Welcome Spring Link Party

Welcome Spring! We’re celebrating warmer weather and blooming flowers with a group of our blogging friends. You’re invited to share your springtime posts with us from March 19 through April 19. 

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Meet the co-hosts of our Welcome Spring Link Party

Beverly – Across the BoulevardLaurie – My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies

Michelle – Our Crafty Mom Carol – Comfort Springs

Lynda – Reviews. Chews, and How-TosShirley – Intelligent Domestications

T’onna – Sew Crafty Crochet • Sharon – The Blue Willow House

Sherry – Olives & OkraGail – Purple Hues and Me

Joann – Our Unschooling JourneyMichele – Coastal Bohemian

Marci – Stone Cottage AdventuresKristin – Peppermints & Cherries

Erlene – My Pinterventures Donna – Two Chicks & a Mom

Julie – Sum of Their Stories

Each co-host will be sharing a springtime post to kick off the party. You’ll find their links first in the Link Up below. Please visit their links and check out their posts. You’re sure to find lots of inspiration!

Quick as a Wink Spring Wreath

Please visit my Quick as a Wink Spring Wreath post and let me know what you think.

You’re invited to share any spring related posts: Crafts, Decor, Activities, Gardening, Recipes & More. If it’s a way to celebrate spring, we’d love to have you share it with us! We’re looking forward to seeing your springtime creativity!

All of the co-hosts are sharing a Welcome Spring Link Party features post on April 23, so be sure to check back.

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Dollar Store Craft Challenge ~ A Spring Banner and Moss Wreath

Today, I’m joining a few blogging friends for a Dollar Store Craft Challenge.

Dollar Store

You know I love a Dollar Store project so I set off to pick up my supplies.  When I saw the pretty blue seed packets an idea sprang to mind.  So I quickly looked around the store for the other supplies needed to make a banner and small moss wreath for my dining room.

Twelve flower seed packets, pink jute twine, green foam wreath form, and 2 packages of Reindeer Moss were all I needed from the Dollar Store.

The banner is very simple.  I clipped the seed packets to the pink jute with some small clothespins from my stash.

The moss wreath wasn’t difficult just a little time-consuming.  I used my glue gun to adhere the moss to the green foam wreath using the following steps:

Apply the glue to the wreath form in a one by a two-inch patch.

Then select enough moss to cover the glue patch.

Apply the moss to the wreath one patch at a time.

When the glue cooled enough to touch I took my hand and squeezed around the wreath form to ensure the moss adhered consistently.

The moss covers the front of the wreath quite well but the moss on the back is a bit thinner so that the wreath lies flat.

Once happy with the wreath’s moss coverage glue a jute hangar to the back for displaying on a window or door.

I am very happy with how the banner and wreath turned out

and there is a bonus.  These seeds can be planted for even more enjoyment throughout the summer.

Total Spent for the March Dollar Store Challenge

Banner $5 ($4 for seed packets and $1 for the pink jute)

Moss Wreath $3 ($2 for the reindeer moss and $1 for the foam wreath form)

For a total of $8, I made both Spring projects.

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Dollar Store Craft Challenge ~ A Spring Banner and Moss Wreath

Thank you for joining me today and be sure to visit all my friends below for more March Dollar Store Challenge inspiration.  It is amazing what you can do with so little.



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How I Caught the Vintage Collecting Bug

Please join me today to hear How I Caught the Vintage Collecting Bug as part of the Fantastic Fifty Fall Blog Hop.  I am excited to be a part of this wonderful group of bloggers.

I love the vintage look and always had a few vintage goodies as decorative pieces around my house.  My early collection is items I inherited from my grandmother and my mother.  My grandmother is really the one who gave me vintage bug when she gifted me with her antique dough bowl.  She used it to make biscuits from the early 1920’s when she married my grandfather.  I’ve had it since the 1980’s and it is still my prize possession to this day.

Even though she gave me the vintage bug I didn’t get into real vintage collecting until I was well into my 50’s.  Before that I was busy raising two daughters with my I sweet husband.  .

