Pottery Barn Inspired Sled Serving Tray

Pottery Barn’s Sled Serving Tray is a-dor-able but at$119 a bit more than I want to spend on a seasonal serving piece.

PB Sled Serving Tray 3Pottery Barn

Think I can find a sled to convert to a tray that would be a-dor-able too?   I think I can.  Hobby Lobby must have known what I needed because there it sat on one of their Christmas aisles and it was 40% off (no coupon needed)!

PB Inspired Sled

As you can see the Hobby Lobby sled has a red-painted finish and the Pottery Barn Sled has a wood finish but what says Christmas more than red?  So I am leaving my Sled Tray red, at least for now.

PB Inspired Sled Tray 5

PB Inspired Sled Tray 4

PB Inspired Sled Tray 3

PB Inspired Sled Tray 2

PB Inspired Serving Sled

Sure I’m jumping over Halloween and Thanksgiving with this post but I just couldn’t wait to show you what I found.  When I find great stuff that you might like, I want to let you know right away so you can run on out and get yourself one too!

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  1. We don’t have a hobby lobby yet but I love the sled in that shade of red!! It does look great as a serving piece!

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