Ways to Protect Yourself from the Biggest Credit Card Scams


The credit card technology get improved as the time changes .as there is benefits in the changing ,there also increase of the fraudsters and also the identity thieves. They are having more developed tools now which is powerful than before. But they find this protective measure make their job harder. There are number of ways to protect you from the identity theft for the credit card scam. Now we will discuss about the credit card scams we are facing now.

1. Credit card skimming

Several people get affected by the credit card skimming within few days. This type of scam is due to the illegal skimming device is designed as such to read the information on the credit card which is installed on the card reader. It is mainly taking place in the public places such as petrol pumps and the ATMs.

The solution for this problem is to use the chip enabled card which gives the security from the scam. It will not completely protect you from the theft. The skimming device is designed now to read the chip cards as it have the magnetic stripe still now which paves the way for the scam. Again the solution for this is you have to keep an eye on your account and every transaction. If any illegal transaction you have noticed means immediately contact your card issuer and cancel the card.

2. Phone scam

The tactics of the phone scam is different and they tend to be in urgent and trustworthy to fork sensitive information. Due to the modern technology development, the fraudsters can spoof the phone numbers of the respectable person and they will request them to pay. It is therefore important to guard when you are speaking to a call.

The solution for this is that very one should know that no one will be asking your payment over the phone by the government agencies or any bank.

3. Phishing

The fraudulent email is called as the phishing and this email is sent to the person to extract the personal information which is sensitive, for example security numbers, password, payment details, etc. The phishing email seems to be a legitimate websites and the victims enter into the personal information. Email may be regarding an issue with your credit card and in that email they will be giving the instruction to log into your account or it will be deactivated.

The solution for this problem is not to enter any sensitive information which is not safe. If find any trouble you can get the help from the customer support.