Vintage Fascination 132 ~ A Florida Edition

Hello, friends, I’m back at home in Georgia but had a wonderful time in Florida last week.  I did find some time for thrifting on Thursday afternoon.  Restore and Goodwill were my only stops but that was enough for some great vintage finds.

Here is some of what I found and had to leave behind at my daughter’s place.  I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale so only a few things came home with me in my suitcase.  Of course, that just gives me an excuse to go back soon.  Only negative is that I will have to drive and it is a solid 10-hour trip.

This vintage dresser/vanity jar appears to be Art Deco based on the design on the lid and the swirly pattern of the glass.  I looked high and low for another dresser jar like it but cannot find one.  If anyone has any information on this jar I would love to hear anything you know about its age and manufacturer.

When I saw this small tin on the shelf at Restore I knew I had to have it.  I picked it up and flipped it over.   Printed on the bottom is “Ian Logan’s Haberdashery, Designed & Distributed by Ian Logan Ltd. London EC1, Illustration by Louise Brierly, c 1983 Ina Logan Ltd., Made in England, Registered Design No. 1001018”.   The illustration is a shop of cute little mice sewing, carrying bolts of cloth, and showing their wares in the shop window.  The sign on the little shop says Haberdashery.

 When I picked it up it seemed heavy so I opened it.   Inside is a small sewing kit with a tomato pin cushion, blue measuring tape, tiny scissors, thimble, button, straight pin and various shades of thread on little spools.  It is the cutest little sewing kit I’ve ever seen.

These vintage paper hand-held paddle fans are the kind you used in old country churches that didn’t have air conditioning.  I haven’t seen any of these fans since I was a kid and went to church with my grandmothers. There are two styles.  On the front of the one with Jesus sitting on a step says “Christ on the Mount of Olives”.  It is also marked on the front left corner “8705, c  A. Scheer, Made in U.S.A.  The other fan is of Jesus with the sheep and says “The Good Shepherd”.  It is also marked like the first one except is it number 8703 on the right corner of the fan.

On the back of the fan is an advertisement for the business that supplied the fans, Deraney’s Department Store.  The fan also shows that Deraney’s located in Eatonton, Georgia, sells Dry Goods, Shoes, and Ready To Wear.  Yes, I found these at the Restore in Delray Beach, Florida.  The back of the fans includes a statement about our American freedom of religion. It says “Our great country was founded on Religious freedom.  It has prospered and grown under God’s guidance.  Let us hold fast these religious liberties and keep our America strong by attending the Church of your choice every week.”  Also included is

Psalm 122:1

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.


Three beautiful Harker Pottery, Royal Gadroon Bridal Rose dinner plates came home with me.  On Kovels website I learned that Harker Pottery is one of the oldest potteries in America.  The Harker family made pottery in East Liverpool, Ohio beginning in 1840.   The plant moved to Chester, West Virginia, in 1931.  In 1971 the Jeannette Glass Company bought Harker and ceased operating in 1972.

Normally, I buy wooden hangers that have advertisements on them but when I saw these six plain ones for a dollar several uses came to mind.  Just look at Pinterest to see that wood hangers are for so much more than hanging clothes.

In Restore they have a large shelf unit filled with silver and pewter.  I saw a baby cup for my collection.  It was so bright and shiny I thought it was new but bought it anyway.  What I didn’t realize until I got it back to my daughter’s place that it is actually a trophy.  It is a Web pewter baby cup for the Elizabeth W. Goldberg Tournament 1988.  I did a Google search but learned nothing about the tournament.  This sweet little baby cup/trophy is joining my baby cup collection OR maybe my trophy collection.  Decisions…. Decisions.

My last purchase is an old school No. 13 Swingline heavy-duty desktop stapler made in the U.S.A, Long Island City, NY.  That’s a mouthful.  It uses only Genuine Swingline high carbon No. 13 staples.  It is from the 1960’s and still in good working order. It will get a quite a workout in my office.


