Vintage Collecting: What I Collect Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my ongoing series about vintage collecting where I share my collections.

Vintage Collecting Pt 3 title

Sometimes until I sit down to write these posts I don’t even realize how many collections I have or have just started.

Minolta Super 3

An old Minolta 35 mm camera that started it all.  It was my Dad’s camera.

Brownie Flash Camera

A vintage Brownie Hawkeye flash camera set found at Shop Goodwill.

Vintage Brownie Camera600

A Kodak Brownie movie camera was also a Shop Goodwill find.

Kodak Bantam Camera 1938

Then I found this adorable old camera.  It’s a Kodak Bantam camera from 1938.  It’s my favorite.

Clocks and Cameras

Sometimes I display vintage camera’s and clocks together.

Vintage Clocks

Don’t you love the fun tea-pot clock?

Two Baby Ben Clocks

My vintage blue Royal typewriter almost started a collection but I sold the other two typewriters that came my way.

Coleman Picnic Jug

Picnic jugs are my latest collection.

Coleman Water Cooler Jug

This one is a recent find here.

Standard Can Corp Jug

This jug by Standard was my first picnic type jug.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

I just can’t stop buying pretty vintage Christmas ornaments.

Shiny Brite Green Box

Who can pass up Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments?

Shiny Brites 1

These were a recent estate sale find.

Pinex Laxative Tin

Big tins and little tins, I love them all!

Blue Church Tins

Kept one, sold one.  Win, win!

Valentine tins 2

I’ve had these Valentine tins for many years.

8 O'Clock Coffee Tin

I debated about keeping this Eight O’Clock Coffee tin but it sold very quickly in my booth so there was no time to change my mind.

Cottage Fries Tin

This one is still in my tin collection.  I had two and sold one.

Swirl broach

I have a thing for vintage brooches.

Ella in broaches

Several of these brooches were my Mom’s.

Tiny Cross Stitch

This one has very tiny cross stitches on it.

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  1. I have a Coleman jug just like yours that was my parent’s. We drank a lot of tea out of it. I enjoyed seeing your collections!

  2. I had and used a Brownie camera just like that and did I think I was the ‘cat’s meow’ too! 🙂 I love old brooches as well; my grandmother would pin one on her dress in front and had one like a flower basket with multi colored stones I loved as a child. Your cross stitch pin is adorable!

  3. Judith L says:

    Love the tins (especially the Valentine ones) and the vintage brooches. I wear my brooches every chance I get! Now that I’m retired, I don’t get as many chances to wear them, but I absolutely love them!

  4. Naomi S. says:

    The cat’s meow! Have’t heard that one in a while, Karen! We must be near the same age. We were pretty hip in the ’60’s and ’70’s, right? Of course “the cat’s meow” was older and we probably heard it from our parents. Guess I’ll have to research it.

    Sharon, it’s really amazing the things that different people collect. Never would i tho’ of collecting old thermoses before I saw your prize ones and heard others liked them, too. They aren’t my thing, but no matter. I do like some of the vintage tins, though. I collect old wooden thread spools. I’ve always loved them and recently I won a whole shoebox full at an auction for $5. I don’t know what I will do with them yet—maybe make a spool doll for my one-year-old grandson. Or use some of them for tiny candle holders. (birthday candle size) I also have an extensive collection of seashells and shell artwork. Not curated, of course! Lately, I’ve collected a small number of old enamelware pieces. Those remind me of my grandmother and mother who used their various items regularly. I use to collect salt-fire pottery but haven’t added to my pieces in a long time. Kind of got tired of it or something. Probably should sell it. Then there’s my collection of iron trivets which I love.

    My house is small so I really ought to stop collecting anything! I probably won’t, though. Thanks for sharing some of what you love and collect, Sharon.

    • Go on Wikipedia and look at Tad Morgan who was a cartoonist and it says he coined the phrase among others which I have heard and laughed at before. Was cleaning out my inbox and saw this, but don’t know if you will see it or not now Naomi. My grandmother raised me from 12 years on up and she was a “saying” person!! My kids just groan… 🙂 God bless!

  5. Your camera collection is fabulous Sharon and I love the clocks grouped together!

  6. Jann Olson says:

    🙂 My friend, we collect so many of the same things! So, of course I love all of your collections!! My cameras are displayed in my craft room and I move my clocks around. Love how you have housed yours in that display cabinet!

  7. Such fun to see your collections! I too, have several… uh make that, many!

  8. distresseddonna says:

    Loved, pinned, and shared! Since cameras record the passage of time, it is fitting to display them with clocks.

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