Thrifty Valentine Wreath

Wreath complete

A few weeks ago I was shopping in Big Lots and saw some packages of hot pink fuzzy yarn for a dollar each.  The yarn reminded me of a Pinterest inspired Spring wreath I made last year .  So I decided this yarn and some Dollar Store goodies would make an adorable yet thrifty wreath.

I picked up a willow wreath and some heart picks at the Dollar Store.  Of course I picked up a few other items while I was there but thats a subject for another post.

Wreath supplies

I started by wrapping the willow wreath with the yarn.

  Wreath wrap

This part took the longest but I did it while watching one of my favorite TV shows.  Once the wreath was completely covered I tucked the end of the yarn inside the wreath and tied it.

Shake the wreath to fluff the yarnWreath before deco

Remove the picks from the hearts

Wreath hearts detached

and start gluing them to the wreath.

Wreath glue hearts

I found the wreath needed more color variation.  So I looked in my stash of Valentine decorations and found some red hearts picks I had purchased at the Dollar Store last year.   Once I glued all the hearts onto the wreath I was very happy with the results.   You could add a bunting to it or some bling, but I liked it simple.  Hope you like it too.  Not counting my stash from last year the wreath cost me $4.

Two packages of yarn $2 (about half a package left for future craftiness), willow wreath $1, and heart picks $1, now thats not bad.

Wreath complete



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