Vintage Collecting No. 7 ~ White Ironstone Platters

Today I’m sharing a few platters from my white ironstone platter collection with you.

I just never seem to be able to leave a nice white ironstone platter behind.  Some of my collection sold in my antique booth but many platters are still in my collection.

This ironstone platter is very special to me since it is in the shape of a leaf.  It is back stamped “Japan” with no other marking.

This platter is Fiesta by Homer Laughlin made in the USA.  It has the round embossed marking, so it is a newer piece.

This plain white English ironstone platter is a bit wonky

but this trademark dates the platter to the early 1880’s so it’s entitled to be a bit wonky.

This platter has a trademark but it is so faded I cannot read it.  It is pretty with a scallop design and lots of crazing.

This is a Buffalo restaurant ware platter.  It is heavy and feels like a workhorse. The markings on the bottom of the platter are Buffalo China, USA, a star (asterisk), and the number 72 so it is from the first quarter of 1972 based on Buffalo’s dating scheme.

This platter is Johnson Brothers Athena pattern, made in England.

This platter is White Dover Ironstone made in the USA.

This white ironstone platter in the Snowhite Regency pattern by Johnson Brothers was a happy find.  I have enough of this ironstone pattern to use every day.

Some of it is older like this platter but other pieces are newer and marked dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.  Johnson Brothers produced this white ironstone pattern from 1960 until 2003.

When I saw this tiny platter by Homer Laughlin I had to get it.  It is restaurant ware for serving a side dish.  It would look pretty grouped with other white platters on a wall.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my white ironstone platters.   Platters aren’t as plentiful as they were at one time, but I still enjoy looking for them.

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  1. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Oh my Sharon, I would love to have any of those wonderful platters. White ironstone is just not to be found here unless a person gets very lucky at a yard sale or thrift store. Antique stores here have horrendous prices, at lest for my budget.
    Am happy for you to live in area where you can still find the real treasures as you appreciate your wonderful finds. Enjoy them for those of us who can’t find them or afford them, lol.
    I do have some vintage flowered platters I enjoy on my plate rack hubs made for me in KY. Plus have a pretty wire plate rack from KY for couple more pretty flowered platters. They seem to make me happy to look at and enjoy, what more can I ask for?
    Have wonderful week

  2. Loved seeing your ironstone platters Sharon, such a lovely collection. I have a large one hanging over my bed with two smaller plates on each side, and I have three of graduated sizes hanging in a column in my guest room. I especially love them against a wall with color (purple–my room and French blue–the guest room). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Oh, how I love vintage ironstone. I have several of the platters, too, Sharon. You’ve got a nice, usable collection. I recognized the WV Fiesta right away. 😉

  4. What a nice collection. Thanks for sharing. Ironstone is not in abundance here so when I do see some, I usually snap them up. I love the versatility of ironstone. Nice collection.

  5. You have a lovely collection, Sharon! I love the Snowhite Recency pattern especially!

  6. Beautiful platters. I wish I saw more of it at my antique stores. The white is so practical.

  7. I LOVE white Ironstone. Such a lovely collection you have of platters. I enjoy looking at others collection and your identification was very useful

  8. Jann Olson says:

    Very beautiful! I never run across ironstone platters. I bought a box of Ironstone once and there was one platter in it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Sharon, you have so many beautiful collections and I love your ironstone planters. You will be missed hosting Vintage Charm, but I’m glad to have you link up! Hugs, Cecilia

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