Ornament Exchange

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During holidays, one might have a wonderful time of the year to celebrate with girlfriends. You might have invited your best guests for tea party or cocktail party or cookie exchange. But it is the usual party conducted by everyone.so why not you try something new party this year? The great idea for this holiday season will be ornament exchange. Everyone gather together to enjoy the party and it will bring a lot of excitement and fun.

To host the ornament exchange don’t make it complicated. Probably it is one of the easiest party to plan forever. There are many options are provided on the website to celebrate the ornament exchange party and click here now to choose the best options to celebrate with your friends.

Party idea 1, Here the guests are asked to bring beautiful ornament wrapped which is under the decided budget. All the ornaments have to be placed on the table. Everyone is seated in the circle form around the ornament table. Now each person has to draw the number from the jar. The numbers in the jar depend upon the total number of guests.The person who takes the number 1 can take an ornament from the table and unwrap it. The person with the number 2 can select the ornament from the table or from the person with the number 1 and unwrap it. Like this, the game will go on and up to the specific number of limits the ornament can be taken. Then the party ends and the guest can take the ornament with them.

Party idea 2, The ornament in the party will be provided by the hostess. Different types of ornament can be selected and you wrap all the ornaments similarly. Now the game in the party is started same as that of in the party idea 1. At the end of the party, each guest will leave the party with the ornament selected by you.

Party idea 3 This party idea is like that of the cookie exchange. The small group of people about 4 to 8 only invited to attend the party. If the number of guests invited is 8 then each guest should bring about 8 ornaments within the specific budget without wrapping. Then the ornaments are exchanged from each person and all the guest can have 8 new ornaments at the end of the party.

What do you think about hosting the ornament exchange this year? It will be fun and gives excitement to each and every one.

pb inspired jingle bell napkin rings

When I saw the Jingle Bell napkin rings in the Pottery Barn catalogue I knew they would be charming with my Spode Christmas Tree China.Of course making the napkin rings is only part of the story.

Pottery Barn

Here are the original Pottery Barn Jingle Bell Napkin Rings.The supplies you need to make the napkin rings are a narrow black belt, silver bells, measuring tape, scissors, and glue.  Fortunately, I found a brand new black leather belt at the thrift store with the tags still attached.Measure and cut a six inch piece of the black belt.

The Christmas celebration needs a lot of hard work from all of us as we ought to decorate our houses in an enormous way to fascinate the guests. The jingle bells and Christmas stars must be hung at the corners of the houses so that we are able to feel the X-mas festival is nearing. Some people prepare those jingle bells at home with the materials bought from the stores. The QProfit System traders also quit their jobs for one day and participate in all these fun-filled celebrations.

Carefully glue the two ends cut piece of the belt together and place clamps over the seam.Once the glue sets you have a nice little leather napkin ring, now you can add the bell.  I used my hot glue gun to attach the bell.The place setting is for a casual family dinner of soup or stew made in the crock pot while your family is out Christmas shopping.  Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a nice hot bowl of soup or stew after a long day of shopping?I used a reproduction green mason jar to create a relaxed atmosphere for a casual family dinner.For this place setting I used a Spode Christmas Tree platter as a charger and topped it with a pasta bowl then instead of a place mat I used a wooden tray.

The flatware is also Spode Christmas Tree.  Yeah, I am a little obsessed.

simple Scrabble place card holder becomes special by adding a miniature bottle brush tree.

Speaking of bottle brush trees I fell in love with these three decorated ones at Hobby Lobby and at 50% off I couldn’t resist.

These Pottery Barn Inspired Jingle Bell napkin rings are quick and easy to make and just couldn’t be cuter.

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  1. Beverly Roderick says:

    The napkin rings are adorable! What a great knock off look. Your place settings are lovely.

  2. Diana Petrillo says:

    Love them Sharon! I’ve pinned this in hopes I can squeeze in time to make them sometime soon :)

  3. Kathleen says:

    I got an email today announcing PB had them back on stock. Who would pay that much for that napkin ring? Yours look great and I love your setting too!
    Love the flatware too?

  4. Winnie says:

    They look so beautiful and quite elegant
    Great job!

  5. Katherines Corner says:

    I love these , you jingle bell rocked them (wink) thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks. They were so easy to make.

  6. Laura Irion // Avery Street Design says:

    Too cute!!! There are three little certain someones in my house who would LOVE this. Thanks so much for linking up with Found & Foraged! Hope to see you back on Saturday. :)

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks! Be sure to share your post at The Southern Special on Tuesday going live at 7:00am.

  7. kylad2013 says:

    I love, love, love this project! I always need a DIY that is doable for anyone and THIS is it! And it looks great! Thank you so much for linking up at Found & Foraged! PINNED! Hope to see you again this Saturday night at 8PM at http://houseofhipsters.com


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happy halloween and a wrap-up

Happy Halloween!

Mantel half

I just returned from trick or treating with my grandson.  We went to church for trunk and treat and then went to a few neighbor houses.  He got more candy than should be legal for an eight year old to possess.

The 31 day writing challenge is over and I can’t say I’m sorry.  I had to think long and hard about participating this year.  In retrospect I think there was too much other stuff going on in my life and I wasn’t able to give anything my full attention.

Halloween celebration is one of the most important celebrations being celebrated every year in international countries. Everyone is busy at that time in their parties and they are all very eager to relish the parties with their Halloween things. The kids have dressed up as cute little pumpkins and the party is fulfilled with so many people especially kids and also the tasty, yummy and scrumptious varieties of foods to serve the guests. This is really awesome and all of them enjoy very well every year and it is really an unforgettable celebration for every one of us.

