A Winter Wreath from A Spoonful of Imagination

As a member of the Atlanta Blogger’s group some special opportunities come my way.  Like the wonderful Gather and Grow Party with Carmen at Rhoda’s (Southern Hospitality) house back in December.  Later in December Erica of A Spoonful of Imagination threw out an opportunity to the Atlanta Bloggers to sample a new concept for a subscription to a monthly craft project that would be sent to you.  See all the details here.

Crafts_delivered-1024x583Spoonful of Imagination – The Tribe is Here

I let Erica know that I would like to participate and she sent me the most amazing box of craft supplies.


 There are enough supplies in the box to make several projects.  Included with the subscription is a link to a ” how to” video.

SOI feather wreath

So far I have only made the white feather wreath.  Erica’s video tutorial was excellent and she has a very engaging style.

SOI wreath 3

The wreath is hanging in the alcove of my master bedroom next to the secretary that displays some of my milk glass collection.

SOI wreath 2

The white wintry wreath is right around the corner from the Dream Tree.  No, I haven’t taken it down yet.  It is the only Christmas decoration I haven’t put away.  I love it so much that I am considering making it into a Valentine tree.

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A Snowman in the Kitchen

Wreath Post Feature Image

Today I am joining these 9 amazing bloggers to share some of our Christmas Wreath Ideas.

The idea for my Christmas wreath came to me while I was putting away some aluminum jello ring molds I found thrifting.  I had medium and small-sized ring molds in my stash and thought with a large mold for the bottom ring I could make a Christmas snowman wreath for my kitchen.  So I was on the lookout for a large ring mold.  Just when I was about to give up on finding a large ring there it was just waiting for me there on the shelf at Goodwill.  I was all set with ring molds in three sizes now all I had to do was wait until Christmas.


I needed a way to assemble and hang the snowman wreath.   Gluing the rings together didn’t seem like a good idea so I decided to punch holes in the rings and connect them with silver cord.  I made the holes with a nail and hammer using a magazine underneath to absorb the nail as it penetrated the ring.  The small and medium rings need a hole punched in the top and bottom.   The small ring needs a hole to place a hanger on the top and a connection on the bottom and the medium ring needs connections on both top and bottom.  Since the large ring only connects on the top side it needs only one hole punched.  You can also use a drill to make the holes, it’s probably safer.  If you use my method be extremely careful not to hurt yourself or others.


I used silver cord to tie the three rings together.

making connections

All Connected


I inserted a hanger through a hole on the top of the small ring and hung him on the kitchen door to the basement.  Time to dress Mr. Snowman.

Ready to dress

  I tied a red plaid scarf between the small and medium rings (sorta around Mr. Snowman’s neck)  I pulled the hanger through the top of a black watch hat.  Then I pulled the hat down on the small ring and added a sprig of holly.

Snowman Hat 2

What is Mr. Snowman missing?  Bells, he needs some bells to ring.  I tied three bells at varying lengths around the snowman’s neck.  I used red and white bakers twine to tie the bells on the snowman.


All done – so simple, quick and inexpensive.  The rings cost an average of a dollar each at thrift stores and the silver cord was $1.49 with the 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  Everything else I used in making Mr. Snowman came from my stash or closet.


The great thing about Mr. Snowman is that by changing his hat and scarf he can hang out in the kitchen all winter.

Please join in the fun and take the tour of all these great Christmas Wreath tutorials.

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Hope you found some Christmas Wreath inspiration with us today.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe holiday.

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Autumn Mantel

Don’t you just love when you wake up to the cool crisp autumn air?  It is my absolute favorite time of year.

  This year my huge tobacco drying basket is making an appearance on the mantel.  Since I will be changing this mantel to Halloween décor very soon I didn’t want it to be too involved.  So simplicity is the key and some of this will stay in place for Halloween.  Just a note the tobacco basket will not sit exactly straight.

Progress with the Pumpkins

While thrifting recently a double grapevine wreath backed with chicken wire caught my eye.  It was still in pretty good shape and so perfect for an autumn mantel.

tobacco basket

I planned to leave the pumpkins bare but I ran across a box of huge skeleton keys from Pottery Barn that I bought a long time ago and forgot.  So to dress up the pumpkins I tied on a couple of those big ole keys with a brown ribbon.

Key pumpkin

On the hearth I placed two galvanized buckets that I found at Wal-Mart for $10 each that strongly resemble an olive bucket minus the rust.  These two aren’t as big as my vintage olive buckets but they are very similar.  


