Vintage Collecting: What I Collect Part 2

After writing Vintage Collecting:  What I Collect I realized that my collections may have possibly taken over my life.  

Vintage Collecting part 2

So today I’m going to share a few more.

Polish Cutting Board

Wood cutting/bread boards are a favorite collectible for many people.

Bread Boards

 Once upon a time you could pick and choose wooden cutting boards but as their popularity grew the supply at thrift stores dwindled.  Even though I want to add a French bread board to my collection in the worst way the price holds me back.

Milk Glass

My Mom collected milk glass and my love of it stems from growing up with her collection.  

Milk Glass 2

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of her pieces.  Recently, I found a huge set of Westmorland Panal Grape milk glass dinnerware in the thrift store.  It is so beautiful I just couldn’t resist, but it still sits unpacked in my garage.  I will share it with you soon.

Fostoria Nappy

I even have a few pieces of pink milk glass.

Rolling Pins

My Mom is also my inspiration for collecting rolling pins.  She gave me her old rolling-pin with green chippy handles ( in photo below) when I got married.   I’m not much of a baker so it got very little use over the years so it went on display in my kitchen.

Bromwell Sifter

Then I started picking vintage rolling pins when ever I saw them to display with my Mom’s rolling-pin.  A collection evolved over time.

French Postcard Book

 This French postcard booklet started my collection of vintage postcards.

Vintage Postcard

Then I found a package of mixed vintage postcards from my friend Distressed Donna Down Home’s ETSY shop and I was completely hooked.  The only Christmas postcards in my collection came from Donna’s selection.

Easter Post Card 1

Finally,  I won an online auction for 40 plus vintage postcards.  The lot included Easter as well as thank you, birthday, and thinking of you postcards. 

Wooden Tennis Rackets

   A small collection of wooden tennis rackets sat in my grandson’s room until the little sisters came along.  Then the tennis rackets had to be moved behind closed doors.  They are now on display in my office/craft room.


Suitcases also catch my eye when out thrifting so I put together a small collection.

Traveling Classically

This little Samsonite train case is my favorite piece.

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  1. Brenda Chambers says:

    Love seeing this post. I collect some of the same items.

  2. loveyoumoredesigns says:

    I’m with you on the cutting boards and the suitcases! Wish I had another house just to keep all my “collections”! xo Kathleen Charm Barcelet Diva {At Home}

  3. Such beautiful collections! I love how you have your rolling pins displayed in a large crock. I don’t have any milk glass, but I think it’s sooooo pretty. I’m always on the lookout for it. Your suitcases are awesome. I collect those and vintage postcards as well. I love seeing all your pretties. This is a great idea for a blog post. Can’t wait for part 3:)

  4. JaneEllen says:

    Hi Sharon, Love when you share your collections, always good to see what you love to keep around you. I’ve wondered what there is about some things that strikes a chord enuf to need to keep some things to remind us of other/earlier times in our lives? Think that’s biggest reason I collect.
    All your collections are delightful, you have such talent to display them. After I finish this comment will go back to see collecting #1 post.
    I’m trying to keep myself occupied as in back of my mind is knowledge our grandson died on Wed. evening and his Mother won’t let us come to funeral or even speak to my son about him. We missed so much of grandson’s life after he got sick years ago for first time. They thought he was cured, had good years from almost 18 til last summer when he got sick again. He’d been thru so many surgeries, took tumors out of his lungs, had tumors in his liver, brain tumor out few weeks ago, chemo. This is only info we got from his Facebook page. We couldn’t leave him messages as they were deleted right away.
    She feels we had no right to know she had cheated on my son for whole summer before Jordan turned 14. He had complained to our daughter and I his stomach hurt and his neck, he had tumors there. Him and his sister couldn’t find their Mother for days, didn’t answer her cell phone. My son was working in Singapore much of that summer.
    Anyway her indiscretion was talked about and known about all over town, I heard about what she’d done from lady in mtg. broker office in small town 6 miles east of us. She told my boss at paper so I wouldn’t hear about it some other more hurtful way. DIL said I had no right knowing what went on between her husband and herself. Dil was cheating with guy she worked with at another mtg. co. I saw her with him myself by accident one day after it was supposedly over. My son knows and was going to divorce her until they found out about Jordan being sick.
    Have told you this so you won’t wonder what kind of awful person dil wouldn’t let near her child. It matters to me what you think of me. If I told you all things dil has done you would be shocked. Not just to me but youngest daughter who was very close with her brother, no longer is. If you don’t want to send me your posts anymore Sharon I will understand, guess I needed too much to talk about this. Please forgive me.

  5. It’s so interesting to see your collections Sharon. I also collect rolling pins and I’m not even sure why, but I love them. I absolutely love your display of suitcases! They look awesome, and great for extra storage too. I’d love to find some myself.

  6. Sharon, I find it fascinating to see what other people love and want. Now I never knew that bread boards came in such pretty designs. You have quite a collection there. And your pink milk glass? Swoonworthy! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. It’s always a pleasure to host you. Mimi xxx

  7. Sharon, I have to laugh because we collect so many of the same things! Love the racket collection and ohhh that pink milk glass@

  8. Lots of fun things to collect. I love the milkglass best. I do have some vases. Thanks for sharing and linking Sharon!

  9. I always love seeing your collections, Sharon. I have a milk glass collection, too. Thanks for joining us at Social Boost Monday.

  10. I always love seeing what others like collecting and displaying. I’m partial to vintage postcards and have some of my own from some of my travels. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Sharon I love this post! I didn’t know there was pink milk glass! So pretty! I too have a love of suitcases and have a “table” in a few rooms. My house is small so I have to be careful to not go crazy lol.

  12. Sharon, what lovely collections! The rolling pins, milk glass and suitcases would be all my favourites. I have always had a ‘thing’ for suitcases but never collected them myself. I think it stems from all the traveling to my grandparents’ home in NB. Such lovely memories! The rolling pins of course remind me of my grandmother and she was a fabulous cook. I actually loved to cook and bake myself and my rolling pins got quite a bit of use over the years. Thank you for sharing. Very fun!


  13. Sharon,
    Quite amazing collections you have there, dear one!
    I finally gave up my suitcase collections and $old the last three Samsonite’s!
    I’ve been busy editing and downsizing many of my past passions.
    My home can b r e a t h e, once again.
    I’m sure something new will “catch~my~eye” and I’ll be on the hunt,
    but for now, I’m content!
    Thank you for sharing your collections!
    Visiting from Home Sweet Home!

  14. We think alike! I collect many of the things you mentioned!

  15. What fun! I love to see collecttions. I adore milk glass and vintage postcards. I remember some of those pieces of luggage and the rolling pens and wood boards are fun.

  16. Love your collections! That milk glass and rolling pin collection! Beautiful <3

  17. I love the cutting boards! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

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