Junky Christmas Tree, Oh Junky Christmas Trees

Junky Christmas Tree, Oh Junky Christmas Trees how I love thee.

  While visiting the thrift store this week I spotted a group of glass globes stacked on each other and thought how they looked like a little frosted Christmas tree.

It was a light bulb moment for me and I tried different combinations of glass globes to make my tree.  Here are the four globes for my Christmas tree.   The four glass globes, graduated in size, were half price so a thrifty project too.

This one has little tree like shapes around the bottom of the globe.

The glass globes I picked are all frosted glass and look like a flocked Christmas tree.  Once stacked I had to decide if I wanted to glue the glass globes together.  Yes, it would make it more stable but I like the idea of being able to use them for another project.  Plus with the glass globes apart they are easier to store.  So no glue for me, but if you want more stability you can certainly glue the globes together.

Now, for a topper.  I went through my vintage brooches looking for a star or snowflake.  No luck but I remembered a set of Christmas clear bubble lights I found thrifting a while back and they make the perfect topper.

They needed a little something more.  I found some tiny tinsel in my stash and wrapped it around the neck.

I love my Junky Christmas Tree so much that a trio of trees seems like a good idea.  Four glass globes from a ceiling fan I took down a few years ago that were ghosts in a past life are now transformed into two small Christmas trees.

A Trio of Junky Christmas Trees!

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  1. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Gold star for imagination and special creativity. Love these and wonderful reuse for ceiling fan globes or whatever they were used for. Awesome Sharon. Love bubble lights for toppers. I love the frosted glass, perfect for the trees. Imagine you have your home all prettied up for Christmas.
    Think am pretty much done on ours.Got a 4 ft. faux tree at Family $ Saturday night, finally got it up,decorated tonight. Had to dig a table out of shed for tree,been digging in other shed for
    decorations.Time to weed out give to thrift store things haven’t used in few years.
    Why do I keep buying Christmas decorations?Especially picks on sale at Michaels and HL?
    Do you find yourself doing that?
    Now to gather up,go thru all I didn’t use,groan. Will be glad to get so much stuff out of shed.
    Will have to wait til Wed.as youngest grand daughter playing violin in school orchestra tomorrow night,not about to miss that.
    Have wonderful week Sharon.

  2. This is a really clever idea. I use the old round clear ceiling globes in different patterns at Halloween, glue pumpkin stems to the round ends and set them in a group with a string of twinkle lights around and up in the globes. I just love the shine coming through; it looks like an ethereal pumpkin patch. I used orange lights one year. I also have three in white with a swirl pattern that look fabulous, too.
    I’ve always looked at the shades in the thrift store, wondering what to do with them and love your idea.

  3. Very clever and cute, Sharon! I have a nested handblown glass ornament that looks like those – it’s a graduated bell, dangly. So, those could easily go from trees to bells to ghosts. 🙂

  4. These are absolutely beautiful! For years I have been using the shades upturned to put votive/tealight candles in. A colored glass candleholder makes them extra pretty. Some day I would like enough craft projects off my kitchen table to run a row of them down the table! My fave is a Victorian-looking one with frosted designs. Would also make lovely fairy lights in a tree or on the patio. I sprayed 2 new ones with turquoise glass paint, added jute around the rim and glued on several shells for a beachy vibe. I expect to see your shades in another vignette; not glueing them was an excellent idea!

  5. Sharon, so clever & a beautiful repurpose of those globes I see at thrift stores all the time! Pinned!

  6. Laurene Shewan says:

    Sharon, so gosh darn cute and a good recycling project. Merry Christmas.

  7. Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home} says:

    These are adorable! I remember my mother having lamps with similar globes. Just FYI, after re-subscribing via email recently (because I was no longer getting your posts) I’m still not receiving anything. Found you today at Coastal Charm party.
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  8. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    I was so impressed with them from the start but when you let them up, well that was when they stole my heart! Merry Christmas !!

  9. So clever and creative! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  10. Sharon

    Love! So creative and beautiful! Thank you for visiting the party,

    Merry Christmas friend and beautiful blogger!


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