Vintage Fascination No. 122

Welcome back to another edition of Vintage Fascination.  This find is from a couple of months ago but I am just now getting it unpacked and ready for use.

As my daughter and I walked into our local Goodwill I spotted a huge lot of milk glass in the display case.  I hustled over to check it out.  It is a luncheon service for eight with lots of extras to go with it in Imperial Glass’s  Vintage Grape pattern. The price was good and it was senior day with 25% off so how could I not take all this milk glass goodness home with me.

 Imperial Glass Corporation founded in 1901 was located in Bellaire, Ohio.  It became a subsidiary of Lenox, Inc., in 1973 and sold to Arthur R. Lorch in 1981 eventually going bankrupt in 1984.  Imperial Glass produced this pattern from 1950 until 1980.

First up are the luncheon plates with an all over grape pattern.  The plates are 8 inches wide.  The bread and butter plates are identical to the luncheon plates but only 6 3/4 inches wide.  With an all over pattern, they are simply stunning.

The saucers have an embossed grape leaf in the center

and the footed cups are so sweet.

The set includes eight Champagne/Tall Sherbet glasses.  Won’t they be perfect to serve something pretty and pink?

The set also includes eight 5 3/8 inch water goblets.

The extras include:

 Quarter Pound Covered Butter Dish

16-ounce Pitcher

Footed Creamer and  Open Sugar

 Salt and Pepper Shakers

Pickle Dish

Fruit Bowl

I wonder if originally the set included dinner plates or maybe it was always just a luncheon set.  I can’t wait to do a tablescape with these dishes so be looking for it soon.

By purchasing the set, each piece cost me less than fifty cents.   Of course, my daughters just roll their eyes at me and remind me that I already have too many dishes and it’s true.

Thank you for visiting today and come back soon!

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Vintage Fascination No. 121

Welcome back for another edition of Vintage Fascination.  Yes, I missed the last week with my fun giveaway of an Aladdin Heritage Plaid Lunch kit.  If you entered the winner’s name is at the end of this post.

My daughter and I went thrifting last week and here is what I couldn’t come home without.

Couldn’t pass up this nice deep round basket with leather handles.  It probably isn’t vintage but I never leave behind a nice basket with great storage potential at a good price.

This pretty Knowles platter is joining my collection of pink themed platters. It features pink and white dogwood blossoms with taupe stems and leaves.

The pattern is Blossom Time.  Most Knowles dinnerware has a date code under their back stamp, where the first two numbers show the year of production.  So this platter made in the USA is from 1951. The Knowles factory was in West Virginia but closed in 1963.

My bedroom is undergoing a few changes and I am looking for white/neutral decor.  When I saw this kitschy white cat and kitten planter I just couldn’t resist.  I found two like it on ETSY for $12 but I paid about a dollar for mine at Goodwill.  It doesn’t have a maker’s mark that I can research but it is probably from the 60’s or 70’s.  Not sure how I’m going to use it in my bedroom, any suggestions?

While I was looking around I saw this sweet little Dutch boy and girl figurine.  I put in my cart thinking I probably wouldn’t buy it but it came home with me.  So it is joining my blue and white collection.  It does not have a trademark or country of origin.

You should never ever pass up a nice wooden cutting board in the thrift store.  They are a fraction of the cost you would pay regular retail.  Most of my wooden cutting boards are decor only but you can clean them up and use them too.

Drum Roll

The winner of the Aladdin Heritage Plaid Lunch Kit is Chelle and I have notified her via e-mail.

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Vintage Fascination No. 117

Welcome to the 117th edition of Vintage Fascination.

Here is what I found this week.

You know that blue and white always catches my eye.  So when I spotted this little blue and white souvenir plate for a Georgia landmark, I just had to get it.  It commemorates Meadow Garden the Augusta home of George Walton (1749–1804), one of Georgia’s three signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

 He served Georgia as a Governor, Chief Justice, and as a United States Senator.  He lived at Meadow Garden from 1791 until his death in 1804.

