Delray Beach is found to be located in the United State called Florida, Palm Beach Country. Nearly one million visitors are attracted by the sandy shore of the Delray Beach. It is called the coastal city and near to this Beach many natural attracting places called the Wakodahatchee wetlands, Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and the Sandoway House Nature Centre is present. Everglades is found to be present in the opposite of South Florida . It is a place where it has the collaboration of wildlife and the wetland and it is not found elsewhere in the earth.

The nickname of the Delray Beach is ‘Village by the sea’ found between the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. It is famous for the collection of shopping, arts, resorts and the residential areas where it protects the beauty of South Florida. Everglade covers about 11,000 square miles where it protects the number of endangered species, encompasses the mangrove marshes, cypress forests, and the prairies. Everglades contains a mixture of the saltwater and freshwater, unlike any place on the earth where we can find this both the alligators and the crocodiles.

More than 500 billion gallons of drinking water is conserved in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Nearly 140 species of birds are attracted by the wetlands and it is considered as the slice of Everglade, where visitors can see all the things here also. Delray Beach is mainly attracted by nature which covers the area about 24.5 acres. Large oak trees are mingled with the palm warblers and songbirds are found here. Visitors can experience the beauty of nature in the Morikami museum and the Japanese garden. Tea ceremonies are conducted every month in this center and also schools and the organizations perform the educational program. For the public, the traditional festival of the Japanese celebrated several times.

In Sandoway House Nature Centre, an aquarium of about 15,000-gallon unit with three sharks, collection of shells, shark jaws and the fossils are found. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge is present near to the Delray Beach which covers 221 square miles. Alligator, birds and other species also present where the visitors can go for the vacation.