Vintage Fascination No. 129

Welcome back to another edition of Vintage Fascination.

I have a few fun finds to share with you this week.

These skates were on everyone’s Christmas list back in the day.  Still, in the original box, these Sears adjustable metal roller skates with red leather straps are just rusty enough to give them a great patina.  They fit girls size 10 to women’s size 6 or boys size 9 to men’s size 5.  The price of these skates when they were new was $5.99.

I’m not sure how old this piece is or what its purpose but it is pretty.  Made from metal it could be a grate of some sort.  The glossy black is ok but I plan to paint and repurpose this piece.

I don’t find wooden bowls very often so this one came home with me.

  The bottom stamp reads “Woodpecker Wood Ware Hand Made in Japan”.  It is an unusual design but I believe it is a salad bowl.  Has anyone seen one like it?   It is in excellent condition for a mid-century piece.

My daughter and I are planning a basket wall in her apartment so we are both on the lookout for interesting baskets.

So far I’ve found these two.  So the search goes on because we want a nice variety to work with.  These baskets aren’t truly vintage I know from collecting baskets for years but they are both perfect for our use.

That’s all for this week but come back next week to see what else I find.

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  1. Love the black grate & roller skates! The wooden bowl is nice too, but don’t know a thing about it.

  2. My sister picked a wooden bowl like yours, Sharon, but hers was not marked. It does appear to be a salad bowl. Cute skates, and I like the framed metal piece too.

  3. Hi Sharon!
    Nice finds! I remember I had some similar skates but without the band across the top, they only had little clips and were always falling off! Many a skinned knee! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fonda Rush says:

    Love the roller skates. When I was a kid, we used a different kind. It was the kind that was supposed to clamp onto the sole of the shoe. Of course, back then, our soles were made of leather. And, also of course, we had plenty of times skating along and the sole become dislodged from the clamp. But, it was just as fun to use the skate key to clamp the skate back onto our shoe! Heck, we were kids, so the whole process was more fun than aggravating! I still have my skate key, too. Fond memory.

  5. JaneEllen says:

    Your finds sure do get us to thinking and remembering Sharon, I remember skates that stamped on soles also, maybe saw pair occasionally like your find, so cute, in original box, miracle.
    Isn’t it funny how wood bowls are popping up, getting popular again? I found one on a pedestal few months ago I arrange faux lemons in, is in like new condition. Been seeing several at thrift stores with little salad bowls. Nice wood.
    Have wonderful weekend.

  6. Sharon, I love that the roller skates still had the box–how fun! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned!

  7. Great finds! I love the awesome skates…brings back fun memories! And the wood bowl has a wonderful , unusual shape!

  8. Jann Olson says:

    Some fun finds Sharon, but oh my. those skates in the box!!

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