I placed a small orange mum on my chair side table in the family room

orange mums 2

along with some fabric pumpkins.

fabric pumpkins


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Burlap Wreaths

Burlap Wreaths are my new obsession and Hobby Lobby has a great choice of burlap ribbon that works great for making them.

HL Burlap

I’ve only made a couple of burlap wreaths, but a bunch more I want to make and soon.  My first burlap wreath was for a Spring mantel and it featured a bird’s nest.  Later the bird’s nest was replaced by some spring flowers, but for the life of me I can’t find a picture.

Burlap Wreath

At Easter I switched out the spring flowers for a needlepoint rabbit that I’ve had for years.  Hope you can see it in this picture.

Easter Mantel

Ok ok, call me lazy but I also used the burlap wreath for my July 4th mantel by adding a few flags.

Fourth of July Burlap Wreathl

This wreath hangs in my kitchen.  It moves around a bit, but it is always in the kitchen.  Not really a burlap wreath only hung with burlap ribbon, but its my favorite so it had to be included here.

Kitchen Wreath

Then being the lazy being that I am, here it is dressed for July 4th.

Kitchen Flag Wreath

I bet that original burlap wreath will make another appearance come this fall.  Hope to see you again soon!



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Star Spangled Banner

Do you get a lump in your throat when you hear the Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game?   I always do no matter what.  It reminds me of those who have given their all so we can live in freedom and the inspiration for framing this flag.

 Framed American Flag

You can read the account of what Francis Scott Key witnessed on that night off the Maryland shore during the War of 1812 and the reason he wrote the poem that later became our National Anthem.



Fourth Of July


Here’s hoping that you and your loved ones have a safe and happy Fourth of July 2013.



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A Green Spring Mantel

You saw a small preview of my green Spring Mantel in my last post but here is the completed look.

Spring Mantel

I designed this mantel to work for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter since they are only a couple of weeks apart this year.   The silver champagne bucket and window were held over from Valentine’s Day.  There will be a little tweaking going on after St. Patrick’s Day to welcome Easter.

I popped a faux boxwood sphere into the top of the champagne bucket and displayed my Dixie Magnolia platter right beside it.

Spring CB

The burlap wreath I made is hanging in the middle layered over the window.  This was truly one of the easiest wreaths I have ever made.  No tutorial here since you can find a ton out in blogland.  I added a bird nest in honor of the season, but it almost gets lost in the burlap.


On the other side of the mantel I placed a metal ampersand that I found a Target last year and a faux boxwood topiary on top of a few green books.

Spring &

On the hearth a metal carryall basket corrals a few faux boxwood and grass spheres.  All the faux boxwood and grass spheres came from Hobby Lobby while they had their garden merchandise 30% off.

Spring Boxwoods

On the other side of the hearth I placed a basket of fresh greenery and a couple of lanterns to finish the look.

Spring Green

Hope you enjoyed seeing my Spring Mantel.

Spring Mantel



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Thrifty Valentine Wreath

Wreath complete

A few weeks ago I was shopping in Big Lots and saw some packages of hot pink fuzzy yarn for a dollar each.  The yarn reminded me of a Pinterest inspired Spring wreath I made last year http://pinterest.com/pin/54324739225291735/ .  So I decided this yarn and some Dollar Store goodies would make an adorable yet thrifty wreath.

I picked up a willow wreath and some heart picks at the Dollar Store.  Of course I picked up a few other items while I was there but thats a subject for another post.

Wreath supplies

I started by wrapping the willow wreath with the yarn.

  Wreath wrap

This part took the longest but I did it while watching one of my favorite TV shows.  Once the wreath was completely covered I tucked the end of the yarn inside the wreath and tied it.

Shake the wreath to fluff the yarnWreath before deco

Remove the picks from the hearts

Wreath hearts detached

and start gluing them to the wreath.

Wreath glue hearts

I found the wreath needed more color variation.  So I looked in my stash of Valentine decorations and found some red hearts picks I had purchased at the Dollar Store last year.   Once I glued all the hearts onto the wreath I was very happy with the results.   You could add a bunting to it or some bling, but I liked it simple.  Hope you like it too.  Not counting my stash from last year the wreath cost me $4.

Two packages of yarn $2 (about half a package left for future craftiness), willow wreath $1, and heart picks $1, now thats not bad.

Wreath complete



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