope this post is very interesting for you all and I wish you all a very happy Christmas once again.




The festivals are something very close to everyone’s heart because we are all busy with purchasing many things for the celebration like new dresses, party items, and gifts. The children usually enjoy this celebration time and they are very keen about wearing new clothes on the big day. Even they do not get proper night sleep as they always think of it.

Yes, the day before Christmas night has come.

I was roaming in the streets to buy decoration items to make my house ready for the next day party. The shops are full of heavy rush and the people are busy choosing the best for the celebration.

There was a cute little Santa Claus which was dressed up in pink color and it really made my day and I was overjoyed to buy it for my house party. The Santa was fabulous in pink color and the little cap was eye-catching.

On the celebration day, the hot topic of the day was Santa Claus. They all loved it and they were eagerly inquiring the price and the place where I had bought it. I was on nine clouds at that time and still, I don’t remember what happened then last night. I should thank that little Santa for the happiness he gave me.

Next is the X-mas tree I have placed near the door. As the Santa is in pink color, it thought of making the tree too in pink so that it can impress the guests who have come for the party.

Yes, it happened so and the friends were stunned at seeing the decoration of the tree. There were many tiny balls hung on it to give an even grander look.

Even we can get the Christmas caps, star, trees and everything from online websites. There are many offers going on in the festival time and we should be very planned and order the things we would like to buy before a week itself as the delivery of the orders might take around seven days. And also we should be very careful and t is better to verify the products once we get it as there are some fraudulent online websites.

It is good to read the reviews about the particular website before placing our orders. The reviews the customers have given in the official home page help us to get to know about the products and also the websites. You can click to read more about how the reviews help the patrons.



During Christmas time, the one who comes into our mind is Santa Claus.

Yes, the pretty Santa is always a favorite one for all of us because he is the main person for the fantastic Xmas celebration.

Recently I have gone to a store and there I have found a cute little Santa Claus with a pink color costume and cap.

It was awesome and eye-catching one. So, I just bought it and brought to my home for the Christmas celebration. The house is fully decorated with many colorful wallpapers and party things and we are all ready to celebrate it by cutting the cake and followed by the arrival of the Santa.

The kids in our home are very eager to receive the chocolates and other surprise gifts from him. The shops are filled with heavy crowds and the people are busy in purchasing decoration things for the Christmas party.

The rate of the party items are somewhat high at Christmas time, yet the public show much interest to purchase them. Because they never want to skip anything and miss the cherishing Christmas celebration moments. Instead of buying from the retail shops, we can get it from the wholesale shops as the rates are comparatively low. So, I have got an idea of opening up a new shop in which the party items can be sold for the wholesale prices.

Wow, I have got double the investment amount as profit at the end. So, I am in a plan to extend my company to the next level and to withhold a strong and stable position in the market.

Do you know how the discount pulls the customers over the business?

Yes, when a shopkeeper or a businessman is ready to offer the products with a discount, then the number of clients increase automatically.

If you would like to buy some different and gorgeous gifts and party items for your Christmas celebration, then better choose online shopping because there are multiple offers going on for these products and thus we can save up to 40% of the money. Even we can get many coupons which help to reduce our final invoice price.

The ribbons, caps, flower bouquets are available in a familiar online website and we can order it either by cash on delivery or by doing online transactions. The orders will be delivered at our doorstep within two or three days of time.

Hurry up, grab yours and enjoy the Christmas festival happily.


Ella Mae’s corner of the dining room is where the extra chairs moved when the bench for my bedroom did not work out and moved to the dining room.   Decked out in a few ornaments Ella Mae is as pretty as the pink bird on her shoulder, and the gold heart-shaped ornament is where her heart would be.

I would like to suggest some DIY tips to decorate your house which I felt easy and more convenient way to decorate for the next Christmas season where your kids love to enjoy and praise your decorations as I received overwhelming responses from my family members and relatives.  Let us see some DIY tips to decorate your house though you may find a great post to read, this one will be the better one for you which offers good suggestions and tips on the ways and items to be included in your decorations.

When you want to decorate your Christmas tree, try to include some ornamental items as well as glittering items which will attract the eyes of the people and also adds beauty and elegant look for your Christmas tree.  Deck your house and Christmas tree with new creative ideas as well as based on the different themes too.

There are many people who love to decorate their houses with new different as well as with unique themes along with a message.  If you want to adopt some themes like winter seasons with snow falling Christmas tree with miniature lights, it will be one of the good ideas to be considered.  Or else if you want to have any fresh ideas, there are millions of ideas and creative concepts available on the net in which you can search before a couple of weeks so that you can plan for the Christmas celebrations accordingly.

Add your decorations with silver and copper utensils either in the living rooms or in the dining hall which will create an elegant atmosphere.  Many people love to decorate their houses with different colour candles, but be sure; it should not create any hazards to your family members and others.  To be on the safest side, buy some artificial candles for the year so that you can use it for the next year too.  Candle lights not only brings unique lighting atmosphere but also adds beauty to your decorations.

Many stars and different hangings are available in the stores which you can make use of it to decorate your house on your own.  You did not require any special person to arrange all these; you can do it on your own since it is easy and convenient to make the lighting setup.

Apart from all these decorations, you can change the curtains, table cloth, seasonal flowers etc. based on the themes as I did so that it will add some beauty to your house.  After finishing all your decorations on your own, rejoice with the family members and have fun.  But allocate the time a week before for the decorations so that you can avoid last minute rush.

Not to be outdone Lacy is wearing a skirt of lighted garland with a pink tulle belt and flower.


I found an adorable round pink tablecloth with huge pom-pom edging for the table where the tree sits.  The ETSY seller stated that the tablecloth is from the 1950’s.  It is in wonderful vintage condition.

Many people love to have a theme for their Christmas celebration either with the flowers or colour based or even traditional vintage based themes which are few themes which will be some excellent ideas to create attractiveness at your home.  When you choose a particular theme, you need to make arrangements accordingly by shopping enough decorative items so that you should spend them within your budgeted amount.

You can also refer many blogs and internet to get some tips to save your money during Christmas celebrations since it is the time where you need to spend a lot to enjoy the celebration as well as to bring the happiness and this website will better make you understand some key techniques to be incorporated especially during Christmas.

Here are the few simple shopping tips to save money during Christmas Eve!

Go through these simple tips and have fun with your family members!

  • Make a list of items to be purchased both for decorations as well as for the gifts to be given to your relatives and friends. If you create a list in advance, it will help you to avoid confusions and other emergency alterations.  Once you have a clear picture of your Christmas celebrations, you can make out the things very clearly.  But still, check your list at least two to three times.
  • Once you are ready with your list a week before shopping, you can check out many online stores which offer many festive discounts so that you can make use of it which will help you to save a part of the money.
  • Try to download some shopping apps since they also give you too many discounts and coupons which can be used later purchases. You can avail price discounts as well as coupons which can be redeemed for the next purchases.  You can try these apps to derive benefit out of it.
  • Make use of debit and credit cards of some specific banks which offers you cash back for each and every purchase you make use the specific bank cards.
  • Apart from debit and credit cards, you can download or maintain mobile wallets which will help you to make online shopping easier with cash back too.
  • Use loyalty cards or prime membership so that you can avail a certain amount of discounts on your every purchase.
  • Check for the deals when you have planned the list a couple of weeks before so that it may help you to check the daily deals and grab the one which suits you better and you can save a little.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and thank you for joining me. Share your Christmas Home Tours, Mantels, Tablescapes, & Trees.