Vintage Fascination No. 140

Welcome friends to November’s edition of Vintage Fascination.  I’ve fit in a few thrifting adventures this past month and 

I am excited to show you what I found.


I’m worried that my favorite thrift store is going to close soon.  There is a huge sign out front that the store is for sale.  The employees don’t think the store is moving but closing.  Oh no!  I have found some of my best vintage treasures there.  Just this week I found an old homemade Christmas wreath that is falling apart but it has a bunch of vintage picks.  So, I am taking it apart for the picks.

I was so excited to find it but as I was congratulating myself on my wonderful find I spied a plastic bag filled with a mixture of Christmas decorations and ornaments.   When I went through the bag it was about 50% vintage.  Between the two finds there are flocked Santa’s, plastic reindeers, angels, etc.

Just let me tell you this is a big boy thermos not only does it hold 2 quarts it also weighs about 5 pounds empty and measures 14.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.  It is a vintage A-945DH Aladdin Stanley hammertone green thermos.  These hammertone thermos look so industrial to me.  It had a metal carry handle at the top but it is missing.  The black top at the top that held the handle is removable.  It is in rough shape on the outside so it was someone’s workhorse thermos.  The stopper and stainless-steel top are in excellent shape and based on the shape of the outside of the thermos are any indication they may be replacements.  This thermos made in Nashville, Tennessee is probably from the 1980’s.

Baby cups are my latest obsession.  Of course I don’t need another collection but what can I say baby cups are so sweet and they don’t take up much space.  At least that is how I sold myself that starting another collection is okay.  The one I found is a Sheridan Taunton Silversmiths LTD formally Sheridan Silver Company which was founded in 1944.  Sheridan Silver Company became Sheridan Taunton Silversmiths LTD in 1973.  Based on the trademark the manufactured date is 1973 or later.  This sweet little cup isn’t engraved but it is in very nice shape.

These Enesco embossed white molds caught my eye.  They are approximately 4 1/4 inches in diameter with a different fruit embossed on each.  They have a hook for hanging on the wall.  Enesco is an American company specializing in the import and distribution of giftware.  They were prominent from the 70’s through the 90’s.

These two tiny gold baskets are just adorable.  They are two inches by one inch.  Not sure what I will do with them but you will see them again in the near future.  The bottom of each basket shows Japan as the country of origin.   There is a bit of gold paint loss on the top edges of the baskets.   They are from the 1950’s.

This sweet little pitcher is French made by Deshoulieres.  Founded in 1826, Deshoulieres is the leading French porcelain manufacturer specializing in tableware products.  The bottom stamp on the little pitcher is Deshoulieres with France underneath encircled with an oval.  I cannot determine a pattern name but suspect it is restaurant ware.

This lovely Colonial couple isn’t a recent vintage find.  My Grandmother had this couple in her home from the time I was a little girl.  I always loved them so she gave them to me.  These figurines imported from Japan are from the 1950’s. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the perfect place to display them.  Now they just don’t fit my décor style.  So what do I do with them.  They were sitting on the table in the kitchen while I debated their fate.   My daughter saw them and wanted to know what I was going to do with them.   I told her that box they were on their way to Goodwill.  Nooooooooooo, she said.

Vintage Fascination

  She knew they were my Grandmother’s, her Great Grandmother that died when she was about six months old.  So we wrapped them and put them into a box with other items she wants from my house.  I’m under orders from her to let her see any vintage items before they get the heave ho.

Vintage Inspired Item

I ran in Target the other day and as always I check the end caps for bargains.  There on one of the end caps sat a blue and white splatterware enamel colander.  It was on clearance at a ridiculously low price so I happily put it into my cart and it came right home with me.


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Vintage Fascination No. 139

Welcome friends to Vintage Fascination.

 Vintage Fascination is now a weekly series but beginning in October it is becoming a monthly series.  I don’t thrift as much during the winter so nothing to share with you.   I still plan to post several times a week so keep coming back to see what I have planned to share with you.     

