Wreaths are perpetual ornaments to add to the door. Besides giving your guests a warm and refreshing welcome wreath also create plenty of positive vibes. Did you know where this tradition of hanging wreaths began?

  • According to some, the wreath is a symbol of victory and this concept is traced way back to the ancient Roman culture.
  • There are some who believe that the traditional green wreath with red berries symbolizes Jesus Christ. The green is a symbol of His Eternal love and the red denotes the blood he spilled to protect mankind.
  • There are plenty of other cultures that also believe that wreaths are symbols of eternity in general.

Whatever be your belief and whatever be the reason why you hang a wreath on your door, there are plenty of varieties of wreaths to explore. There are different varieties that you would find in the stores and when you decide to do one yourself then your creativity can give you one of the best ornate element to add to your front door. There are different ways to make a wreath and spring wreaths are some of the most colorful options among them all. Hanging a wreath on your front door is the most common way to integrate a wreath in your holiday d├ęcor at home. But there are plenty of other ways in which you can use these traditionally significant and aesthetically elegant elements in your home.

Upgrade your tablescape

If you look at my tablescape projects you would find that I incorporate few or more unique elements in all of them. This is my way of adding a personal touch to the tablescape instead of creating something that looks like it is done by a professional. Adding a wreath is another interesting way to give a new dimension to your tablescape.

Mirror on the wall

If you browse for pictures of wreaths you are sure to stumble upon at least a few of them that show wreaths hung above mirrors on the walls. This is a popular trend and you could easily incorporate it into your hallway.

Tiny ones on the window

If you have windows that get a lot of daylight hanging tiny wreaths on the window can make your room look cheerful. If you find fresh spring flowers for these miniature wreaths it looks even better. So if you are looking for ideas to make some unique spring wreaths, then have a peek at these wreaths.