Then in 2012 my life took a hard turn in May when I lost my husband to cancer.  As he and I planned before his death, I retired in December of that same year.  By then I had discovered blogs and knew I wanted to share my love of vintage and thrifting.

Blue Willow House became a reality in 2013.  My first post is about a vintage brass bar cart I found at one of my favorite thrift stores for $35.

Thrifting, collecting and sharing is a way of life for me since that first post.

Vintage Collecting bug

I can’t think of anything that makes happier that a great vintage find at a good price.  At this point in my life I am wise enough to know what makes me happy and follow that path.

My Philosophy

Getting older is a fact of life but being old is a choice and I choose not to be old.

Don’t forget to check out what the other Fantastic Fifties bloggers are sharing today.

A Vintage Charm Christmas ~ Four Precious Christmas Angels

They are just four little Christmas angels so how could they mean so much.  I am going to share their journey with you.


Don’t we all have a Christmas traditions or two?  For me, the Christmas angels are my timeless tradition.


The four charming angels were my mother’s.  They always played a big part in our Christmas décor when I was growing up. The angels were our family’s Christmas tradition.


 We moved a lot while I was growing up.  My Dad was a construction engineer for a growing electric company and we followed him when he got transferred to build a new electric plant.  Every Christmas the angels were carefully packed away but came out no matter where we were every Christmas.


She displayed them in the living room on a table with a blanket of snow.  She believed in angels and she fostered that belief in me.


When she passed away the angels came to stay with me until I pass them on to one of my daughters who I hope will cherish them as much as I do.


She bought them to decorate the tiny two-room apartment that she and my Dad rented in an older home.  They had gotten married in October and this was their first Christmas together.  The year was 1950.


Being newly married she didn’t have much money to spend and they most likely came from the dime store.


Do you remember the dime store or the five and ten?  I think my age is showing.  You can faintly see Japan in blue letters on the bottom.


They are not fine porcelain or china but nothing could be more precious to me than these four little Christmas angels.

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Don’t forget that the Vintage Charm party opens at 8:00am EST Thursday, December 8th, we would love to see you there to share some of your Christmas inspiration!


Top 5 Things to Look For at Yard Sales This Year

five yard sale title

The top five things to look for at yard sales this year are my “most wanted” list and it might not be your top five but if you are vintage lover like me I bet some of our wants are the same.

No. 1

Vintage Ladders

Vintage wooden ladders are number one on my list this summer.

Red Ladder

 I like to use them myself and they sell like crazy in my booth.  


Right now I am using that vintage red ladder with makeshift white shelves as display piece in my booth.  Several people have tried to buy it including one other vendor who wanted both the ladder and the shelves.  Wonder what her plans were for my lovely red ladder.  So I know I can sell them if I can just find them.

Ladder Christmas Tree

We had a ladder Christmas tree in 2014 and my grandkids absolutely loved it.

Kodak X45 on ladder

After Christmas it stayed on in my family room as a display shelf.

No. 2

Vintage Outdoor Bits and Pieces

This group includes vintage picnic baskets, tennis rackets (with press), croquet sets, fishing reels, and thermos.  I included thermos here because I want to find the larger jug type thermos and the thermos packs like folks took to football games and such.

Aladdin Thermos

Never mind the cow, she is just along for the photo-op.

My picnic baskets1

I buy picnic baskets both for myself

Picnic Time

and  to sell.  This one got a makeover before it went to the booth.

Wooden Tennis Rackets

These vintage wooden rackets are in my grandson’s room.

Wooden Tennis Racket

My favorite vintage tennis racket find was the one above that not only had the press but an adorable red plaid cover too.  It was a quick seller in my booth.

Croquet Set

The partial vintage croquet set satisfied my appetite for a while but now the hunt is on to find a complete vintage set.

No. 3

Vintage Fishing Equipment

My booth needs some mantiques so what better than fishing equipment.

pink reelSource

Fishing reels are high on my “most wanted” list this year.   Ok, ok this one is not exactly a mantique but really what are the odds of e finding a pink fishing reel?  Trust me, if I find one its mine.

reel bakelite handleSource

Actually I looking for some more like this vintage Penn Peer fishing reel No. 209, made in USA with a red Bakelite handle.