Also, you may have experienced some problems accessing BWH in the last few months.  My hosting service tried a fix last month but it didn’t solve the problem.   So, in the end we had to move BWH to a more powerful server which is good news since my old server couldn’t handle my current level of traffic.  Yea!!   Thank you, so much to my lovely loyal readers.

You know how I love baskets and I couldn’t pass up this Peterboro handled basket.  This basket must have been someone’s keepsake because it still has the original Peterboro basket label on it that tells the story of the basket company.  Here is what the printed label says “The town of Peterborough, New Hampshire is steeped in the history of basket making.  The roots of the Peterboro Basket Company extend back to 1854, when Amzi Childs wove the first basket on Depot Street.  An industry leader, we continue to manufacture and develop a wide range of innovative, top-quality baskets just as you received.  The wood used in your handcrafted basket is Appalachian white ash (a New England hardwood).” 

The basket also has a brass label on the front identifying it as a Peterboro basket made in the USA.  Learn more about Peterboro baskets here.

When I saw this vintage globe in such excellent condition that it just had to come home with me to join my collection.  It is a Repologle World Nation Series 12-inch globe.  It is from the 1979-1981-time period.  The colors on this raised relief topographical globe are bright and vivid and there are no blemishes or tears. 

Apparently, I can never have enough cookie cutters and these three little guys are so sweet.  They are mini cutters for making cookies, cutting out pie crust for decorating the top of a pie or fondant for cake decorating.  The three-piece set includes a rabbit, horse, and lion.   

This metal cage flower frog is joining my collection.  I don’t have a domed frog like this one.  It would make an excellent holder of pencils or paint brushes in addition to its intended use of flower holder.  The metal has a nice patina consistent with its age.  

The five vintage spice shakers I found are larger than the typical size shakers seen in a wall rack. The shakers are Cinnamon, Cloves, Paprika, Pepper, and Nutmeg. and have bright hand painted colors accentuating the raised embossed fruits.   All the shakers have their original cork stoppers and a blue “Made in Japan” sticker.

NON- Vintage Item

I saw a transparent glass pumpkin with a top sitting on a shelf with a lot of Fall and Halloween décor.  It didn’t have a price and as you know normally if an item isn’t priced in a thrift store they won’t sell it but I always ask.  I’ve gotten lucky several times just by asking.  The woman at the checkout counter asked if a dollar was ok.  The price was perfect because a transparent glass pumpkin was on my project list.  Pottery Barn has recycled glass pumpkin candle cloches this year.  So and not spend $69 dollars on one I wanted to create a similar pumpkin for my breakfast room table.  So, the dollar transparent glass pumpkin is perfect for my creation.  All I had to do was add battery operated lights.  I love it and so do my grandkids.

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Vintage Fascination No. 137

Thank you all for your patience and I am so happy you are here today for another edition of Vintage Fascination.  Hopefully the problems with the Blue Willow House are over.

I visited a couple of my favorite thrift stores and found a few interesting vintage and not so vintage goodies.

Vintage Federal Glass ~ Blue Daisy

When I had a booth I sold a Federal Glass Heat Proof bowl with a top in this same blue daisy pattern.  So when I saw this two and a half quart bowl I just had to get it and its smaller one quart companion bowl without a top.

As an added bonus blue and white is my favorite color combination.  Made in the USA in Columbus, Ohio, these bowls are from the 1960’s.

Vintage Vera Mikasa Dishes

When I first saw these dishes I knew they were special.

Designed by Vera Neumann who was best known for her boldly colored linen patterns and scarves for Mikasa. This pattern was part of their Stylemanor line. The pieces have serene images of dune grasses in a neutral palette of browns. The pattern is aptly named Dune Grass.  I scored three dinner plates.

