Hanging Garden Tool Rack and Planter

Is it a Hanging Garden Tool Rack or a Planter?

Well, take your pick because it is really both a storage solution for your garden tools and supplies but also it can double as a planter.

Here are the supplies for today’s project.  I knew there was an oval white enamel container with black trim in my thrift store stash.  It recently served as the container from my grandson’s Easter basket.  So I had to ask him if I could have it back but he didn’t mind because all the goodies it held were long gone.

First, I considered drilling holes in the bottom of the container for the hooks to hold the gardening tools but decided that magnetic hooks would work just as well.  I already had a trip to Wal-Mart planned so I added magnetic hooks to my list.

 The white enamel container looked a bit plain so while I was out at Wal-Mart I dropped by Hobby Lobby to pick up some letters to add a garden adage to the front of the container.  I picked simple and to the point GROW.

My gardening tools are a bit old and well used so I picked up some new ones for the photos and some cool new gloves came home with me too.


Hanging Garden Tool Rack and Planter Cost

Thrift Store Enamel Container $2.00

Wal-Mart Magnetic Hooks $1.97

Hobby Lobby Letters $2.40

Dollar Store Garden Tools & Gloves $3.00

Ikea Faux Plants, seed packs, peat pots, and plant markers from my stash


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At Last My Hydrangea Is Blooming Amazing Blue

Last year my one and only hydrangea did not bloom at all but I don’t know why.  So this year I was hoping for better or just some results from my efforts.

Hydrangea title

Just to be sure I was doing the things needed to grow beautiful hydrangeas I did a bit of research.  Here is what I found at Get.Smarter.com

Single hydrangea flower

Hydrangeas thrive in rich, moist, well-drained soil. Light preferences depend on the variety, but, in general, hydrangeas prefer full sun with some afternoon shade. The best time to plant hydrangeas is after the last frost in the spring or in the fall. In the first couple of years, water hydrangeas frequently to help the plant develop strong roots. For some varieties, the pH level of the soil affects the color of the flowers: more acidic soil yields blue flowers and more alkaline soil results in pink flowers. Add lime to make the soil more alkaline, or add acid-based fertilizers or acid-rich organic material, such as coffee grounds or egg shells, to make the flowers blue. Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs or vines that are resistant to both pests and diseases. The most common variety is the big leaf hydrangea, which has large leaves and showy flowers in big, rounded clusters.”

Amazing Blue Hydrangea

She is looking pretty good so far this year and I am hoping to get lots of these amazing blue blooms until the fall.

Hydrangea so sweet

So pretty.

Hydrangea new flower bud

It has a lot of blooms!

Baby bloom

Itty bitty blossom.

Hydrangea turning blue

This blossom should turn blue in a few more days.

Dried Hydrangea

Then in the fall I plan to dry as many blossoms as my sweet bush produces.  These are blossoms I dried from my hydrangea’s first year.


I’m so excited that I will have hydrangeas for bouquets this summer.   This was the first bloom my hydrangea produced its first year.


Since they do better if planted early spring after the last frost or fall,  I need to wait to get a few more hydrangeas.   Now that my hydrangea is blooming I am itching to plant more.



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Hydrangea single wc


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