Minnow Bucket Star

Even though reels are high on my list I would also buy minnow buckets,

fishing luresSource

vintage fishing bobbers and

Fishing lures in shadow boxSource

vintage fishing lures.


Who could resist a vintage creel?  Not me.

No. 4

Vintage Christmas Decor

Summer may just be the best time to look for Christmas Decor ans I always keep and eye out for it.  Just last week I scored vintage Christmas decor at the thrift store.  You can read about it in VF No. 79 Christmas In April.

McKee Tom and Jerry Eggnog Cups

These McKee Tom and Jerry eggnog mugs need the matching bowl.  I will be looking for one this year but will be very lucky to find something so specific.  Usually you just have to keep and open mind.

Shiny Brite Green Box

Shiny Brite are my favorite vintage ornaments

Favorite Shiny Brite 4

to find but I try to keep an eye out for any vintage ornaments.

Woolworth's Aqua Ornaments

So when I found these aqua ornaments from Woolworth’s I had to take them home with me.

Santa 2

This vintage Christmas planter and bottle brush tree are the kinds of things I’ll be looking for this year.  I love them and they are quick sellers during the Christmas season at my booth.

Santa Mugs and Elf

Vintage Santa mugs and knee huggers are always a great find.   This knee hugger isn’t vintage but a very good reproduction.

Few Bottle Brush trees

Vintage Pulz houses are also a great find.  This one needed a little home remodeling when I found it but it had all the missing parts with it.  So with a little glue it is good as new again.


Vintage blow molds are also on my “wanted list”  this year.out

Another post you might enjoy: How to Decorate for Christmas Vintage Style.

No. 5

Ironstone and China

Ironstone has moved down on my list because it is a bit pricey now and my personal collection is overflowing.  I recently thinned out my collection by taking some things to my booth.

White Ironstone Creamer Tree

I took some ironstone platters and some of these ironstone creamers.

White Ironstone Platters

Most have already sold.  So I will keep an eye out for more platters which sell well.

Place Setting

By collecting Johnson Brothers Regency pattern (swirls) over the years I have finally accumulated enough to serve eight.  See my Vintage Style Easter Tablescape.  It is ironstone and it mixes well with almost any other pattern or style.

Desert Rose Tablescape 3

I love to do tablescapes and you don’t need a whole set of dishes to do that.  When I did the Franciscan Desert Rose Tablescape I had four dinner plates.

Haviland B&B Plates

There are four of these Johann Haviland bread and butter plates and I’m planning a tablescape with them soon.   

Note:  I didn’t share five individual things but categories of things I’m looking for this year.

Thank you for visiting!



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2015 Ornament Exchange Link Party

Friday Thrifty Treasures will return next week because the Holidays are here and it’s time to celebrate!

Ornament Exchange Link PartyWelcome to the first 2015 Holiday Ornament Exchange!

Want to see all the amazing ornaments we have shared?

We are linking up all of our ornaments in the link below so everyone can see all the beautiful handmade and/or store bought goodies we came up with!

Let’s all get inspired this season!

The Hosts of the Exchange~Ornament Exchange Hosts

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We want to see your ornament tutorials too! Show us your creations by adding your post to the party below! Please add only ornament tutorials to the party.  Party opens at midnight tonight.  

Thank you!

An InLinkz Link-up

2015 Christmas Ornament Exchange – A Waterless Snow Globe

Welcome to the 2015 Ornament Exchange! Erlene at My Pinterventures partnered 80+ bloggers to exchange ornaments and we are sharing our creations or special finds with you!  Through November 13th we are sharing our ornament tutorials or shopping trips. Then on November 14th come back here to the link party for everyone to share their Holiday ornament tutorial or shopping adventure and to see all the ornaments in the 2015 Ornament Exchange. 


When I received my exchange partner Bobbie St. Clair at From This To That, I couldn’t wait to see if she was a vintage loving girl like me.  Well she is, so I pondered what to do.  Do I buy and ornament or make one?  

