There was a time when houses had huge gardens. So children could be taken out to smell the flowers and nurture their plants. But with urbanization booming, there is a dwindling ground cover and the concept of gardens is slowly becoming a distant dream. But there are plenty of ways in which you can still squeeze in a little bit of green no matter where your house is located and no matter how small a house you own. If you did navigate here with the hope of finding ideas about decorating your home do not be confused as I am talking about gardening. Gardens have always been considered some of the most stunning ornate details of the house. Today in the modern homes without an actual garden space you can still bring the greens indoor. There are plenty of houseplants that are known to survive in low light conditions.

Benefits of using plants as décor elements in your home

  • Indoor plants are the type of décor accents that can instantly blend with any theme of interior design. So these are easy to add to any home.
  • There are plenty of plants that are known to purify the indoor air. There are plants that can remove the harmful chemicals released into the indoor air from cleaning products and certain appliances.

There are plenty of plants that have now been genetically modified to suit the different conditions under which they are nurtured. There are plants that have been nurtured to make caring for them simpler. There are drought-resistant plants, plants that can survive in shady conditions and those that are deemed hardy and easy to maintain. Take the early tulips for example. These are currently in trend in several parts of the world. These plants get their name because they tend to bloom early. So you get your tulips sooner that you get on a traditional tulip plant. So the fruits of your efforts can be reaped sooner than usual. This is one of the examples of easy to care plants that you can try. I try to add a green touch to all my projects and I love recycling. This is mainly because sustainability is the need of the hour. This is one main reason why I also love plants and I recommend using them wherever you can in your home. Besides all those eye-grabbing décor accents that you might add adding some green does the trick and makes your home feel more welcoming.