Vintage Fascination No. 114

Welcome to the 114th edition of Vintage Fascination.  When you read this post I will be in South Florida visiting my younger daughter.

 I didn’t do a lot of thrifting last week since I was getting ready for my venture south; however, I have a few things to share.

This wooden bowl marked “Made in Occupied Japan” was a surprise find last week.  It is from the late 1940’s.  It has a small crack on the side but it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

 The items designated as “made in occupied Japan” were exports.

All packaged together was a sweet little tea set with a pine cone motif.  It was a bit of a mystery purchase because I couldn’t tell what pieces were in the package until I got it home and opened it.  Several pieces of the pretty little tea set are missing but it was just too pretty to pass up.


The remaining pieces of the tea set include teapot, creamer, sugar bowl with cover, four teacups, and three saucers. There is a larger plate has a repair.  Manufactured by Grantcrest of Japan this is a charming mid-20th-century toy tea set.

I walked away from this pretty hand embroidered dresser scarf (table runner) with crocheted blue edging because it had a hole near the middle.  Then I went back and grabbed it since a cute centerpiece or bowl would cover the little hole.  It has flower pots embroidered on it giving it a kind of outdoor vibe.  So I am going to use it on the table on my deck.

An adorable double handled baby cup was sitting right next to the Grantcrest toy tea set.  It was less than a dollar so you can see that I couldn’t pass it up.  Besides a new collection is beginning to take shape.

 It is Kirk Stieff pewter with a cow jumping over the moon on the bottom and clouds and stars on the side.  So sweet!

Thanks for joining me today.  Hoping the sun comes out soon here.

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Vintage Fascination No. 113

Welcome back to another edition of Vintage Fascination.

My daughter and I did a bit of thrifting last week and I want to show you what we found.

This wicker briefcase is from the 1960’s.  It has a leather handle and a leather strip across the bottom with little brass feet.  It has brass locks, but unfortunately, there isn’t a key.

 It is a very charming vintage piece.  The label reads Formez.

Yes, I found this thermos twice before.  One I sold and the other is in my collection but I bought this one anyway.  For now, there are two in my collection since they make such cute twins.

A Oneida Georgian Scroll silver-plate water pitcher was just sitting there on the shelf.  I picked it up and put it back, I picked it up I put it back.  Ok, you get the picture I was a little undecided.  Finally, I put it in my cart.  Then I decided to put it back on the shelf went around the corner changed my mind again and bought it.  Now I’m, glad I did.

I can’t believe that I found another Florida souvenir plate. This one is in vibrant colors with flowers and fruits on the border with little scenes from Florida.  The scenes are Cypress Gardens (now closed due to flood damage near Winter Haven), Silver Springs (State Park near Ocala), Singing Tower (Bok Tower Gardens – National Historic Site near Lake Whales), Marine Studios (Marineland near St. Augustine), Sunshine Skyway (Tampa Bay Bridge)and Miami Beach.  A couple of these I’ve never heard of so I did a bit of research and noted where they are in Florida.

Jewelry boxes that I find at the thrift store normally aren’t as nice as this one  The inside is pristine but the finish is dark and chipped.

 So a paint makeover is definitely in order.  It is large with lots of storage even little side doors for necklaces.  Now I just have to keep my daughter from claiming it.

Thanks for visiting today.

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Vintage Fascination No. 112

Thanks for joining me for this week’s vintage finds.

Thrifting is sooooo much fun, I just can’t help myself.

My fun find of the week is this Florida souvenir plate.  My daughter moved to Florida last summer so this is for her.  I think it is going to be adorable in her kitchen.

Cast iron receipt holders/spindles have been on my wanted list for a while.  Finding this set of two tickled me pink.  The larger spindle has a green ornate iron base.  It measures 6 1/2 inches in height with as 2 1/2 inch base marked “Made in USA”.  The smaller spindle is 5 1/4 inches tall with a bronze color base.