In Halloween party itself, some persons add up the Thanksgiving celebration too. Even in schools also the children are supposed to dress like Halloweens and surprise the other kids.

In recent times, this is trending in the large corporate companies and the employees are allowed to decorate their workplace wing for the party and they can come to the office with the Halloween costumes on that day. This is just to make them relaxed from the daily work pressure. Even the Crypto Code traders are also following this tradition and involve themselves in the parties.

I didn’t share near as many projects as planned but I have supplies to keep me busy for a while.

If you followed along through the whole 31 day challenge, I truly do appreciate it.

PB Inspired Spoon Shadow Box

Right before I sat down to write this post I opened an email from Beckie Farrant.  She is featuring my Pottery Barn Inspired Spoon Shadow Box  Monday, November 3rd on Knock Off Décor.  So be sure to check it out and send Beckie some love.




  1. Great wrap up, Sharon. I’m sure it’s a relief to not be tied to the pen. so to speak. Loved the vintage Christmas you snagged, btw. Those Santa mugs sure are cute, esp. when massed.

I love to hear what you think.

ttt week 13 vintage christmas goodies

Starting today I’m shorting my post title to TTT rather than Thursday Thrifty Treasure.  My post titles are just getting a bit too long.

Christmas shopping for my booth is fun and frustrating at the same time.  I’ve really been looking for some vintage Shiny Brite ornaments but just can’t lay my hands on any.

Christmas celebration is something very close to many people because there are lots and lots of purchases as the gifts have to be distributed to the friends and relatives. The stores will be usually filled up with countless persons and many novel gifts have been introduced in the stores. This is really a great moment to cherish. The public start saving the money they earned by trading with QProfit System for the marvelous Christmas celebrations.

Here’s some of what I’ve found so far.

Brite Star Tinsel

I’m ashamed to say what I paid for the Brite Star icicles.  I did a happy dance when I saw it and danced even more when a 29 cent sticker attached.  Is 29 cents too much?  Unfortunately, the elf is a new model from Hobby Lobby.

Art Deco Green Candle Holders

It is going to be hard to part with these art deco candle holders.  I’ve looked on eBay and Etsy and can’t find any like them so I can’t decide on a price for the pair.  Any suggestions?

Coca Cola Playing Cards

These Coca Cola playing cards in a tin are about 20 years old and they are still in their original cardboard sleeve.  I have a similar set from about the same time period.

Noel Elf

I love decorations that spell out Christmas sentiments so I couldn’t pass up these NOEL letters.  Scrabble letter sets of seasonal sentiments keep selling out in my booth.

Gold Open Scroll Ornaments

These gold open scroll ornaments came in a set of 8.  Several still had a tag dated 1998.  Is 16 years old considered vintage?

Angel & Dove Christmas Ornaments

I loved these decoupage angel and dove ornaments.  Oh so Shabby!

House ornament with doors

I’m not sure I can part with this ornament.

The windows slide open to show a fireplace, Christmas tree, and presents and on the bottom “On earth peace, good will toward men”.

These four Christmas mugs each with Santa in a different pose are from “The Cellar” at Macy’s and dated 1994.

This set is in perfect condition which is amazing for mugs sold in 1994

I saw an adorable Santa mug at Goodwill and when I picked it up to see the price on the bottom I saw “To Kathy from Allen and John, Christmas 1954″.  Ok, no way was I leaving it behind.

Collection of Santa Mugs

So another BWH collection was born.  I’ve collected seven Santa mugs to date and no these will not be going to the booth.  Can you tell which one is from “Allen and John”?  (It’s the one on the far right that shows red paint inside the top of the cup.)

The three small ones are my favorites.

Most of their red paint has chipped off but I love their expressions.

I can see now this elf is going to get into some trouble!

Please be sure to come back tomorrow when I am wrapping up my 31 Days of Quick and Easy Holiday Décor and More.  Whew!!!  If you don’t already subscribe to my blog be sure to sign up by e-mail on the right, so you will never miss a post.  Thank you for visiting.


  1. Diana Petrillo says:

    Hi Sharon–great Christmas goods–I never realized that the Santa mugs had different expressions! I never looked at them that closely, I guess. It’s hard to help price being from different areas and selling in different venues, but in the Albany area, those candle sticks would probably go for about $25-35 for the pair. I’d call them green depression glass with 22K gold trim.
    Hope that helps,

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks Diana. I think I’m going to price them around $25. It’s ok if they don’t sell because I really like them and would happily keep them.

  2. Cecilia MyThriftStoreAddiction says:

    Oh I love your Vintage Christmas finds! Fun! Blessings, Cecilia

  3. Melissa’s Antiques says:

    Love the santa mugs. I pick them up all year whenever I see them! The kneehugger is adorable! Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  4. Dawn says:

    Nice! I love the little house ornament.

  5. Joann @ Woman in Real Life says:

    Let’s please just say that 1998 is NOT vintage. Just for my own sanity. ;) Love the gold ornaments though. You got lots of amazing Christmas stuff. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

  6. AnnMarie says:

    Love your Santa mugs! I am so crazy for anything vintage Christmas! I wish 1998 were vintage but my son is 16 and so it is hard for me to make the connection!! On Etsy, it has to be 20 years old to be considered vintage….

  7. laura70inak says:

    Oh My Goodness! I lOVE SANTA MUGS and I have about 10 of them probably more, very hard for me NOT to buy them!! Great post I love Christmas thrifts the BEST!


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