If you are putting together a list of cookies and cakes recipes that you definitely must learn, do not forget to add Snickerdoodles to the list. It is no news that this one is popular and that it has been popular for ages. There are many who often confuse Snickerdoodles with sugar cookies. But these are both classic cookie recipes that any beginner should learn. And then you would have a no-fail dish to add to your Holiday menu.

What is a Snickerdoodle?

This is another simple cookie that calls for very few ingredients and an easy preparation process. There are flour, sugar, and butter or oil used to make these cookies. Cream of tartar is also used as a leavening agent. Both in the US and Canada, these cookies are very popular. And today even in other parts of the world, people who hear about this recipe have started to fall in love with this soft and chewy cookie recipe.

Why is it confused with sugar cookies and how are they different?

It is mainly because of the similar list of ingredients that sugar cookies and Snickerdoodles are confused. Cream of tartar is one thing that sets apart Snickerdoodles from sugar cookies. Add the right amount of cream of tartar and you get that perfect chewy texture. In most of the cookies, the crunchy nature is imparted from the formation of the sugar crystals. As the cream of tartar prevents this process the chewy texture is retained making it different from the other similar cookie recipes.

Here are some tips to get your Snickerdoodles right, every single time –

  • Do not choose to use a shortcut by picking shortening instead of butter. There are just a handful of ingredients you need for this recipe and every single one has a role to play to give the desired results. Butter’s flavor is simply irreplaceable in this recipe.
  • Though you might already know this trick I would like to remind you again – make sure that your eggs (if you choose to add eggs) and butter are at room temperature. This is very important for getting the texture of the cookie right.
  • If you ask any experienced baker you would hear about the magic that your hand does to the cookies. You heard that right when you try such classic cookie recipes make use of your hands to mix the dough instead of an electric mixer. And make sure that you do not need too much.