Even though these are not truly vintage, I just couldn’t resist the two matching sets of Hallmark turkey salt and pepper shakers.  I don’t think they have ever been used and are still in the original box.

Mixed in with the flatware, I found a silver plated candle snuffer.

 The trademark is the Silver Guild – Kirk’s LTD, Toledo Works Sheffield, England.  The trademark indicates that it is from the mid 20th century.  The candle snuffer is A1 silver plate made in England.  English electroplaters used letter codes for plated wares to show the quality of plating.  A1 is the highest quality silver plating.

A miniature painting resembling a Currier and Ives lithograph came home with me.  After some research, I determined the inspiration for this little painting is an 1868 Currier & Ives lithograph named American Homestead Winter.  The little painting is very appealing and in a nice frame.  The frame may need a slight makeover.

I fell in love with this patriotic red, white and blue brooch.  It is a wonderful vintage find.  This charming enamel brooch is about three inches wide.  It is from the 1960’s.  My Mom had a similar brooch made in shades of green.

Thank you for joining me today!

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Simple Sunday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Simple Sunday and hope you all remembered to spring forward an hour last night.

I don’t have a project to share this week but a trip my daughter and I made to Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta this weekend.  If you aren’t familiar with Scott’s they have three markets.  The markets are in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Atlanta Expo Center on the second weekend of every month, Columbus, Ohio, at the Ohio State Fairgrounds November through March on specific weekends, and Washington Court House, Ohio, at the Fayette County Fairgrounds specific weekends.  See their website for details.

There are two large buildings filled with fine antiques, silver, rugs, and art but my favorite shopping is outside the south building.  It is where I make most of my purchases.

Lots of great architectural items in this area.

There were bins and bins of all types of salvaged metal pieces.

I loved these lanterns but couldn’t find anyone to give me a price.

This is my heart’s desire in a window, well almost.  I’ve been looking for a window something like this one but not exactly.  These were a tad on the expensive side and like I said not exactly what I have in mind.

A plane photo bombed this picture.

I didn’t make very many photos inside but this booth of floral arrangements always catches my attention when I go to Scotts.

They have some funky art and unusual items such as a glammed up dinosaur.   (This photo was mostly for my grandson who loves dinosaurs.  He was appalled that anyone would do this to a perfectly good dinosaur.)

Love this bicycle wheel upcycle as a hair bow display/keeper.

This brush and mirror caught my eye.  The vendor was originally asking $50. So do you think I bought it?  Come back for Vintage Fascination to see if I did.

Thanks for dropping by today!

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Vintage Fascination No. 113

Welcome back to another edition of Vintage Fascination.

My daughter and I did a bit of thrifting last week and I want to show you what we found.

This wicker briefcase is from the 1960’s.  It has a leather handle and a leather strip across the bottom with little brass feet.  It has brass locks, but unfortunately, there isn’t a key.

 It is a very charming vintage piece.  The label reads Formez.

Yes, I found this thermos twice before.  One I sold and the other is in my collection but I bought this one anyway.  For now, there are two in my collection since they make such cute twins.

A Oneida Georgian Scroll silver-plate water pitcher was just sitting there on the shelf.  I picked it up and put it back, I picked it up I put it back.  Ok, you get the picture I was a little undecided.  Finally, I put it in my cart.  Then I decided to put it back on the shelf went around the corner changed my mind again and bought it.  Now I’m, glad I did.

I can’t believe that I found another Florida souvenir plate. This one is in vibrant colors with flowers and fruits on the border with little scenes from Florida.  The scenes are Cypress Gardens (now closed due to flood damage near Winter Haven), Silver Springs (State Park near Ocala), Singing Tower (Bok Tower Gardens – National Historic Site near Lake Whales), Marine Studios (Marineland near St. Augustine), Sunshine Skyway (Tampa Bay Bridge)and Miami Beach.  A couple of these I’ve never heard of so I did a bit of research and noted where they are in Florida.