 I often pick up orphan creamers and sugar bowls when they are pretty and inexpensive.  My orphans are perfect receptacles for little bouquets, small house plants, pin cushions, candy dishes, etc.  All of which make adorable little gifts.  When I saw this orphan sugar bowl by Diana China Company of Germany.   Marked Registered US Pat., Rosalind with a small 20 in gold paint near the bottom rim.

This pretty creamer by Pope-Bosser China was very inexpensive so no way I could pass it up.   Marked “Made in USA” Clementine 1126 based on information I read on Ruby Lane my creamer is from the late 1920’s through the early 1930’s.

I love this vintage milk glass Jergen’s Lotion pump bottle.  It is decorated with delicate pink roses and gold stems.  It is a charming piece with a gold pump top.

Thanks for joining me today.

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Vintage Fascination No. 111

Welcome to another edition of Vintage Fascination.  So glad you stopped by today.

Since I’m closing my booth I’m not thrifting as much these days but…..

This charming tin is a basket style tin with handles and a Victorian scene on the top.  The graphics are beautiful in shades of pink with honeycomb covering the body of the tin.  The tin has no maker’s mark on it.

A True Value Hardware 1947 Dodge Canopy Delivery truck die-cast replica still in the original box is too good to pass up.  This ERTL 1/25 scale model truck collectible is only 18 years old issued in 1999 so not really vintage but with a lot of potential in vintage vignettes. It is a Limited Edition Metal Bank.  According to Wikipedia “The ERTL Company is an American toy company best known for its die-cast metal alloy collectible replicas (or scale models) of farm equipment and vehicles. The company based in Dyersville, Iowa, is home to the National Farm Toy Museum.”

Don’t you want to know what I plan to do with a dark blue speckled enamel ware roasting pan that is slightly rusty and crusty?  It is getting cleaned up then put to work on my deck as a planter this spring.  I can hardly wait.

This sweet little silver baby cup caught my eye.  This sweet little silver plated baby cup made by Oneida Community Silver is Tudor Plate.  This Oneida mark was in use from 1902 to 1935 (when Oneida changed its name to Oneida Ltd.).

I picked up this North Carolina souvenir tray for less than a dollar.  A few more of these state souvenir trays remain in my booth so they are coming home with me this week.  I am toying with the idea of hanging them on the wall in the stairwell to the basement.

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Vintage Fascination No. 110

Welcome back to a Friday edition of Vintage Fascination.  My friend Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction asked a question.  Do other folks go thrifting the week between Christmas and New Year?  Well, my answers is a resounding YES.

Here is what I found on my quick shopping adventure to two thrift stores.

Store Number One

The colors on this vintage first aid kit caught my eye before I even realized what it was.  It is an Industrial 25 Curity kit with hooks for hanging on the wall. It was made by the Kendall Company, Bauer & Black Division, Chicago, Illinois, Made in USA.

 Inside the top is a list of the contents.  The contents are no longer in the kit with the exception of two wood splints.

When I saw this faded pink tin on the shelf there was no resisting it.  It is a Louis Sherry Canco tin candy box, which would have been a lavender color, but faded to a pale pink over time.  It is oh so shabby chic.  Louis Sherry was a well-known restaurateur, caterer, confectioner, and hotelier. During prohibition, Sherry closed his restaurant and concentrated his efforts on candies and pastries, until his death in 1927.  The candy company is still in business today and their candy is still sold in lovely tins.

This is a chopping block plaque kit by Demis Manufacturing Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  They have been in the craft product business since 1975 and have since moved their operation to nearby Lithonia.  Based on the condition of the kit it is from the late 70’s or early 80’s.  I don’t intend to complete the kit as the instructions state but go with another idea I have.

Store Number Two

I see these crocheted tablecloths from time to time but they usually have stains that I’m afraid will not come out.   This one is in perfect condition.  It is round and approximately 60 inches in diameter.

Another find I just couldn’t resist is this pair of Laura Ashley pillow shams.   This lovely pair of pillow shams works well in a shabby chic or french country bedroom setting.   The tag reads the Laura Ashley Collection, A Revman Product, made in the U.S.A.  Laura Ashley is only one iconic brand that has been with Revman since the company’s founding in 1988.

