Vintage Collecting No. 9 ~ Jadeite

  Welcome friends to Part 9 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting ~ Jadeite.

My Jadeite collection is not huge by any means but I enjoy it, especially adding to it.  Most of it is vintage but I do have a few reproduction pieces.

Six salad plates in Fire King Jane Ray pattern and a pretty little art deco vase also by Fire King.

This stand is holding Fire King Jane Ray salad plates (7), dinner plates (2), cup and saucer, creamer and sugar bowl.  On top is a Fire King Lotus plate and a hen on the nest (reproduction).

The piece not already identified is a small reproduction cake plate.

My collection has two cups but only one saucer.  As you can see in the photo of the cake plate above I paired a Jane Ray cup with a pretty china saucer.

The salt and pepper shaker set is reproduction.

I love this hen on the nest even though it is a reproduction.

This nesting mixing bowl set was my first Jadeite purchase back in 2005.  This set is the swirl pattern made by Fire King between 1949 and 1962.

My newest piece is a second Fire King lotus plate that I scored it for a dollar at a favorite thrift store.

Once I made the decision to collect Jadeite and began to hunt for it locally, I quickly realized there is very little Jadeite to be found here.  I check the antique malls and stores often but most of my collection is from Etsy and eBay.   The two Lotus plates are my only local purchases.

Here are a few ways I use my collection:

A Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Dining Room Corner

These two reproduction cake plates stacked on each other is one of my favorite looks.


Kitchen Necessities

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  1. What a pretty collection, Sharon! I love the lotus plate! What a great find. Pinning to my vintage decor board.

  2. Rita C. says:

    Sharon, as you know, I love jadeite too. Last fall I sold much of my kitchenware collection and a few misc pieces to a dealer friend, incl the lotus plates. I also sold a large amount of Jane Ray I had come into, but I’m holding on to my restaurant ware. I just put my swirl set of 4 and a couple refrigerator dishes with lids in the store this week. I’m getting brave in my purge! This color just makes me happy, and so does your collection. 🙂

  3. Beautiful collection, Sharon! You know I am a fellow collector! Pinned to my Jadeite Obsession board 😉

  4. Debra A Wise says:

    Love your jadeite. I don’t own any pieces but you’ve inspired me to start searching for some. How can you tell if it’s original or reproduction jadeite?

  5. Such a fabulous jadeite collection!

  6. Love it all! Repro or not.

  7. I only have 2 cups and saucers left from our wedding dishes; they are the other pattern with little flowers–can’t remember the name. I did have some bowls like you show once upon a time. We have been married 61 years this past Feb. I have a hen on nest like yours but it is in milk glass that I got in an Easter basket when I was little. Can you tell me what my tea cup pattern is called.?

  8. What a great find in that Lotus plate. I have a few pieces but nothing that wonderful and for that price! Congrats on a awesome pick.

  9. What a wonderful Jadeite collection. My mother had the dishes. They were her everyday dishes. Thanks for the memories!

  10. Kathy A. says:

    I love your collection and how you use it! Pretty things should be shown off and used. My mother’s good dishes spent 60+ years in the attic and brought joy to no one. I learned from that! Have never collected Jadeite–yet!

  11. You have a lovely collection, beautifully displayed, and I think it’s great you use it and mix other pieces with it. The repro hen and S&Ps are great! I loved seeing your pretty pieces!

  12. Thanks for sharing your lovely collection at Vintage Charm–pinned!

  13. O My!! You have quite an impressive collection of jadite!! I have always loved the color of jadite as it sort of just screams Spring, don’t you think? Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by and for letting me know about the feature!!

  14. Love, love your Jadite collection. So pretty and still fresh. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

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