Mikasa produced the pattern during the 1970’s in Japan but discontinued the pattern in 1979.

Vintage Shawnee Puss & Boots Salt and Pepper Shakers

Me, my daughter and best friend went to one of our favorite thrift stores this past weekend.  I found several things that I really wanted but only two things came home with me.  One was this adorable Shawnee Puss and Boots salt and pepper shaker set. 

They were a great price so they came home with me to join my growing collection of vintage salt and pepper shaker sets.  They are from the late 1940’s or 1950’s and one even still has the cork stopper.  I have several Shawnee pieces that I collected over the years.  

Vintage Book & Map Page Bundle

The other thing I bought was a bundle of vintage map and book pages.   I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these but the patina on them is just so lovely. Yes, I could have made these vintage book page bundles myself but for the price I couldn’t pass them up.

vintage map page

Well, I figured out one thing I could do with the vintage book and map page bundle….create a Fall vignette for the foyer.

The one thing I really wanted to buy was a vintage dough bowl.  It looks very much like the one I inherited from my Grandmother (photo above) see here in a Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013.  and it was priced well but my daughter reminded me I already have quite a few dough bowls.  It one of those things I just can’t get out of my head so I still may go back and get it.  Do you ever do that?

Thank you for joining me today and come back soon.

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Vintage Fascination No. 135

Welcome to a late summer edition of Vintage Fascination.  The grand kids are back in school and it seems like Fall is upon us.

This edition is split between vintage and vintage inspired.  Normally I include only vintage finds in this series but I buy things other than vintage when I’m out picking.  So you may see more non vintage or vintage inspired items in this series.

Vintage evening purses are a passion of mine.  I look for them every thrifting trip but rarely find one.  Beaded evening purses are my favorite so when I saw this small black one I thought, well maybe.

It doesn’t have a maker’s mark but a “Made in France” label.  That label sealed the deal.  It is small but holds my cell phone and a change purse.  So if an occasion arises this sweet little purse would make a perfect accessory.

vintage brooch

You know I love vintage brooches so when the sweet woman at my favorite thrift store brought this lovely coral colored flower out of the case it was love at first sight.  It isn’t marked so I’m not sure of its age but my best guess is mid-century.  My Mother had similar flower brooches during that time period.

Sometimes at the thrift store you find similar items bundled together.   I found a huge bag of crochet thread and yarn packaged together for around $5.  I can see several projects coming from this grab bag.  When I got the thread out of the bag I discovered it was from Richway which no longer exists.

Richway was the discount department store division of Atlanta-based Rich’s.  When Rich;s sold out to Federated Department Stores in 1976 Richway was part of the deal.  In 1986 Federated merged the Richway stores into their Gold Circle division.  In 1988 Federated sold the Richway/Gold Circle stores to Kimco which in turn sold many of the stores to Dayton Hudson later renamed Target Corp.  I told you all this to say that the crochet thread and yarn are from a period from 1970 to 1988.  So it is somewhat vintage.

Non – Vintage Items of the Week

  I love Simply Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell sold at Target.  So when I saw these two patch worked decorative pillows for around $2 each, how could I resist!  Normally I only buy pillow covers at thrift stores so that I can wash them.  Most decorative pillows cannot be washed; however, I have washed and dried them before with excellent results so I’m going to give it a try.  If it is an epic fail they cost around $4 total so not too much to lose if the washing experiment doesn’t work.


They turned out beautifully and I just found a pink Simply Shabby Chic duvet set at Bargain Hunt for $32.  The decorative pillows look great with the pink duvet. 

Pottery Barn Vase/Trophy

When I first saw this silver vase/trophy I knew it was coming home with me.  When I flipped it over I just had to laugh.  It is from Pottery Barn, my favorite home goods store.  It was originally $44 so I was beyond excited to pay less than $3 for it.

Thank you for joining me today.