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  1. Oh my gosh you got such great stuff! Give me the sewing kit tin, the hangers and the trophy cup. You done good! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  2. Laurene Shewan says:

    Fly and let UPS or USPS ship your goodies back to you. It will be easier than driving 10 hours, each way. I’ve been thrifting for years and now it’s time to downsize. 🙂

  3. Hello Sharon,
    You found some really neat stuff while junking down in Florida!!! I have 6 of those same rose swag patterned plates, only on a slightly different blank. They are part of what’s still in storage. 🙂 Love your little box/tin and all the other goodies!!!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Barb 🙂

  4. Wow Sharon! You found some great stuff! Love the dresser jar (I have a weakness for those too), the sewing tin (is adorable), the wooden hangers, the silver cup, and the plates. I had no idea you could get smalls like that at Restores. I just thought they sold mainly building supplies. I’m going to have to check our local one more often. Pinned

  5. The stapler & the old fans are cool too. I’ve sold a vintage stapler like that on Etsy. The fans…I have a collection on the wall in my Sunroom. Love the sentiments on them. I remember using them too….shouldn’t have said that…I’m dating myself…LOL. I was a little girl though.

  6. What great finds! I am sure your daughter would love another visit anyway!

  7. Fonda Rush says:

    On the Haberdashery box, I love the little mouse holding the hand of momma mouse. Sweet! The contents are a plus!

    The paper fan is probably marked “The Good Shepherd”, not Sheppard. Just an FYI. It’s kind of funny that the message on the back about Religious freedom means that one should attend the church of his or her choice every Sunday, and our country has prospered “under God’s guidance”. That kind of discriminates against other religions right off the bat, and it is certainly not what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the Constitution. Oh, well…it’s up for interpretation time and time again.

    The design of the plates are simply divine, and I’d love to have some of those hangers for a project or two in MY house.

    Elizabeth W. Goldberg rings a bell to me, so I looked her up by name only. In the list, I found one Elizabeth Goldberg who is the president of Rent-A-Wife, Inc. I don’t thing we’ll go there, so I saw this: ELIZABETH W GOLDBERG (INCORPORATOR)
    Address: 1070 College Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43209

    We all know that there are people who fly down to Florida for the winter. Maybe this is her. But, where I think I’ve heard her name is in association with PBS as The Elizabeth W. Goldberg Foundation. The above business has been going since 1958, I think it said, so it is very close to 60 years old. So, maybe, just maybe, this is the foundation that has been associated with a PBS show, although I can’t verify that. Isn’t that funny that I feel like I’ve heard the name before and have no way to verify it! Rats!

    Anyway, that cup is a cutie. I have mine and my mom’s baby cups. I also found one at a thrift store, but it probably doesn’t have any amount of silver in it. Now, I wonder if mine or my mom’s does. I’ll have to check!

    I like all sorts of office equipment, so the stapler is up my alley. They don’t make them near sturdy enough these days!

    Thank you for sharing your finds once again. I’ll never get tired of it.

  8. That little tin is just darling! Those paper fans bring back memories 😉 Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

  9. JaneEllen says:

    You do yourself so proud every time Sharon, so many wonderful treasures have found. Don’t think trip to FL is in my future so will enjoy your goodies. Hope you had great time visiting your daughter.

  10. These are some great finds. I like the tin the most. Haven’t seen fans like that before, pretty interesting.

  11. I had to smile when I saw the wooden hangers; my late mother and a neighbor used to go to a factory that made those wooden hangers in NH and buy seconds. Phyllis would drill about 6 small holes the length of the hanger. My mother would use rug yarn and crochet a zig zag chain adding a clothespin at every dip. Here in Maine, we hang out clothes until it’s freezing; I use them to hang hankies, socks and underwear, etc. as I take them out of the washer. Presto, I hang the hanger on the line and don’t freeze my arthritic fingers off! They are also great for droopy sweaters; 5 or 6 pins across the bottom and doubling up on the ends to hang the sleeves lets the sweater stretch in length, not width! Yeah, they are not as pretty as those with crocheted covers and silk roses, but they sure are useful! You do find great treasures; I have been known to mail my dirty laundry home and carry my treasures in my suitcase!

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