Of course, the pink Christmas tree is back again this year but it has a different look.  Tulle surrounds the tree on the bottom making the tree look like it is floating on a pink cloud.

Bringing out the festive mood is an art and you need to put little effort into organizing things for the Christmas celebrations.  If you wish to have a theme based on different color concepts, apart from red, you can also choose the pink one since it will also add some rich look for your decorations at your home.  A pink Christmas tree, pink curtains, all the other decorations even the table cloth if it is pink, it brings a fine touch to your decorations and also enhances your festive mood.

After decorating your house, and you want to organize a grand party to enjoy the Christmas Eve, see here some tips to plan for the Christmas party so that you can have a great time with your friends and family, and have fun and enjoyment.

  • Select the date on which you are going to organize the party. Ask your friends and relatives when it will be convenient for them either the daytime or in the evening and it depends upon the majority so that you can choose a particular date in which almost everyone is available.  If it is a Sunday, it is the perfect one for others too.
  • The location or the spot of your party may be at your home or at some other restaurants with the party hall which will bring some festive essence to the party. When you go for a rental, book the party hall which offers at a reasonable price.
  • You can also organize the party at home so that you can also showcase your decorative talents for the Christmas Eve. Select the appropriate theme for the Christmas and the party as well.  When you want to follow traditional vintage celebrations, try to decorate your hour house with the traditional collections for Christmas.
  • After selecting a theme, invite your friends and relatives, some special guest from your workplace so that each and everyone will join in your Christmas party.
  • Make the necessary arrangements at your home to accommodate the number of people you have invited. Shop some useful gifts for the guest and the children so that they can also feel special.  But make sure all is within your budget limit and never exceed the limit in organizing a grand party.
  • One of the important things in the party is having some delicious foods, drinks, and cakes. Arrange the best menu in which each and everyone like to taste it.  Depending on your theme, you can add some traditional foodstuff so that many people love to explore and taste the foods.
  • Always, plan ahead of the event so that you can avail discounts and offers as well you can also avoid last minute preparations.

I found an adorable round pink tablecloth with huge pom-pom edging for the table where the tree sits.  The ETSY seller stated that the tablecloth is from the 1950s.  It is in wonderful vintage condition.