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Vintage Fascination No. 134

Welcome friends to another edition of Vintage Fascination.  A quick trip to take some things to Goodwill ended up being my first thrifting trip of the week.

Vintage Fascination Title

Here are the Vintage goodies I found.

Milk Glass Bowl

You know I cannot resist milk glass and when I saw this large vintage milk glass bowl into my buggy it went.   It is oval with a scalloped top and four tapered legs.

Milk Glass Bowl Bottom

 The pretty fruit design on the sides and bottom makes this bowl truly a lovely piece of milk glass.  This Indiana Glass bowl from the 1960’s in their Fruit Garland design is in excellent vintage condition.  The milk glass is vibrantly white.

Vintage Alum Bowl

Next is a vintage West Bend shallow aluminum bowl.  From the 1950’s this aluminum bowl has a grape and ivy motif with a crackle vein textured finish on the inside with a rolled edge rim.  Made in the USA aluminum bowls were very popular after WWII.  It measures about 14 inches in diameter and is about 3 1/4 inches in height.

Vintage LGBs

Last Christmas my daughter wanted to collect enough books to read a holiday themed book every night to her kids until December 24th when she would read the Night Before Christmas.  Of course, she wanted to accomplish this without  breaking the bank so she enlisted my help.  Well, we never met our goal last year but this year is looking better.  I made a big dent this week at Goodwill.  We have 10 books from last year’s collection efforts so we just need a few more.

vintage basket

I found another basket for the wall.  Just a couple more baskets and I’ll have enough to do a wall in the kitchen.

vintage copper mold
Copper molds are classic and I just couldn’t pass on this one.  It is in great shape but it doesn’t have a makers mark.  Similar ones on Etsy are around $25.

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Vintage Fascination No. 133 ~ A Lady’s Pretties

Welcome friends to a lady’s pretties edition of Vintage Fascination.

Not a lot to share but I love all of it.  Thanks for joining me.

What self-respecting lady doesn’t have her share of pretty hankies at the ready?  I found these at one of my favorite haunts.  This thrift store almost always has vintage linens.  These six hankies look as though they were a set.  They were 39 cents each.  How could I resist?

This hankie has pretty red hearts embroidered on it.  I wondered if the previous owner bought it as special occasion hankie for Valentine’s Day.  It even has the original gold label from Treasure Masters.  The label also indicates that the hankie is all cotton and made in Switzerland.

I’ve had a vintage hat on my “want list” for a while and I found a lovely one this week.  It is a beautiful vintage ladies electric blue doeskin felt 100% wool, birdcage veil hat by George W. Bollman & Co.  Made in the USA the overall condition of this hat is excellent.

All markings and labels are inside the hat including one that states that the hat was “counter-fit by Frank Olive”.  I date this hat as post-WWII~early 60’s.  I love it!

My last find this week for  “lady’s pretties” is a vintage ecru doily.  It is very delicate.

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Vintage Fascination 132 ~ A Florida Edition

Hello, friends, I’m back at home in Georgia but had a wonderful time in Florida last week.  I did find some time for thrifting on Thursday afternoon.  Restore and Goodwill were my only stops but that was enough for some great vintage finds.

Here is some of what I found and had to leave behind at my daughter’s place.  I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale so only a few things came home with me in my suitcase.  Of course, that just gives me an excuse to go back soon.  Only negative is that I will have to drive and it is a solid 10-hour trip.

This vintage dresser/vanity jar appears to be Art Deco based on the design on the lid and the swirly pattern of the glass.  I looked high and low for another dresser jar like it but cannot find one.  If anyone has any information on this jar I would love to hear anything you know about its age and manufacturer.

When I saw this small tin on the shelf at Restore I knew I had to have it.  I picked it up and flipped it over.   Printed on the bottom is “Ian Logan’s Haberdashery, Designed & Distributed by Ian Logan Ltd. London EC1, Illustration by Louise Brierly, c 1983 Ina Logan Ltd., Made in England, Registered Design No. 1001018”.   The illustration is a shop of cute little mice sewing, carrying bolts of cloth, and showing their wares in the shop window.  The sign on the little shop says Haberdashery.

