Ella Mae’s corner of the dining room is where the extra chairs moved when the bench for my bedroom did not work out and moved to the dining room.   Decked out in a few ornaments Ella Mae is as pretty as the pink bird on her shoulder, and the gold heart-shaped ornament is where her heart would be.

I would like to suggest some DIY tips to decorate your house which I felt easy and more convenient way to decorate for the next Christmas season where your kids love to enjoy and praise your decorations as I received overwhelming responses from my family members and relatives.  Let us see some DIY tips to decorate your house though you may find a great post to read, this one will be the better one for you which offers good suggestions and tips on the ways and items to be included in your decorations.

When you want to decorate your Christmas tree, try to include some ornamental items as well as glittering items which will attract the eyes of the people and also adds beauty and elegant look for your Christmas tree.  Deck your house and Christmas tree with new creative ideas as well as based on the different themes too.

There are many people who love to decorate their houses with new different as well as with unique themes along with a message.  If you want to adopt some themes like winter seasons with snow falling Christmas tree with miniature lights, it will be one of the good ideas to be considered.  Or else if you want to have any fresh ideas, there are millions of ideas and creative concepts available on the net in which you can search before a couple of weeks so that you can plan for the Christmas celebrations accordingly.

Add your decorations with silver and copper utensils either in the living rooms or in the dining hall which will create an elegant atmosphere.  Many people love to decorate their houses with different colour candles, but be sure; it should not create any hazards to your family members and others.  To be on the safest side, buy some artificial candles for the year so that you can use it for the next year too.  Candle lights not only brings unique lighting atmosphere but also adds beauty to your decorations.

Many stars and different hangings are available in the stores which you can make use of it to decorate your house on your own.  You did not require any special person to arrange all these; you can do it on your own since it is easy and convenient to make the lighting setup.

Apart from all these decorations, you can change the curtains, table cloth, seasonal flowers etc. based on the themes as I did so that it will add some beauty to your house.  After finishing all your decorations on your own, rejoice with the family members and have fun.  But allocate the time a week before for the decorations so that you can avoid last minute rush.

Not to be outdone Lacy is wearing a skirt of lighted garland with a pink tulle belt and flower.