I decided to make a waterless snow globe.

Completed Ornament3

Here’s how I did it:

Ornament Supplies

Supply List:

  • Small Glass Jar (jelly jar from Fortnum and Mason)
  • Gold spray paint (on hand from another project)
  • Mini bottle brush trees (Hobby Lobby)
  • Small reindeer figure (Hobby Lobby)
  • Snow (on hand from last Christmas)
  • Santa bell (Hobby Lobby)
  • Hammer 
  • Small nail

Spray Paint & top


  1. Spray paint top of jar gold set aside to dry
  2. Glue the reindeer to the bottom of the jar 
  3. Glue the bottle brush trees to the bottom of the jar
  4. Sprinkle in some snow flakes 
  5. Place a dot of glue on the back of the jar
  6. Starting at the dot of glue wrapping red and white twine around jar top
  7. Place another dot of glue in back to secure the twine when finished wrapping
  8. Tie on the Santa bell
  9. Use the hammer and small nail to make two small holes in jar top
  10. Thread twine through the holes and tie inside the jar lid to make a hanger
  11. Put the top on the jar and done

Making this ornament was quick and easy.  My favorite kind of project.  I’m going to make a few more for the booth.

Santa Bell

 Now I’m hoping that Bobbie St. Clair likes it.

Don’t forget to come back here on November 14th to share your Christmas ornament tutorials or shopping adventure and to see all the ornaments in the 2015 Ornament Exchange link party.



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Fate of The Southern Special

Peachy Lovelyness

The Southern Special party is being discontinued.  I didn’t take part as a hostess for very long but I enjoyed it a great deal.  The party gave me exposure to bloggers that I probably would not have met otherwise.  Thank you to everyone who participated especially the many of you who linked up your inspiring posts faithfully each week.

Vintage Blue Royal Typewriter

I’ve guest co-hosted before but never realized all that goes into a successful party.  Many ideas are swirling around in my head and I may be back with another party in the future which is targeted toward my vintage, thrifting, recycling and repurposing niche.

Mossy pinecones

I chose features from the last party in December.  You can see them here.

Blue Willow House Treasures

 For now I intend to work my antique mall booth more and I’m still considering opening an Etsy shop to increase the exposure of my vintage finds.  Quite a few venders in my mall also have Etsy shops.

Baby Ben

Now I will have just a little more time to thrift and

Tulip love

make pretty pictures.  In my book that’s not a bad thing.

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The Southern Special Week 37 Features

We didn’t have the party this week but I wanted to share a few things that caught my eye this week.  My features are Christmas related since we won’t be back until after the first of the year.

Christmas Laundry Collage FrostPanoply

wintertablechristmasjadeite 020My Thrift Store Addiction

ornament collage2Across the Blvd

It's a DYI Kind of Christmas coverAdirondack Girl @Heart

25HolidayRecipes-1024x1024Brittany’s Pantry 

Rosette-CookiesTumbleweed Contessa

Frosted-Sugar-Cookies-with-PeppermintsDreaming of Leaving

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My Favorite Three Christmas Blog Hops & Linky Parties

There were a lot of great blog hops and linky parties during Christmas this year.  Here are my favorite three.


The Tumbleweed Contessa Holiday Best linky is a great party to share your recipes and crafts through Christmas Day.


The Vintage Merry Christmas blog hop starts at Hey, What’s for Dinner Mom and continues on to Adirondack Girl @ Heart, Deanie’s Stash, A Little Bit of Everything, and Random Anny.

Creating Christas Image_thumb[8]_thumb[1]

At the Creating Christmas party each day a different blogger shares their Creating Christmas theme and themed linky party.

Shabby Story 
Thoughts from Alice
 My Thrift Store Addiction
Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson
Art and Sand

Hope you have time to take a look at some of these fantastic holiday posts.

Please be sure to come back soon.  If you don’t already subscribe to my blog be sure to sign up by e-mail on the right or the Hello Bar at the top.  That way you will never miss a post.  Thank you for visiting.



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