 When I picked it up it seemed heavy so I opened it.   Inside is a small sewing kit with a tomato pin cushion, blue measuring tape, tiny scissors, thimble, button, straight pin and various shades of thread on little spools.  It is the cutest little sewing kit I’ve ever seen.

These vintage paper hand-held paddle fans are the kind you used in old country churches that didn’t have air conditioning.  I haven’t seen any of these fans since I was a kid and went to church with my grandmothers. There are two styles.  On the front of the one with Jesus sitting on a step says “Christ on the Mount of Olives”.  It is also marked on the front left corner “8705, c  A. Scheer, Made in U.S.A.  The other fan is of Jesus with the sheep and says “The Good Shepherd”.  It is also marked like the first one except is it number 8703 on the right corner of the fan.

On the back of the fan is an advertisement for the business that supplied the fans, Deraney’s Department Store.  The fan also shows that Deraney’s located in Eatonton, Georgia, sells Dry Goods, Shoes, and Ready To Wear.  Yes, I found these at the Restore in Delray Beach, Florida.  The back of the fans includes a statement about our American freedom of religion. It says “Our great country was founded on Religious freedom.  It has prospered and grown under God’s guidance.  Let us hold fast these religious liberties and keep our America strong by attending the Church of your choice every week.”  Also included is

Psalm 122:1

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.


Three beautiful Harker Pottery, Royal Gadroon Bridal Rose dinner plates came home with me.  On Kovels website I learned that Harker Pottery is one of the oldest potteries in America.  The Harker family made pottery in East Liverpool, Ohio beginning in 1840.   The plant moved to Chester, West Virginia, in 1931.  In 1971 the Jeannette Glass Company bought Harker and ceased operating in 1972.

Normally, I buy wooden hangers that have advertisements on them but when I saw these six plain ones for a dollar several uses came to mind.  Just look at Pinterest to see that wood hangers are for so much more than hanging clothes.

In Restore they have a large shelf unit filled with silver and pewter.  I saw a baby cup for my collection.  It was so bright and shiny I thought it was new but bought it anyway.  What I didn’t realize until I got it back to my daughter’s place that it is actually a trophy.  It is a Web pewter baby cup for the Elizabeth W. Goldberg Tournament 1988.  I did a Google search but learned nothing about the tournament.  This sweet little baby cup/trophy is joining my baby cup collection OR maybe my trophy collection.  Decisions…. Decisions.

My last purchase is an old school No. 13 Swingline heavy-duty desktop stapler made in the U.S.A, Long Island City, NY.  That’s a mouthful.  It uses only Genuine Swingline high carbon No. 13 staples.  It is from the 1960’s and still in good working order. It will get a quite a workout in my office.


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Vintage Fascination No. 131 ~ The Kitchen Edition

Welcome friends to a kitchen edition of Vintage Fascination.

These are all Georgia finds but this post finds me in Florida visiting my baby daughter.  So I may have a few Florida finds to share with you next week.

When I saw this aluminum measuring cup the lovely patina caught my eye.  So for only 25 cents I couldn’t pass it by.  It doesn’t have a manufacturing mark.

I have found and bought other vintage Bromwell sifter’s but a kitchen frame of mind took me over.  All the other Bromwell sifters sold in my booth so this one is for me.  It is a five cup flour sifter with a metal crank sporting a black wood handle as well as metal scraper inside.

Last year I found an Androck pastry cutter with an orange handle but the one I found this week has a red handle.   A pastry cutter is for cutting butter into flour when making pastry, pies, or biscuits the old-fashioned way.  I still use one when making biscuits.  So now I have two Androck pastry cutters but hey who can have too many.  One of my daughters will be happy to take one of them off my hands I’m sure.

