Hanging Garden Tool Rack and Planter

Is it a Hanging Garden Tool Rack or a Planter?

Well, take your pick because it is really both a storage solution for your garden tools and supplies but also it can double as a planter.

Here are the supplies for today’s project.  I knew there was an oval white enamel container with black trim in my thrift store stash.  It recently served as the container from my grandson’s Easter basket.  So I had to ask him if I could have it back but he didn’t mind because all the goodies it held were long gone.

First, I considered drilling holes in the bottom of the container for the hooks to hold the gardening tools but decided that magnetic hooks would work just as well.  I already had a trip to Wal-Mart planned so I added magnetic hooks to my list.

 The white enamel container looked a bit plain so while I was out at Wal-Mart I dropped by Hobby Lobby to pick up some letters to add a garden adage to the front of the container.  I picked simple and to the point GROW.

My gardening tools are a bit old and well used so I picked up some new ones for the photos and some cool new gloves came home with me too.


Hanging Garden Tool Rack and Planter Cost

Thrift Store Enamel Container $2.00

Wal-Mart Magnetic Hooks $1.97

Hobby Lobby Letters $2.40

Dollar Store Garden Tools & Gloves $3.00

Ikea Faux Plants, seed packs, peat pots, and plant markers from my stash


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TST Cutting Board to Farmhouse Dish Towel Holder

In my continuing effort to reinvent a few of my thrift store finds I have a Thrift Store Transformation (TST) to show you today.

TST Cutting Board title

In this transformation a beat up cutting board becomes a charming farmhouse dish towel holder.

Old Cutting Board

 This old cutting board with a handle was the starting point for this project.  I forgot to take a before photo so the cutting board is already painted on one side.

Backside of holder

I painted the cutting board with Waverly White Chalk paint.

Cow on Cutting Board

 Next, I took the image of a cow and outlined it on the board. Then, I used a sharpie to give the cow a little interest.

Dishtowel Holder hanger

To hang the dish cloth holder I needed to add a saw-tooth hanger to the back.

Tools to hang dishtowel holder

The weight of the holder with a dish cloth was a little more on the left side so I measured the holder to find the middle. Then I hammered in the saw tooth hanger a bit to the left of the middle to account for the weight of the dish cloth.

Cow Dishtowel Holder

I scuffed up the edges to age the hanger a little and hung it on the wall.  Oops, looks like something is missing.

Cow Dishtowel Holder Complete

Now, here it is with a fun farmhouse dish cloth.  What do you think?

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Farmhouse Dish Towel Holder


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Quick and Easy Thrift Store Transformation – Vintage Dresser Tray

Today I’m sharing a Quick and Easy Thrift Store Transformation.

Q&E Vintage Dresser Tray

Funny thing is I did not transform it myself.

Vanity Tray

 My oldest daughter claimed this vintage tray the minute she saw it.  Here is where she started.

Coral rustoleum

She picked out this great coral color Rust-oleum spray paint.

Dresser Tray 2

While I was out of town helping my youngest move to Florida she spray painted the tray.

Back of Dresser Tray

It has a picture frame back for easy access.  So all she had to do was remove the back and mirror then spray paint the frame.

Dresser Tray

 It turned out beautifully.

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Q&E Dresser Tray Pin 1



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How To Give a New Wooden Bowl A Vintage Look

Painted Bowl title

I wanted to experiment on a wooden bowl to see if I could give it a vintage look. 

Wooden Bowl

   A thrift store bowl seemed the perfect candidate to experiment with.  I’m sure you can see I forgot to take a photo of the bowl before I started. 

Painted Wood Bowl

First, I painted the wooden bowl cranberry on the outside.   It took two coats to give it a rich cranberry color.

Wooden Bowl Half Stained

The wood on the inside of the bowl is pale so I wanted to give it a deeper more aged look.  So out came the Minwax Special Walnut stain.  I wiped stain over one half the inside of the bowl so you could see the difference.

Distressed Wood Bowl

I finished staining the inside of the bowl and distressed it on the outside a bit.

Stained Wood Bowl

Then I stained the outside distressed areas.

Waxed Wood Bowl

Next I applied clear wax and buffed slightly.  I wanted the bowl to keep its chalky look.

Wood Bowl Complete

I’m pleased with how it turned out!  This one is going to the booth and I plan to redo a larger bowl I have to give it a vintage look.

Side view of vintage chalk painted bowl

My inspiration for giving a new wooden bowl a vintage look was my friend Diana at Adirondack Girl @ Heart.  She painted and aged a vintage wooden bowl.  Her bowl is gorgeous.

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Quick and Easy Transformation: Vintage Planter to Pin Cushion

Q&E Pin Cushion title

Today I’m showing you a quick and easy Thrift Store Transformation (TST).

Shawnee Pig and Corn Planter

You may remember this little Shawnee pig and corn planter I found a while back and shared with you in Vintage Fascination No. 76.  Don’t you think he will make a perfect pin cushion.


First, I looked through my stash of fabric.  None of the fabric on hand would work so off I went to find some.   At  Hobby Lobby I found the perfect print.

Cut Fabric

Cut a 10 inch square piece of fabric .

Making the cushion

Place a compact ball of batting in the center of the fabric.


Pull the sides together to form a hobo pack and use an elastic band to hold the fabric together.

Cushion in

Put  enough hot glue inside the planter to hold the cushion and place the cushion into the corn husk.

Piggy With Pins

Finish it off with some pretty pins.

Piggy Pin Cushion Complete

This one extremely easy project with just enough kitsch to be fun.



