Simple Sunday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Simple Sunday and hope you all remembered to spring forward an hour last night.

I don’t have a project to share this week but a trip my daughter and I made to Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta this weekend.  If you aren’t familiar with Scott’s they have three markets.  The markets are in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Atlanta Expo Center on the second weekend of every month, Columbus, Ohio, at the Ohio State Fairgrounds November through March on specific weekends, and Washington Court House, Ohio, at the Fayette County Fairgrounds specific weekends.  See their website for details.

There are two large buildings filled with fine antiques, silver, rugs, and art but my favorite shopping is outside the south building.  It is where I make most of my purchases.

Lots of great architectural items in this area.

There were bins and bins of all types of salvaged metal pieces.

I loved these lanterns but couldn’t find anyone to give me a price.

This is my heart’s desire in a window, well almost.  I’ve been looking for a window something like this one but not exactly.  These were a tad on the expensive side and like I said not exactly what I have in mind.

A plane photo bombed this picture.

I didn’t make very many photos inside but this booth of floral arrangements always catches my attention when I go to Scotts.

They have some funky art and unusual items such as a glammed up dinosaur.   (This photo was mostly for my grandson who loves dinosaurs.  He was appalled that anyone would do this to a perfectly good dinosaur.)

Love this bicycle wheel upcycle as a hair bow display/keeper.

This brush and mirror caught my eye.  The vendor was originally asking $50. So do you think I bought it?  Come back for Vintage Fascination to see if I did.

Thanks for dropping by today!

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  1. a very interesting place.

  2. You have a pin it button Sharon! So I pinned it. Yes, this is an interesting place. Would love to get my hands on some of that salvage. No I wouldn’t pay $50 for the mirrors, but that’s just me. I’m a cheapskate!

  3. Oooh, what a fun place to go!

  4. Love those vintage mirrors but thought price bit high. Makes me miss 2 big flea mkts. in San Diego on every weekend. Really hot walking around on asphalt in summer but most of time worth it. Just hope people have bathed, worn clean clothes and especially deodorant, lol.
    Never thought would miss San Diego but do miss those huge flea mkts. Nothing like that here. No antiques shows ever either, dud place. Sure do miss MT and KY for great shopping places and prices. Maybe next time we go to see oldest boy in San Diego we can go to flea mkt at sports arena.
    I was drooling over pieces I saw at Scotts in architectural area. What fun to cruise around looking and hoping to find just the right piece.
    Hope you had good time perusing all the goodies. Good time to go to Scotts before it’s too humid and hot. How far do you to go to get there? Hubs and I used to go down to great place just before Nashville to shop and other times all over KY, antique shops everywhere.
    Have wonderful week.

  5. What a fun trip, Sharon–thanks for taking us along!

  6. um, I would have talked the vendor into the tray also—and sold it for 35-40$ on etsy. That would have made the mirrors the perfect price…very pretty. Amazing salvage—, wish I lived closer, Sandi

  7. Jann Olson says:

    I love walking around places that have fabulous architectural salvage! Often they are on the pricey side, but fun to look at! Love the doors, windows, and lanterns. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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