Tablescaping is an art that is worth acquiring. Be it for the Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving dinner or for any occasion for that matter if you learn this art you can set your table like a pro.

You might have noticed that I have plenty of tablescape projects on my blog. This is because I love setting the table tailoring it to suit the occasion. After all, what better way to display the sumptuous platter we put together than to set a table that sets the mood. Here are some tips to help you master the art of tablescaping and thus set a table for all occasions, like a pro –

Seasonal elements never go out of style

Inspiration drawn from the season can never go wrong. No matter what the occasion is picked accents that relate to the season. This can also be used when you choose color schemes for the décor.

Incorporate a custom element

Add one or more accents or objects that focus on the person or the family that you are celebrating. This also gives something nice to chat about while eating.

Repurpose and reuse

Often you can create a masterpiece with what you already have at home. There is plenty of thrift store finds and recycled materials that you would find in most of my tablescape projects. These stand out and add that unique touch that every tablescape requires.

Add some lights

Lanterns, candles, pendant lights – the choices are plenty when it comes to picking lights. The lights you choose can create magic and make your tablescape look even better.

Vintage charm is a no-fail approach

Adding some vintage elements like saying burlap or decoupage on a mason jar for some twinkle lights are all simple examples of how you can add a vintage charm to your décor. Choosing vintage elements never fails when it comes to tablescape projects.

Centerpiece steals the show

There should be an eye-grabbing centerpiece that acts as the anchor of the whole setup. This is, in fact, the element that would make or break the entire look. If you pick the right centerpiece then building the whole theme around it would be simple.

Now that you have learned how to give your tablescape an upgrade, here are some ideas for adding a Halloween touch. You can check blog topics on Halloween tablescape ideas for more cool ways to set your table for the Halloween.