Jewelry boxes that I find at the thrift store normally aren’t as nice as this one  The inside is pristine but the finish is dark and chipped.

 So a paint makeover is definitely in order.  It is large with lots of storage even little side doors for necklaces.  Now I just have to keep my daughter from claiming it.

Thanks for visiting today.

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My Favorite Vintage Finds in 2016

These are my favorite finds from last year.


Vintage Children’s Books


Vintage Valentines


Vintage Shawnee Planter


Vintage McKee Tom and Jerry Mugs


Vintage Metal Picnic Basket


Vintage Paint By Number Canvas


Vintage Coleman Enamelware Dish and Flatware Set


Vintage Tool Box and Folding Ruler


Vintage Perpetual Calendar


Vintage Cosmo Magazine


Vintage Christmas Tablecloth


Vintage German Cherub

Thank you for following along on my vintage adventures.  I enjoy researching my vintage finds but most of all I enjoy unearthing them and sharing them with you.   



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Vintage Fascination No. 110

Welcome back to a Friday edition of Vintage Fascination.  My friend Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction asked a question.  Do other folks go thrifting the week between Christmas and New Year?  Well, my answers is a resounding YES.

Here is what I found on my quick shopping adventure to two thrift stores.

Store Number One

The colors on this vintage first aid kit caught my eye before I even realized what it was.  It is an Industrial 25 Curity kit with hooks for hanging on the wall. It was made by the Kendall Company, Bauer & Black Division, Chicago, Illinois, Made in USA.

 Inside the top is a list of the contents.  The contents are no longer in the kit with the exception of two wood splints.

When I saw this faded pink tin on the shelf there was no resisting it.  It is a Louis Sherry Canco tin candy box, which would have been a lavender color, but faded to a pale pink over time.  It is oh so shabby chic.  Louis Sherry was a well-known restaurateur, caterer, confectioner, and hotelier. During prohibition, Sherry closed his restaurant and concentrated his efforts on candies and pastries, until his death in 1927.  The candy company is still in business today and their candy is still sold in lovely tins.

This is a chopping block plaque kit by Demis Manufacturing Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  They have been in the craft product business since 1975 and have since moved their operation to nearby Lithonia.  Based on the condition of the kit it is from the late 70’s or early 80’s.  I don’t intend to complete the kit as the instructions state but go with another idea I have.

Store Number Two

I see these crocheted tablecloths from time to time but they usually have stains that I’m afraid will not come out.   This one is in perfect condition.  It is round and approximately 60 inches in diameter.

Another find I just couldn’t resist is this pair of Laura Ashley pillow shams.   This lovely pair of pillow shams works well in a shabby chic or french country bedroom setting.   The tag reads the Laura Ashley Collection, A Revman Product, made in the U.S.A.  Laura Ashley is only one iconic brand that has been with Revman since the company’s founding in 1988.

Thank you for visiting!

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Top Five Posts of 2016

At the beginning of the new year, it is sometimes eye-opening to look back and see what your top posts were.  It helps to see what people really like to see on your blog.  Based on my top posts I will be making a few changes this year.  Nothing major just a little shift in focus.

Here they are in reverse order:

Number Five

How I Made an Easter Centerpiece with Vintage Finds

 Number 4

 Get a Jump Start on Spring Projects Now

Number 3

Vintage Collecting: What I Collect

Number 2

FTT Week 66 – Vintage and Thrifty Finds

Number 1

Top Five Things to Look for at Yard Sales This Year

To see how I did with my list of things to buy at yard sales see Most Popular Post of 2016.

Maybe there is a correlation because all five of these posts are favorites of mine.  I’ll share a few more of my favorite posts soon.

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Thank you for visiting!



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Most Popular Post of 2016

Some years I am completely surprised by the most popular post of the year.  This year I was not surprised at all.

Top 5 Things to Look For at Yard Sales This Year

This post was part of a blog hop that included 14 bloggers.

So here is the update on what I did buy throughout the summer and fall at yard and estate sales and my favorite thrift stores.