Thank you for visiting!

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Vintage Fascination No. 109

Last week I dropped into one of my favorite thrift stores in between stops during some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Boy, I’m glad that I did.  Here’s what I found.

Loved this crusty bread box on sight.  The green graphic looks like the quilt squares that people paint on barns.  I’m not sure how I’m going to put it to use, but for now, it is joining my bread box and picnic basket collection in the sunroom.

Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spied this Wedgwood cup and saucer.  It is blue embossed ivy Queen’s Ware.  The bottom of each piece has the Wedgwood trademark printed in color.

Wedgwood starting using this circular mark in 1940 indicating that the piece is Wedgwood of Etruria & Barlaston Embossed Queen’s Ware, made in England.  They added a circled R in 1974 to show that the name Wedgwood is a registered trademark.  Since the circled R isn’t on my teacup or saucer it predates 1974.

Then on the same shelf, I saw this Anchor Hocking snack set still in the original box.  A while back, I went to a bridal shower where the hostess served us on a classic snack plate with a teacup.

It isn’t uncommon for a bridal shower or tea party hostess in the south to use these time-honored pressed glass sets.  The hostesses mother loaned her several sets for the shower. This grape motif Serva-Snack set appears to be unused.

 I couldn’t pass up these mid-century handmade pink crocheted drinking glass coasters.  Takes me back to simpler times when people sat on the porch with some lemonade or sweet ice tea with a little drinking glass coaster or doily slipped onto the glass to keep it from sweating on your hand or the furniture.

For 95 cents this wooden box with a French graphic just had to come home with me.  It is not vintage but such a bargain that I will find a use for it.

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Vintage Fascination No. 108

There hasn’t been a Vintage Fascination post in a while because I haven’t been thrifting much these days.  I don’t have a lot to share except for a couple of things that I just can’t wait to show you.

These vintage finds came from a little online shopping at Antique Flea Finds.

The other thing that I just couldn’t resist was this vintage French blue & white enamel house number 67 plaque sign.

There were several house plaques available but I picked this number because it has a personal meaning to me.

When I saw this vintage German stucco cherub angel head with gilded wings it was love at first sight.

She is so pretty and delicate.  You can hang her on the wall but I probably never will.

Antique Flea Finds

Isn’t she lovely?

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Vintage Fascination No. 107 ~ Better Homes and Gardens Home Decorating 1956

Welcome to the 107th edition of Vintage Fascination.


This week I have a special and fascinating vintage home decor book to share with you.


This special home decor book is Better Homes and Gardens, Decorating Book copyright 1956 published by Meredith Publishing.


So get ready for some mid-century decorating fun.


The title of the first chapter of the book gives fantastic advice for any era – “Decorate the way you live”.   Great advice for 1956 as well as 2016.  Don’t you love the lovely ladies presenting their type of decor?  Love it!!


Facts about color are timeless


but the illustrations are such fun.


Again pretty much timeless advice on furniture arrangement




There are sections on backgrounds (walls), flooring, lighting, windows, and accessories.


Since many of us live in small spaces there is a chapter on maximizing space.

Now some room photos.










Dining Room


Family Room



My favorite chapter is “Dollar Savers”.  It explores various ways of adding interest and beauty without spending a fortune, which reflects my philosophy on home decor.

I love this book because so much of the information relates to home decor for any time period.  The photos and illustrations are so much fun.  Finding this book made my week and sharing it with you makes it all the more special to me.  It’s a keeper.

This is my last weekly Vintage Fascination post but don’t despair, I will continue to post about my vintage finds just not on a weekly schedule, at least for a while.  

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Vintage Fascination No. 106

Welcome to the 106th edition of Vintage Fascination.


Come along with me to see the vintage and vintage inspired goodies I found this week.


