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Do you collect things?  Sometimes even when I don’t mean to start a collection, I do.  From Wikipedia “The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever items are of interest to the individual collector. The scope of collecting is unlimited: If something exists, somebody somewhere collects them.”

Vintage Collecting title

Let’s see  a few of the things I collect.

Aladdin Thermos

Thermos – I never met a thermos I didn’t love at first sight.

Flower Frog Tree 2

Flower Frogs and Thermos – This photo shows two of my favorite collectibles.

Flower Frog 2

This flower frog is in the shape of a leaf.

Flower Frog

This clear  flower frog belonged to my Mom.  I remember her using it for tea rose arrangements in a wide bowl.

Side of flower frog vase

Even though this is more of a vase it is actually a flower frog.  See photo with flowers here.


Rulers and Yardsticks – I started a collection of rulers and yardsticks in my corporate days.   A lot of companies gave them out as advertisements and I just started keeping them.  Next thing I knew a collection was born and I continue to add to it.

Yardsticks and hats

Another two for one photo.  This photo shows a few of my yardsticks but it also displays some of my straw hat collection.

Hats on the Wall

Here is part of my collection hung on my bedroom wall a few years ago.  The collection has grown since then.


Globes – I don’t have my globes clustered because most are in various places around my house as decor.

Vintage Globe

I love the color of this globe.


I used this little globe bank on my ladder Christmas tree but it normally sits on my desk.

Picnic Basket Stack

Picnic baskets – again never met a picnic basket I didn’t love and want to add to my collection.  Picnic baskets take up space so  now I keep some and sell some.

Picnic Basket with Rag Ribbon Bow

This picnic basket that I gussied up is at the booth now.

My picnic baskets1

This was the entire collection a month ago but I added the faux wicker metal basket a couple of weeks ago.  You can see it in the first picnic basket photo.

Ella in broaches

Vintage brooches – Here Ella Mae is displaying several of my vintage brooches.   Some of these were my Mom’s and others I collected over time.

Ella Mae Dressed for Easter

Dress forms  – The question to answer here is – Are two dress forms a collection?   If so, I plan to add to the collection soon.  Above Ella Mae all decked out in Easter postcards (yes I have a collection of them too).

Annie E with Pearls

Annie E is a 1957 Wolf dress form.  She is the love of my life and named for my paternal grandmother.

Angel Annie E blur

Annie E is looking a bit angelic in this photo

Annie E's Heart

and she is a girl with a heart of gold.

Thanks for joining me today to see a few of my collections. 



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  1. Dear Sharon:
    I loved seeing what you collect. I have a few of the picnic baskets too. The red plaid I relegate to Christmas time. I do love old tins too. I enjoyed seeing what you love yourself!!!

  2. Love this post Sharon! You have so many wonderful collections. Of them all I think I’m most in love with your dress form collection 🙂 I hope to own one someday, too. Hope your Sunday is blessed!

  3. Oh boy do you have some incredible collections. Most of all am loving your tin picnic baskets. I have one which is made to look like wood, others are mostly old fashioned ones, have few of those from KY, love them and use them to store various things like magazines.
    When I get bored or need an inspiration I like to look at old zines, does help.
    I have a clear glass flower frog found at thrift store like one you showed of your Mom’s.
    When we lived in MT and KY was collecting 40’s and 50’s pottery, was plentiful for affordable prices especially in KY. Get it out in spring and summer to put on shelves in living room, they’re so cottagey, (to me anyway) They just seem to say summer and pastels. Also reminds me so much of my Mom’s/ sisters homes when I was kid.
    Brother and I born in Cleveland, OH where we lived til 1950 when we moved to Tucson for my brothers health. Must have been hard for my Mom having to leave her family behind as we did a lot with them all the time. She had 4 sisters, 2 brothers with all their families. I had so many cousins, sure did miss them. Ah the stories could tell about all we did together. But am glad to have those memories. Some things are so clear in my memories even at this point in my life, will be 76 in July. It’s like I have this album in my minds eye.
    So do you have room in your home for all your collections or do you store them in a garage or basement? Do you rotate having them out from mtime to time? Enjoy your collections, they can be so much fun. Happy week ahead. Love your blog

  4. I can’t even begin to answer your leading question, Sharon. The better question for me is, “what DON’T you collect?” I have an assortment of many of what you also collect. {sigh}

  5. Sharon, those are charming collections! I love the little globe bank. Picnic baskets are lovely too. I don’t collect those, but I have a large one I bought from a picker friend that I just love. I’ll have to show a collection of picks on my blog sometime that I decided to keep.

  6. wow you have some lovely collections! and yes, 2 of something is the start of a collection if nothing else! Have a wonderful week! Stopped by from the social boost 🙂

  7. So many beautiful things! I’d love to have a dress form. Believe it or not, but I passed one up at a thrift store last year and I’ve been kicking myself since. I’ve never come across picnic baskets in such good shape. Great collections!:)

  8. love your collections thanks for sharing have a great week

  9. I love reading about your collections, Sharon. I’ve got quite a few of my own. Some of them, I recall just when I started the collections. With others, it just kind of happened. Thanks for linking up at Social Boost Monday this week!

  10. Sharon, you have some wonderful collections. Your thermos and picnic baskets are so fun!

  11. This post makes me want to start collecting all your treasures. Love them all! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing collections at Talk of the Town.

  12. Love, love, love your collections!

  13. You have so many fun collections.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  14. Jann Olson says:

    Yes my friend, I am a collector. I think I collect all but 3 of the things you collect. 🙂 My frogs, thermoses, and picnic tins are among my favorite’s. Also love my seltzer bottles and I’ve started two new ones, Cast iron basket door stops and old corbels. It’s just so fun! Love your hats on the wall. All of your collections are darling!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. I love your collections! They are as varied as they are interesting. And yes, 2 of something makes a collection 😉 at least I think so! I like the way you use your collections like covering the dress form with postcards to show another collection. Very unique.

  16. Hi Sharon,
    Wow! You have quite a collection of treasures. I like brooches but don’t have a collection because my hubby doesn’t care for jewelry. But I have a lot of other collections; SnowBabies, teapots and teacups, bells, etc.. are just some of mine. I would love to find a flower frog and I think the blue and white one is lovely. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


  17. I’m jealous of your picnic basket collection!

    I collect too many things, retro bedsheets, hornsea pottery, fauna pottery, wade whimseys, brooches and many more things I’m sure!

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