The spices used in the kitchen is stored in the spice rack. We use a number of spices and for this different kind of spice rack is available in the market such as free-standing, spice rack with adjustable shelves, some to hang from a door or wall. In order to organize or display the spice racks, first you have to list out the spices what you have.

It is good to store the spices in cool and the dark place. Direct fall of the sunlight or the heat is avoided to prolong the shelf life of the spices. Mostly the spices are stored in the cupboard, drawer, on the wall or the door and on the counter. The spices used often should be limited while using the counter. The storage space of the spices depends upon the need of the space.

The arrangement of the spice racks can be done based on the alphabet or group based on the usage. Keep the spices such as pepper, red flakes, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, etc. close at the hand for cooking. These type of spices can be grouped together and arranged in the spice rack. The dried herbs and the spices used for the ethnic cuisines and the spice mixes can be grouped separately.

Different types of the spice rack are available in the market nowadays. Spice racks have different size and shapes. Some spice racks with the expandable shelves are also available as it can fit into the available space . The magnetic strips or the door mounted spice rack can be used for the storage of spices in the cabinet . To occupy the vertical space , the turntables and the tired shelves can be used. If you have the shortage of the space use hanging racks mounted on the wall. While using drawer you have to use the divider to keep the jar upright.

The spice rack display in the kitchen will be pleasing if you see it here with the clear spice jar which has the same size and shapes. Use the recycled glass jars as that of the baby small food jar. You can display the containers of the spice rack by labeling so that you can identify the spices easily. The label can be placed on the top of the lid of the container when it can be viewed from the top. If you are using the spice rack in the staggered form or tired shelves or tilted racks then the label should be placed on the sides of the container.