My mother had a French Mouli grater like this one when I was growing up.  I remember mounds of cheese being grated in our kitchen.   It is a wonderful utensil for grating a variety of foods and this one is in good working order.  The chippy red wood handle on the cranking arm and the patina of the grater are what convinced me that I must have this Mouli grater.

This cute little basket with handles is another one for the basket wall (which may end up at my house).  I just adore it and it only cost a dollar.

Love this clover shaped cutting board.  It is joining my cutting/bread board collection but it may become a fun St. Patrick’s Day decoration.  It too was a dollar.

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Vintage Collecting No. 8 ~ Flower Frogs

Welcome friends to Part 8 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting.

Now let me show you a few examples of flower frogs from my collection.

I fell in love with flower frogs when I was a little girl.  My mother had a large clear flower frog that she used in a crystal bowl to hold roses.  I thought her bouquets were so beautiful.  The flower frog above is like my Mother’s.

These frogs called hairpin flower frogs.  Trust me you don’t want to get anything except flowers near them or you will have a tangled mess.

These two frogs are of ceramic.

Someone glued this frog to the bottom of a bubble bowl I found at Goodwill.

This lovely flower frog vase has a mate.

I love to put them in the foyer with fresh flowers.

I found this leaf-shaped frog on ETSY.  It is one of my favorites.

My collection includes a couple of colorful glass flower frogs.

This type frog is a cage flower frog.  I keep one on my desk to hold an American flag.


Here are a few ways I’ve used my flower frogs for things other than holding flowers.

I used flower frogs to create a little Christmas Tree in the kitchen.

They are wonderful to hold items for display.

My husband’s school photo displayed in a flower frog is part of a Valentine’s Day vignette.

Thank you for joining me today.

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Vintage Fascination No. 130

Welcome to Vintage Fascination.  I am so happy that you are here today.

I have a few things to share with you this week.

This is an elegant vintage 3-strand crystal necklace with a lovely rhinestone clasp.  Graduated in size, the largest beads are in the center.  The original vintage hook clasp features a lovely decorative silver attachment which holds the three strands of beads. Each end has a bar of small clear rhinestones.  The choker adjusts from 13 to 16 inches.

The clip earring and the triple strand crystal choker made from decorative wide AB crystal beads of faceted glass are a set.

 “AB is the abbreviation for a special finish applied to rhinestones and beads in the early 1950’s to make them more radiant. The finish was given the celestial name Aurora Borealis, taken from the phenomena in the northern skies known as the Northern Lights”.  To learn more about this special finish applied to beads and rhinestone click here.

This mid-century souvenir bracelet from Washington DC consists of links portraying the five most famous Monuments.  The Monuments depicted are Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial. White House, and the Capitol.

Backed in dark blue each resin dome covers a gold 3-D Memorial portrayed and identified by name.  It is in good vintage condition.

Don’t you love this beautiful mixing bowl, made by Kobe Kitchen in Japan?  It’s a wonderful example of mid-century Japanese enamelware.  It has a decorative floral design of blue, yellow and orange flowers mingled with scrolling green vines.  I have plans for this bowl that I will share with you soon.

I just couldn’t resist this pretty handled cake plate.  It is joining my collection of platters and plates with pink flowers.  This cake plate does not have trademark making it harder to date but it is probably from the late forties or fifties.  My grandmother had similar ones that she received as premiums with gas or grocery items.’s

At an estate sale, I picked up six National Geographic magazines from January 1985 through June 1985.  The June 1985 issue cover is iconic.  The cover features a beautiful young Afghanistani woman and caption “Haunted eyes tell of an Afghan refugee’s fears”.   National Geographic magazine is well-known for its maps and most issues include a map.  At the same estate sale, I found 4 National Geographic map slipcases full of maps.  I will share them with you once I’ve gone through them.

That’s all for this week but come back next week to see what else I find.

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