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How To Use A Not So Vintage Globe

It’s Tuesday my regular thrifting day and I had one important thing on my list, a white lab coat.  Why a white lab coat you ask?  My grandson is going to play Albert Einstein this Friday at the school Wax Museum.   Well at my first stop no white lab coat but they did have a newish globe.  I love globes but more vintage the better this one is not even slightly vintage but for $3.00 it couldn’t stay behind even with its plastic base.

Not Vintage Globe Title

 So on the way home I got to thinking about ways to use the globe.

Globe Bowl on table

 My newish globe could be repurposed into two globe bowls like one I made a couple of years ago using the original globe base.

globe bowlJust Something I Made

This one is really pretty with the decoupaged pages on the inside of the bowl.

half-globe-light-coverDIY Globe Light Fixture

Roeshel at DIY Show Off  created this beautiful lamp cover using half a globe.  She has an excellent tutorial here.

1722A to Z Eclectic

A pendent light like this one seems easy to make.

finalglobe (1)A Red Ember

Here is another version of a pendent globe light.

Oh the places you will goETSY

There are a ton of projects that just alter the globe in fun ways.  This one is adorable and easy.

IMG_4969Our Pinteresting Family

It would be easy and cute to paint it with chalkboard paint.

globe-clock-bhgBetter Homes and Gardens

I would never have thought of making a clock out of a half of the globe.

Newish Globe

Ok, now to choose a project.  Stay tuned I will share when this newish globe gets a TST.



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What Do a Stool, a Tray, and a Basket Have In Common?

What do a stool, a tray, and a basket have in common?  Answer:  me and a paint brush.  My thrift store stash keeps growing so to start getting it under control I grabbed a few things and a paint brush and

TST Title

went to work on some thrift store transformations (TST).

Country Stool

Remember this little country beauty I found here.  What I didn’t notice at the time was a defect on one side that prevents it from holding very much weight.  So I decided to paint it and use it as a display piece.

Three lambs

It took a couple of coats of paint to cover the graphics on the stool.  These sweet little lambs are a Hobby Lobby find.

Little Pink Stool

It is going to make a great display piece around the house and booth.

White Wicker Tray

I found this vintage wicker tray here.  It somehow ended up under some stuff and it never made it to the booth but those adorable magnetic dog salt and pepper shakers did and boy did they go fast.   I really hated to part with them.

Wicker Tray 3

Now with a fresh coat of chalk paint it looks like new again

Wicker Tray 2

and ready to serve some cool beverages.

Vintage Basket

Dianne left a comment asking if I would show a basket makeover before I took it to the booth.  So I got busy on the basket I found last week.

Aqua Basket

I wanted a vintage look so I dry brushed on Americana Indian Turquoise acrylic paint .  It only took a few minutes so it was a very quick makeover.  When it was dry I added a few pine cones for interest but


to take it to the booth I removed the pine cones and  added a matching bow.



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How To Renew a Vintage Picnic Basket

You may remember when I found a somewhat sad picnic basket in FTT Week 66 .   Well look at her now.

Picnic Basket with Rag Ribbon Bow

Isn’t it amazing what a little TLC can do?

Vintage Picnic Basket

Here is how she looked when I bought her at the thrifty store.  Her red check liner was in tatters and she had a broken place on the edge of the top.

Dry Brushed Wicker

First I dry-brushed the body of the basket.

Picnic Basket

Then I cut batting to fit the two sides of the top.  I glued it in place then covered it in blue and white gingham.

Picnic Basket Chalkboard tag

My picnic basket was a little plain so I added a chalkboard tag with the number 2.

Picnic Basket with Rag Ribbon Bow

It still needed something more.  A bow I thought but I couldn’t find any ribbon in my stash that worked.  So I pulled out my remaining blue and white gingham and tore off a strip.   What would be cuter than a rag ribbon bow?

Picnic Time

Now in her second life she is ready to pack full of scrumptious goodies and go on a picnic.  

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Pink Teacup Wreath 1

Pink Teacup Wreath a Thrift Store Transformation

Thrifty Store Renew

How to Quickly Renew a Thrift Store Find



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A Quick and Easy Valentine Project – Vintage Style

What easy thing can you do with two vintage heart shaped cake pans and a small milk glass vase?

Q&E Valentine Project title

Make one adorable heart shaped tiered stand.


First, gather your supplies.

Heart Stand Bottom Tier

Measure the length and width of your pan to find the center.  Then glue the narrow part of the vase to the center of the cake pan that will serve as the bottom tier.  Let it sit about an hour, then glue the larger end of the vase to the cake pan that will serve as the top tier.  Let it dry overnight.

Heart 2 Tiered Stand

See, easy peasy.

Heart Tiered Stand1

Now fill with candy or whatever your heart desires.

Valentine Bev Bar

Everyone enjoyed the beverage bar so much at Christmas I just converted it from More Than a Hot Cocoa Stand to a Valentine’s Day themed beverage bar.   Oops I have an empty jar.

quick and easy




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Humidor To Christmas Decor

I promised to show you how the vintage finds from FTT Week 63 became Christmas decor and

Humidor Title 2

 the humidor is the first of those four finds to be converted.  The humidor is perfect for a water-less snow globe.  I couldn’t decide what to put in the snow globe make so I made two.

Snowy Winter Scene 2

This one is a snowy forest scene.  Missy Deer are you ready for your close-up? 

Snowy Winter Birdseye View

Snowy winter scene birds-eye view.

Snowy Forest Scene

Snowy winter scene is look number one.

Welcome Home 1

Scene number two is snowy welcome home.

Welcome Home 2

 Why does everything look so charming in a vintage mason jar?  

Welcome Home 3

This little house is a favorite of mine.

Welcome Home 4

So which scene is the winner?

Snowy Winter Scene 3

The snowy winter scene is moving on to the coffee table vignette.  That adorable little house will probably show up somewhere else during Christmas.



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