Initially, I picked up this planter because of its neutral color.  When I flipped it over and saw the Hull trademark into the cart it went.  The price was a bit on the high side for a thrift store but it is in perfect condition for a mid-century piece.  Just a little history on Hull pottery.  A.E. Hull Pottery Company of Crooksville, Ohio founded in 1905 made decorative home goods including cookie jars, planters, vases, piggy banks and such.  They operated until 1986.  Hull items are highly collectible and mint condition pieces fetch a very good price.


This adorable vintage inspired Little Debbie snack jar looks new and in perfect condition.  I cannot find any information about it on it on-line.  It is clearly a promotional item but how you received one is a mystery.  If anyone knows anything about the Little Debbie’s snack jar, I would love to hear about it.


This little cedar chest tugged at my heart-strings as soon as I spotted it on the thrift store shelf.  I received one just like it when I graduated from high school.  The local furniture store presented all graduating seniors a little cedar chest.  Of course, there was a catch you received a post card and had to go to the store to receive the little cedar chest.  The furniture stores wanted the chance to sell you a full-size Lane chest. The presenting furniture store’s name is on the inside of the lid.  It was a beautiful little box for keepsakes, gloves, or jewelry.


This cedar chest was “Presented by Bert Maxwell Furn. Co., 479 Second Street, Macon Ga.  The little key that locks the box is missing.  By the way, I still have my little cedar chest and its key.  It holds mementos from my senior year of high school.


This green three-piece nesting enamelware canister set isn’t vintage but vintage inspired. As you can see it mixes well with my vintage jadeite.  I picked this set up to sell in the booth but I’m going to keep it for now since it does go so well with jadeite.  I still dream of a rustic weekend getaway place where vintage jadeite is the star of my kitchen.


I just couldn’t pass up this package of Gretna Collection paper dolls.  The paper dolls are not cut out but on full 8 1/2 by 11 inches.  They aren’t actually vintage but a late 20th-century reproduction.  I can already think of several projects for these paper dolls.  The graphics are lovely.  The set includes a heavyweight envelope to store the paper dolls.

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Vintage Fascination No. 105

Welcome to Vintage Fascination No. 105.  The weeks just keep rolling around in what seems like an increasing pace leading up to the Holidays.


  Thrifting time is short these days but I did manage to find a few things.


A 1970’s etched glass cocktail shaker caught my eye. It has a chrome top with a pour spout. The etched design is flowers and stems. I am always on the lookout for vintage bar cart necessities. So this cocktail shaker makes a nice addition to my vintage bar ware collection.  I found the vintage Libby glassware a couple of years ago.


This horsehair brush with a long wooden handle with nice patina is a drafting brush. My husband had one like it at his office that hung from the edge of his drafting table. I don’t know what became of it. It is used to brush away erasure debris from drawings.  It is about two feet long.  The drafting brush I found is in good vintage condition and it is a keeper,


Based on my research this milk glass cruet held bath oil. The cork stopper still smells like a lovely perfumed bath oil. Milk glass was very popular during the 1960’s as I can attest. My Mom had a very nice collection. This milk glass cruet is circa 1963 by Avon.


I am reasonably sure this is a Williams Sonoma stoneware cake mold.  Even though it is no longer available here is what their website says about their mold.  “Inspired by traditional molds for baking German gugelhupf, Polishbabka and American ring cakes, our pans capture their charming style in white-glazed stoneware. The durable clay absorbs and retains heat exceptionally well, so sponge, marble and poppyseed batters bake through to a tender crumb and a golden exterior. Embellished with high ridges and charming oval dots, the cakes require just a simple glaze or a dusting of powdered sugar for a perfect presentation.”  Now I will probably never bake a thing in this mold but I already have a Christmas project in mind using this stoneware mold.


This Taylor, Smith & Taylor floral cross stitch pattern handled cake plate is ivory stoneware and made in the USA. The cake plate is 11-inches in diameter (not including the handles) and has an embossed rope design around the inner rim.  The Taylor Smith & Taylor mark is on the back of the plate in green,

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