Vintage Fascination No. 137

Thank you all for your patience and I am so happy you are here today for another edition of Vintage Fascination.  Hopefully the problems with the Blue Willow House are over.

I visited a couple of my favorite thrift stores and found a few interesting vintage and not so vintage goodies.

Vintage Federal Glass ~ Blue Daisy

When I had a booth I sold a Federal Glass Heat Proof bowl with a top in this same blue daisy pattern.  So when I saw this two and a half quart bowl I just had to get it and its smaller one quart companion bowl without a top.

As an added bonus blue and white is my favorite color combination.  Made in the USA in Columbus, Ohio, these bowls are from the 1960’s.

Vintage Vera Mikasa Dishes

When I first saw these dishes I knew they were special.

Designed by Vera Neumann who was best known for her boldly colored linen patterns and scarves for Mikasa. This pattern was part of their Stylemanor line. The pieces have serene images of dune grasses in a neutral palette of browns. The pattern is aptly named Dune Grass.  I scored three dinner plates.

Mikasa produced the pattern during the 1970’s in Japan but discontinued the pattern in 1979.

Vintage Shawnee Puss & Boots Salt and Pepper Shakers

Me, my daughter and best friend went to one of our favorite thrift stores this past weekend.  I found several things that I really wanted but only two things came home with me.  One was this adorable Shawnee Puss and Boots salt and pepper shaker set. 

They were a great price so they came home with me to join my growing collection of vintage salt and pepper shaker sets.  They are from the late 1940’s or 1950’s and one even still has the cork stopper.  I have several Shawnee pieces that I collected over the years.  

Vintage Book & Map Page Bundle

The other thing I bought was a bundle of vintage map and book pages.   I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these but the patina on them is just so lovely. Yes, I could have made these vintage book page bundles myself but for the price I couldn’t pass them up.

vintage map page

Well, I figured out one thing I could do with the vintage book and map page bundle….create a Fall vignette for the foyer.

The one thing I really wanted to buy was a vintage dough bowl.  It looks very much like the one I inherited from my Grandmother (photo above) see here in a Thanksgiving Tablescape 2013.  and it was priced well but my daughter reminded me I already have quite a few dough bowls.  It one of those things I just can’t get out of my head so I still may go back and get it.  Do you ever do that?

Thank you for joining me today and come back soon.

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  1. Fonda Rush says:

    Of course I leave things and have to go back for them…and more!!! The most recent was when I got home I remembered seeing a wooden lazy Susan that I hadn’t investigated. The next day, I think, I went over and found that it had been sold. To top that, I went to another thrift store weeks later, and a woman was holding onto another wooden lazy Susan. Some day, I will find a wood lazy Susan, even if I have to purchase one new!!! (Just kidding! It’s “pre-owned” for me all the way!!!)

  2. Nice finds, Sharon! I didn’t realize Vera designed dishware at any point – unusual for them to be in browns, but that was the 70s….love the map bundle, esp with your pumpkins – perfect!

  3. Oh goodness – all such lovely finds!

  4. I always enjoy seeing your finds Sharon! And you hit the jackpot again. I love those S&P’s! I didn’t know Vera ventured out into doing china. That is a striking pattern. Most of the things I see in thrifts are all newer stuff, but I don’t go that often anymore. I’m trying to downsize at the moment.

  5. Wonderful finds, Sharon. The little salt & peppers are just too cute!

  6. Love those map bundles and the salt and pepper shakers! Great plate finds as well. And yes, I definitely do that! Sometimes I’m lucky and the thing’s still there — and if it’s not I tell myself it wasn’t meant to be:)
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  7. Love those velvet pumpkins with the maps. Those cats are definitely SMUG! One of my 2 (real) cats has that smug look. Those mixing bowls are great sizes; blue and white is my favoirite too; I have never seen that pattern before. And the Vera dishes are just great for a fall tablescape; great finds.

  8. I was just this week introduced to those lovely velvet pumpkins on Ann Drake’s blog, On Sutton Place. I clicked the link to take me to the shop that sells them and they are beautiful! Such unconventional colors, really unique and the stems are real pumpkin stems! Anyway, I was smitten. That vignette is my favorite from this post and I think they pair well with he maps.

  9. Great finds, Sharon–I especially like the Vera designed dinner plates. Such a fun find and so unexpected (for me anyway). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Amazing find on those colored vintage maps! I’m green with envy!

  11. Fun finds Sharon. I especially love the federal bowls. The S&P shakers and book pages are both awesome. I love dough bowls too. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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