Vintage Fascination 79 – Christmas in April

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Vintage Fascination.  Today marks the beginning of the 46th year celebrating Earth Day.  I planted two Chinese Snowball Viburnum to commemorate the day this year.  Did you plant a tree to help reach the organization’s goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by 2020?

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There was an abundance of vintage Christmas decorations at the thrift store this week.  Let me show you the Christmas goodies I found at the same thrift store at the same time.

Blue Shiny Brite

This is the first time that I found a box of Shiny Brite ornaments in the thrift store.   It was in a package with several other vintage Christmas decorations.  Love the blue color of these ornaments.

Woolworth's Aqua Ornaments

Packaged along with the box of Shiny Brite ornaments was a box of aqua ornaments from Woolworth’s.  Do you remember shopping at Woolworth’s?  They even had a lunch counter.  Some of my fondest memories are going shopping at Woolworth’s with my Mom and part of the shopping ritual was stopping by the lunch counter for lunch or just a coke (remember I’m an Atlanta girl).

Vintage Icicles

Next Christmas goodie in the package was eight heavy icicles made by Sterling.  The top and bottom icicles are two to a channel.  There must have been two boxes at one time.  I’ll probably sell these because I have small tabletop Christmas trees and the weight of these icicles would topple one of my little trees.

Christmas Cards

Next in the package of Christmas goodies were two boxes of Christmas Cards.  They are old but not truly vintage.   The box of Santa cards are Burgoyne of Philadelphia PA and the barn cards are Paper Magic Group of Elysburg PA.   I’m thinking these cards could be used in some Christmas projects with my grand kids.

McKee Tom and Jerry Eggnog Cups

When I looked down among the cups and mugs on the dishware aisle and found two Tom and Jerry cups I couldn’t believe it.  They are McKee Tom and Jerry seven ounce eggnog cups.  What a shame there were only two but my mind was racing about the ways I could use only two cups.  They were 75 cents so I couldn’t go wrong and into the cart they went.   When I got to the holiday aisle I found five more Tom and Jerry cups.  So now I have a set of seven and I’m on the lookout for the matching eggnog serving bowl and maybe more cups.

Holly Termocrisa cupssaucers

These sets of holly tea cups and saucers are by Termocrisa of Mexico.   When I first saw them I thought they were probably Fire King but sadly they are not. Termocrisa produced products in the 1960 and 1970’s that looked very much like several of Fire King’s lines.  They are pretty and they didn’t cost me much so if they don’t sell I’ll add them to my own Christmas collection.

Forest Green Plates

These four green plates are not marked but look like Forest Green Anchor Glass by Hocking.

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  1. Hi Sharon, I love your vintage Christmas items. It just seems like yesterday that I packed mine all away! lol Have a wonderful weekend. xx Jo

    • I know the time just flies by. We will be decorating for Christmas again before you know it. It is even more true when you are a blogger or shop owner or both like we are.

  2. You hit gold! Love the coordinating shades of your blue bulbs and your Tome & Jerry mugs are outstanding. Here’s hoping for one more along with the bowl 🙂

  3. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    Sharon you are taking me back to my childhood with these goodies. I remember those glass balls, we had them on the tree and were always in fear that they would fall off and break. The christmas card box (of all things) is also scratching at my memory. And I think everyone had at least something with a holly on it. Thank you for walking me down memory lane and for joining us at Sweet Inspiration.

  4. What fun items! Hard to pick a favorite but those Tom & Jerry cups are pretty cool!

  5. Dear Sharon:
    I have been digging and digging and planting and planting. I keep saying “I think I just need 4 more bags of dirt and mulch dear!” He’s getting weary of hearing that! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  6. Wow, Sharon ~ Merry Christmas to YOU! I sold some Tom and Jerry punch bowl style cups a few years ago. I love it all but the holly Termocrisa may be my favorite. I have a set of the blue floral plates. Great finds!

  7. You are so smart to grab all the cute Christmas items now! I was at a church rummage sale yesterday and they had a huge section of Christmas stuff. I didn’t even look 🙁 I did buy a box of vintage colored opaque bulbs though that were in another section!

  8. I miss our Woolworth’s!! Ours had a counter, too. I can still smell the grilled cheese and coffee 🙂 That was where I did my Christmas shopping as a kid. They are renovating the sidewalks here but are taking great care to keep the Woolworth’s stone. Great finds!

  9. These are great finds. I remember shopping at Woolworth’s here in California. They had a cold drink called Green River at the lunch counter. It was very green…hate to think what made it that color..but fizzy and refreshing!

  10. Oh! Those eggnog cups are so pretty. What a find! I also love the holly cups and saucers. You found some real treasures!

  11. Love, love, love your Tom and Jerry mugs … my parents had something very similar. And what a score to find those pretty Shiny & Bright ornaments! Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  12. distresseddonna says:

    You hit the jackpot with those Tom and Jerry eggnog cups. I’ve never seen Christmas Tom and Jerry sets.

  13. Such fun you must have had finding all these Christmas goodies! I love searching for trash to treasure items! You found some great items!

  14. Thank you Sharon for sharing on SYC!

  15. Jann Olson says:

    I bought 5 slender pine trees to use as a screen since our neighbors cut down a huge tree that gave us a lot of privacy. Haven’t planted them yet, so not sure if it counts. lol! You found a lot of great Christmas stuff. Love the mugs and teacups and saucers. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. I do remember shopping at Woolworth’s. (We had them in Canada too.) Most of the department stores my mom took me to as a child are gone now. You got some wonderful Christmas decorations. I never see them in thrift shops around here. We didn’t plant any trees (no more room) but they planted 400 in our local park!

  17. Oh, dear! Christmas already!

    Thanks for sharing your great finds with SYC.

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