Vintage Ladders

 I did pick up a couple of wooden ladders that went straight to my booth.  Since they went straight to the booth I don’t have any photos of them.  Speaking of my booth, sadly I am closing it at the end of January.  When new owners took over I wanted to give it time to see how things went.  They made some improvements but overall I’m just not happy there anymore.  So I’ve decided to open an Etsy shop.  More about the new Etsy shop later.

This red ladder is in my booth so I will be bringing it home.  It is a keeper.  I envision several uses for it over the next few years.

No. 2

Vintage Outdoor Bits and Pieces

A few picnic baskets made their way home with me.  Some went to the booth while others joined my collection.

This picnic basket is in my stash awaiting a makeover.

A picnic jug was a fun find to add to my thermos collection.

Another great find was this Coleman enamel ware camping set

with matching flatware.

I always pick vintage tennis rackets with a brace and this one has a bonus – a vintage cover.

No. 3

Vintage Fishing Equipment

Here is where I failed.  Epically!  I didn’t buy any vintage fishing equipment but it is still on my radar and I did find a couple of reels in my garage that belonged to my late husband.

No. 4

Vintage Christmas Decor

This group is where I scored the most finds.

At an estate sale I picked up a bunch of Shiny Brites and

bubble light strings with


There were also several strings of vintage Christmas lights and bulbs.

A cool mid-century round tablecloth made its way home with me from one sale.

Two candle holders made in Japan and

a Santa planter were excellent Christmas finds.

A vintage Disney Merry Christmas snow globe made my grandkids very happy.

My very favorite vintage Christmas find was this apron. that cost me less than a dollar.

No. 5

Ironstone and China

Britain Castles ironstone fits right in with all my blue and white dishes.

A pretty tea set that I cannot part with made it into my china cabinet.

Currier and Ives Rocky Mountain by Royal China went to the booth and sold quickly.

Pretty platter and a pink depression glass bowl were excellent finds.  I kept the platter and took the bowl to the booth.  It has not sold.  Depression glass isn’t as popular a collectible as it once was.

I fell in love with this pretty ironstone pitcher the moment I saw it.

Another pretty platter

and a sandwich plate with a cross stitch pattern joined my collection.

Clearly, I cannot pass up dishes decorated with pink.  There were several more ironstone and china purchases along the way.  I figured you had seen enough.

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Top 5 Things to Look For at Yard Sales This Year



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Vintage Fascination No. 109

Last week I dropped into one of my favorite thrift stores in between stops during some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Boy, I’m glad that I did.  Here’s what I found.

Loved this crusty bread box on sight.  The green graphic looks like the quilt squares that people paint on barns.  I’m not sure how I’m going to put it to use, but for now, it is joining my bread box and picnic basket collection in the sunroom.

Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spied this Wedgwood cup and saucer.  It is blue embossed ivy Queen’s Ware.  The bottom of each piece has the Wedgwood trademark printed in color.

Wedgwood starting using this circular mark in 1940 indicating that the piece is Wedgwood of Etruria & Barlaston Embossed Queen’s Ware, made in England.  They added a circled R in 1974 to show that the name Wedgwood is a registered trademark.  Since the circled R isn’t on my teacup or saucer it predates 1974.

Then on the same shelf, I saw this Anchor Hocking snack set still in the original box.  A while back, I went to a bridal shower where the hostess served us on a classic snack plate with a teacup.

It isn’t uncommon for a bridal shower or tea party hostess in the south to use these time-honored pressed glass sets.  The hostesses mother loaned her several sets for the shower. This grape motif Serva-Snack set appears to be unused.

 I couldn’t pass up these mid-century handmade pink crocheted drinking glass coasters.  Takes me back to simpler times when people sat on the porch with some lemonade or sweet ice tea with a little drinking glass coaster or doily slipped onto the glass to keep it from sweating on your hand or the furniture.

For 95 cents this wooden box with a French graphic just had to come home with me.  It is not vintage but such a bargain that I will find a use for it.

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