Vintage Fascination No. 135

Welcome to a late summer edition of Vintage Fascination.  The grand kids are back in school and it seems like Fall is upon us.

This edition is split between vintage and vintage inspired.  Normally I include only vintage finds in this series but I buy things other than vintage when I’m out picking.  So you may see more non vintage or vintage inspired items in this series.

Vintage evening purses are a passion of mine.  I look for them every thrifting trip but rarely find one.  Beaded evening purses are my favorite so when I saw this small black one I thought, well maybe.

It doesn’t have a maker’s mark but a “Made in France” label.  That label sealed the deal.  It is small but holds my cell phone and a change purse.  So if an occasion arises this sweet little purse would make a perfect accessory.

vintage brooch

You know I love vintage brooches so when the sweet woman at my favorite thrift store brought this lovely coral colored flower out of the case it was love at first sight.  It isn’t marked so I’m not sure of its age but my best guess is mid-century.  My Mother had similar flower brooches during that time period.

Sometimes at the thrift store you find similar items bundled together.   I found a huge bag of crochet thread and yarn packaged together for around $5.  I can see several projects coming from this grab bag.  When I got the thread out of the bag I discovered it was from Richway which no longer exists.

Richway was the discount department store division of Atlanta-based Rich’s.  When Rich;s sold out to Federated Department Stores in 1976 Richway was part of the deal.  In 1986 Federated merged the Richway stores into their Gold Circle division.  In 1988 Federated sold the Richway/Gold Circle stores to Kimco which in turn sold many of the stores to Dayton Hudson later renamed Target Corp.  I told you all this to say that the crochet thread and yarn are from a period from 1970 to 1988.  So it is somewhat vintage.

Non – Vintage Items of the Week

  I love Simply Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell sold at Target.  So when I saw these two patch worked decorative pillows for around $2 each, how could I resist!  Normally I only buy pillow covers at thrift stores so that I can wash them.  Most decorative pillows cannot be washed; however, I have washed and dried them before with excellent results so I’m going to give it a try.  If it is an epic fail they cost around $4 total so not too much to lose if the washing experiment doesn’t work.


They turned out beautifully and I just found a pink Simply Shabby Chic duvet set at Bargain Hunt for $32.  The decorative pillows look great with the pink duvet. 

Pottery Barn Vase/Trophy

When I first saw this silver vase/trophy I knew it was coming home with me.  When I flipped it over I just had to laugh.  It is from Pottery Barn, my favorite home goods store.  It was originally $44 so I was beyond excited to pay less than $3 for it.

Thank you for joining me today.

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  1. Fonda Rush says:

    You found plenty of nice stuff, vintage or otherwise. I find vintage beaded handbags quite glamorous. I don’t collect them, but I understand why YOU do. Very pretty. And, the silver vase/cup is gorgeous. Someday, I’ll find a trophy, complete with handles. I really would like to have a medium-sized one. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I find one. Or three!

  2. Why I didn’t know you love vintage beaded bags and brooches is beyond me! Love your shabby chic shams, they look great. Too funny on the PB trophy, but what a great find and DEAL! I have a collection of old string with labels too. I do love backstories – thanks for sharing that interesting one. I always try to share any I’ve discovered when I resale. I think collectors appreciate it, in general.

  3. I always enjoy seeing the treasures that you find when you’re out hunting, but today I am captivated by the glass cloche with the baby cups on display in your dining room. What an interesting idea. I currently have three similar cups waiting to be packed for storage on my dining room table; perhaps I need to rethink that 🙂

  4. Oh, I love vintage evening bags too!! That black bag with the “Made in France” label is perfect. I rarely see quality evening bags at the thrift store. Only at estate sales & then they’re usually pricey.
    Love the Rachel Ashwell, but didn’t know they came from Target. I found some of her shabby chic line at a yard sale, and they sold on Etsy very quickly. Glad you’re shams came clean…they are so pretty! I would have grabbed those too.
    I love the silver vase also. It’s a showstopper!
    You made a fine haul Sharon!

  5. Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home} says:

    Way to go, Sharon! Pottery Barn – you know how I feel about that one! My daughter just bought a vintage evening bag for the senior prom (next May!), she’s quite a planner. And obviously I’ve rubbed off on her:) My other daughter has Rachel Ashwell bedding and curtains. Love your pillows. So what IS Bargain Hunt?
    xo Kathleen
    Our Hopeful Home

  6. Very pretty!

  7. Yet another great line up of vintage and vintage-inspired items. My favourite has got to be that silver vase/trophy. The dried lavender looks great with it, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Sharon, I love everything you found. I also enjoyed the story about the Richly stores. I had never heard of them.

    xo Dianne

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